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  • Thermos Cup in stock

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    Thermos Cup in stock

    Thermos Cup in stock  950ml double insulated water bottle
    Why don't you get a beer and visit a craft beer shop?
    [A thermos bottle containing beer, a REVOMAX limited bottle will be presented]
    In the United States, it is a general method of selling craft beer by weight, and selling it in the required amount in a container called Growler that customers bring to the store.
    Even in Japan, beer takeout is increasing due to the influence of corona.
    Features of 950ml Double Insulated Water Bottle
    鈻?Flexible operation, easy to use, no restrictions on objects to be used, and the lid can be opened in 1 second
    鈻?Ultra-long thermal insulation effect, double function of keeping warm and keeping cold, 18 hours of heat preservation, 36 hours of cold preservation
    鈻?Carbonation is OK, no spillage
    鈻?Eco-friendly material, 950ml Double Insulated Water Bottle does not generate garbage
    鈻?Beer onlyThermos Cup in stock

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