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    Tin Bucket suppliers

    Tin Bucket suppliers  Product Title: Tin Box
    Product description + Usage:  Round ice bucket without handle

    The barrel is a little different from the general barrels. It uses a handleless design and has a simple and generous appearance. In addition, the inner wall is mirror-polished, which is clean and hygienic. Therefore, it can be used to hold snacks, fruits and other items.

    1.Production Introduction
    The barrel is made of optimal materials, and the bottom is thickened, which is strong and not easy to fall off, and can carry heavier items. In addition, special treatment is also carried out at the curling edge of the drum to make it smooth and not easy to cut hands.

    2. Production Parameter
    SizeThicknessNo. (Mould No.)
    DIA138X111X600.28mm tinplateOS0071A-01

    3.Production feature and application
    The barrel is specially designed in shape, with a large upper mouth and a small bottom, so the volume is enlarged to enable it to carry more items. In addition, it can also be used as a flower pot, which is very versatile.

    4. Product Detail
    The design method of large upper mouth and small bottom is adopted to enlarge the volume.

    5. Product qualification
    6. Deliver, Shipping and serving
    Sample lead time: 7 days
    Mass Production Lead-time: 20 days (depends on negotiated schedule)

    7. FAQ
    Question 1: Is there any tooling/mould cost?
    Answer: No, we have existing tooling. No need to make tooling.
    Question 2: Can we make our own design?
    Answer: Of course. Please make your own design.

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