Trial of the Ancestors will feature

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  • Trial of the Ancestors will feature

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    Trial of the Ancestors will feature

    Trial of the Ancestors will feature a new league mechanic where you create a team to enter gladiator-style battles in a tournament setting. Like most PoE leagues, a plethora of new content will also launch with the new league POE currency trade.

    Image via Grinding Gear Games Enter the Trial of the Ancestors
    Gameplay-wise, the new league mechanic certainly looks unique. It appears players will set up their own team with unique skills and items to do battle against AI-controlled enemies. As you progress through the tournament your rewards will increase, urging you to create the best team for each fight.

    I'll be honest, the mechanic kind of reminds me of an auto-battler like Teamfight Tactics. Path of Exile is no stranger to releasing league mechanics that are heavily inspired by existing game genres. For example, the Blight league was essentially a tower-defense minigame and the recent Lake of Kalandra league introduced roguelike mechanics.

    The trailer for Trial of the Ancestors also revealed the new content coming into the league:

    The Trial of the Ancestors League mechanic Passive skill tattoos New items 16 new Atlas Keystones Itemized Sanctums 14 new Support Gems Guardian ascendancy revamp All-new Chieftain ascendancy
    The passive skill tattoo system looks like it enhances the existing passive tree. A revamp to the Guardian ascendancy and a complete rework to the Chieftain ascendancy are definitely a good move as the two are kind of in a rough spot. More concrete details pertaining to the league should release over the next few weeks as we get closer to the new league launch.

    Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors will launch on August 18.

    Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile will now be separate standalone titles

    During ExileCon, Grinding Gear Games revealed that as Path of Exile 2 grew since its announcement in 2019, they realized it was no longer just an expansion to Path of Exile as originally planned. With over 100 developers working on Path of Exile 2, it has become a much bigger project than originally anticipated. Moving forward, Path of Exile 2 will now be its own standalone title buy POE exalted orbs. Each game will still be supported and have its own unique mechanics, leagues, and features.

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