Type 1 Lab Water System suppliers

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  • Type 1 Lab Water System suppliers

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    Type 1 Lab Water System suppliers

    Type 1 Lab Water System suppliers  Production Introduction
    Ultrapure water is water nearly or completely free from contaminants. Ultrapure water system is a very important component for laboratories. The ultrapure water system removes chemical contaminants through reverse osmosis and polish resin. The ultrapure water system for laboratory can achieve up to 18.2M惟路cm in resistivity (high resistivity indicating low level of ions) and can reduce total organic carbon. An ultrapure water system is equipped with ultra filters to remove endotoxins, DNase and Rnase left over from bacteria destroyed by UV, resulting in extremely low total organic carbon (TOC). Additional carbon filters in these laboratory water purification systems reduces the need for pre-treatment, permitting tap water as a source.
    Product Specification
    TypeUltrapure Water System for laboratory
    Feed water requirementTap water, 锛?.1Mpa
    WaterResistivity鈮?8.25 M惟路cm (25鈩?
    Heavy metalTotal锛?.1 ppb
    Total organic carbon锛?0 ppb
    Microorganisms锛? CFU/ml
    Particulate matter
    (>0.22渭m)锛?.001 EU/ml
    ParametersYield10 L/h 鈥?150L/h
    product flowrate
    锛圠/min锛?/span>1.5 鈥?1.8聽
    RO water condiction鈮?0渭S/cm(25鈩?
    Processing Flow of聽Ultrapure Water System for LaboratoryType 1 Lab Water System suppliers

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