Upgrade to God

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  • Upgrade to God

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    Upgrade to God

    Chen Feng stood in the crowd, trying to urge the body Reiki, the whole body became golden, but in contrast, his cultivation in this ten thousand people can only be ranked to the end, no matter how hard, but was always left behind in the last. Looking at the people farther and farther away, Chen Feng was burning with anxiety, but there was no way. Hehe, what's wrong, brother Chen? Why are you in such a hurry? Your Qiu family is determined to be able to enter the Tiandao Auction House! yuan Fei flew slowly in the air and came to Chen Feng with a bad smile on his face. "Oh yes, I almost forgot that the Qiu family has been removed from the name of the Xiuxian family!" yuan Fei laughed in a strange way, as all the people who came with him echoed, only yuan Fei's second brother yuan Shun looked at Chen Feng lightly. Let's go, we're coming in! yuan Shun's voice was steady and powerful, and he was obviously a heavyweight in the family. yuan Fei and others gave a light hum and looked at Chen Feng contemptuously, turning into a divine rainbow and leaving Chen Feng behind. Fuck Chen Feng cursed in a low voice, clenched his fists tightly, and continued to go on his way desperately. Originally, the trade fair, only five days, and the first day and the last day, are an alliance of the auction, the remaining three days is between the parties casual practice easier, but the problem is that although the Tiandao auction venue can accommodate ten thousand people,jacuzzi bath spa, but some families are fixed, that is to say, tens of thousands of monks present, At least two floors are not qualified to enter the venue, and unfortunately, Chen Feng is one of the two floors, after all, in the realm of immortals, only strength can prove everything. When Chen Feng came to the golden light,Chinese spa manufacturer, a huge building of primitive simplicity and solemnity appeared in front of him. The building was tens of meters high. It was made of black iron and stone, just like a black iron tower, emitting the breath of ancient vicissitudes. The building was carved with various ancient characters, among which there was a strong spirit. Surround the whole building. Hey! With a sigh, Chen Feng stood in the void of disappointment. Beside him, there were two or three thousand monks who were silent and sighed. They are the worst of these people, so when the ten thousand people are full, they will lose the qualification of today's trading conference. In front of the gate of the huge building stood several monks of one clan and one alliance. Their eyes were shining and their hands were shining, as if to warn the people that this is not the place where you should come. Let's go Not far away, the man with a comely face shook his head and sighed, and turned away. Look, next time I must get the qualification to enter the auction room! A nun, who looked a little fat, waved her baby fat fist and said fiercely, but the gloom in her eyes could not be concealed. The door of the building slowly closed, but when there was only a gap left in the door, it suddenly stopped and a burly man rushed out of the door. The big fellow was so fast that he came to Chen Feng in an instant. Then he stared at him and said, outdoor whirlpool tub ,4 person jacuzzi, "Go, thin monkey, go in with me!" The big fellow did not pay any attention to other people's eyes, arrogant as if others are air in general, Chen Feng looked at the man in astonishment, can not help but open his mouth: "Huanglong?" "My name is Huang Dalong. If you dare to call Lao Tzu Huang Long again, I will beat you into a meat pie. Even if Qiu's girl is here, it won't work!" Huang Long's face was livid and he said angrily, but when he spoke, he looked around subconsciously, and when he didn't see Qiu Xuan's figure, he suddenly puffed out his chest and breathed a sigh of relief. Chen Feng almost didn't laugh out loud, but now he knew it wasn't the time to stay for a long time, so he didn't talk nonsense. He folded his fists at Huanglong, and they flew toward the door that was about to close, leaving thousands of envious and jealous eyes in the air. Damn, also said that what Changshan Chen Feng, the array kills the knot Dan, is only relies on the relations to be able to enter the auction the waste! "Even Chen Feng is just so so!" “……” For a time the crowd scolded constantly, but Chen Feng at the moment has followed the yellow dragon, into the huge building, after a loud noise, the giant door finally slowly closed, like an iron gate, will repair for not enough monks, all stopped outside the door.

    Walking into the auction room, Chen Feng could not help but be amazed at the luxury of this place. He saw that the whole area was a thousand meters wide, all composed of # # # carbuncle. The hall was divided into two layers. A huge platform in the middle was transparent, so people could not see what material it was. At the top of the hall, countless light jade emitted soft light like stars in the sky, which illuminated the whole venue. What are you looking at, thin monkey? You look much more silly than me. When Huang Long saw Chen Feng's speechless appearance, he suddenly felt good about himself. But Chen Feng was not in the mood to pay attention to him at this time, because he felt that there were two pairs of eyes, looking at him quietly, Chen Feng turned his head and looked in the direction of his eyes, but saw that in the center of the meeting, Chen Mu also had a white-robed old man, looking at him kindly, with a loving smile on his lips.. Volume I Chapter 58 The Auction Begins Chapter 58 the auction begins. The soft light filled the hall of the auction room, and Chen Feng smiled at the two old men with a gentle forehead and went back to smile kindly. When the two old men saw Chen Feng's action, they smiled indifferently and turned their heads to other places. Chen Feng followed Huang Long to the place where Huang's family was and sat down. Sitting on the soft seat, Chen Feng looked around and found that the whole hall was full of people at this time. Many people whispered softly to the people around them, while yuan Fei was looking at himself viciously. yuan Shun, beside yuan Fei, looked at the Huang family thoughtfully, frowning slightly. Everybody After a wick of incense, Chen Mu slowly stepped forward, raised his hand and made an old voice. The hall suddenly quieted down. Everyone's eyes were focused on Chen Mu and the white-robed old man in the center of the hall. Seeing that all the people kept silent, Chen Mu chuckled and said, "The Tiandao Auction House was originally opened for a hundred years, but now the other three regions are eyeing us covetously, and there is no one in the Western Regions. So today I discussed with Brother Song and decided to open the auction house ahead of time, so that all the people can show their strength at the meeting of ten thousand immortals and strengthen our power in the Western Regions!" When Chen Mu finished,outdoor spa manufacturers, the applause was thunderous, and the monks present applauded one after another, and the scene suddenly became warm. monalisa.com

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