Veteran's Trick Record _ Flying Electric Iron

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  • Veteran's Trick Record _ Flying Electric Iron

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    Veteran's Trick Record _ Flying Electric Iron

    As soon as the corner was cut off, there was only a blood hole on my forehead. My uncle put his knife on the back of the chair, quickly took the wine cup in my hand, tore off a piece of skin on the broken corner, and stuck it on the blood hole carelessly. Then he buckled up the wine cup with venom, just covering the wound. Gauze! My uncle's face was grave, and his left hand, which was covered with blood, took the gauze I handed over, and wrapped up the head of the fat boss. Of course, it's connected to the wine cup. Ok The uncle took the broken corner that had been cut off and went to the pool in the corner. While cleaning it, he told the fat boss, who was twitching all over, "You can throw away the wine cup after three days. Then you can apply some anti-inflammatory and healing medicine.". But you have to remember that in these three days, it is strictly forbidden to catch the wind, and you must not vent your Yang. Oh, just don't have sex. “……” The big fat man was so painful that he couldn't even speak. Beads of sweat as big as beans were all over his face, leaving only a nod. When the uncle had finished cleaning, he came back with something in his hand and showed it to the fat boss, saying, "See?"? To raise eggs with people, poison is poison! If you don't cut it off, the day it breaks its eggs will be the day you die! I was also curious to go up and see that this thing was the size of a quail egg,Fiberglass tape measure, but it was conical, thick at one end and thin at the other. The whole body is transparent, with a light yellow, but it looks like the kind of small steamed bread. The only difference is that besides liquid, there are some white things in it, which seem to have shapes. Uncle, what kind of egg is this? The first time I saw an animal egg growing on a human body, I was so curious that I couldn't help asking. It should be a spider egg. My uncle was old and his eyes were blurred,Walking tape measure, so he had to hold them up and look at them again and again in the light, and suddenly his face changed. Not good! This is a.. When the uncle saw it clearly, he was about to go to the mouth of the canal when he saw a dark shadow flash in front of him and rush out of the smoke hole. A huge red-headed centipede appeared in front of us. Although it was dark, the two bright red colors at its head and tail were so bright that they could almost drip water and shake the eyes. This guy is half a meter long, the front head is bigger than a duck egg, a pair of poisonous jaws are biting back and forth, always ready to choose the opportunity to move. The boundary laid by sulfur had just been burned clean, and this guy had persisted until this moment before he came out. It can be said that he was quite tolerant and caught us by surprise. …… Boy! Even the uncle was stupefied and sighed, "Even the Lord of Fire and Thunder can be attracted. This place in your home is not an ordinary place!" As he spoke, the red-headed centipede seemed to have found that the surroundings were not so safe, and before we could react, it ran straight to the wall. My uncle saw several workers squatting at the foot of the wall, watching the spider with a human face that had just been burned to death. He quickly shouted to them, "Get out of the way!" Only my uncle and I saw the appearance of the red-headed centipede. Most of the others didn't notice the situation here. At this time, I heard the shouting. I don't know what they were talking about. A worker with his back to the centipede turned his face. The worm had climbed up his body along his legs, climbed over his arms and shoulders, Wheel tape measure ,Pi tape measure, and finally lay on his whole face. Ah Although it was only a moment, it was enough for the worker to see what it was. At the moment, he cried like a pig, stood up and scratched with both hands, but did not dare to pull it down from his face. Thanks to the red-headed centipede, he wanted to run and not hurt people. While the worker was retreating to the wall, he reached the top of the wall and disappeared in an instant. One got away! Go and catch it! Several workers reacted and chased the guy out. But the uncle stopped him and said, "Don't chase me!"! If you provoke it, you will never come back! Let it go, and if it doesn't find a more suitable place before dawn, it will die. A few people listened and turned back dejectedly, while the worker who had just been lying on his face by the centipede shook his body a few times and fell straight down without saying a word. Seeing this, the uncle shouted "bad" and quickly took out a silver needle from his bag and rushed over. By the time I looked up, he had put two needles in the man's face.

    What a face it is! More terrible than Zhihao's face last night! He could at least recognize who it was, and the man in front of him, his whole head, where the worm had crawled, was black and swollen, and his skin was covered with black and purple pus and blood. Even the eyes are only a slit, can not see whether it is open or closed. Rao was so, but there was not a wound on his whole face. Everyone gasped, so violent toxicity, unheard of, just skin contact, became like this. If you get bitten, don't you even have a chance to shout for help? At the moment, the uncle is constantly injecting and bleeding the wounded. After a while, dozens of silver needles in his hands were stuck in the worker's face. After feeling his pulse, my uncle kept telling the others around him, "Go!"! Make a basin of warm water, it must be warm, not too hot or too cold. Go and fetch my knife.. Bring two more chairs, put his legs up and his head down, and the blood will flow here! When everything was ready, the uncle pulled out the silver needles one by one, and then massaged the man's face constantly, trying to squeeze out all the poisonous blood inside. At the same time, in order to speed up the detoxification, he gently cut a two-inch long cut on the hairline of the man's forehead and bled at the same time. After repeating this for more than ten minutes, the worker's swelling gradually disappeared, but his face was still ashen, his eyes were half open, and he did not know whether he was dead or alive. Ok My uncle put away his knife and silver needle and said to the other workers with a hammer on his back, "There is no suitable antidote here. Send him to the hospital quickly. He will be saved in two hours." When they carried the worker out to the town hospital, my uncle asked me to put my things away, but he twisted his back back and forth, obviously tired. I can not help but feel distressed, let an old man who is nearly seventy years old, so tired of running around, it is really cruel. But now it seems that it is really impossible for the countryside to lack this profession. Just like the situation of this paper mill,Diameter tape measure, it is useless for anyone to come. They can't solve the practical problems at all. Therefore, the so-called seventy-two lines in ancient times must have their reasons for existence. Although this kind of uncle can only be classified into the "lower class" of the time demon, but it is a real skill.

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