Weather Strip Anti Aging manufacturers

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  • Weather Strip Anti Aging manufacturers

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    Weather Strip Anti Aging manufacturers

    Our History
    HAINING DAOYI PILE WEATHER STRIP CO.,LTD. is located in Haining, a tide-watching resort on the north bank of the Qiantang River and the capital of leather. It is 120 kilometers north of Shanghai and 50 kilometers south of Hangzhou. The Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Double Line, and the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway pass through, and the land and water transportation is very convenient.
    Daoyi Plush Company was born in 2017 and is a highly dynamic professional production company! At present, it mainly produces all kinds of aluminum alloy building door and window tops and exquisite tops for home decoration. With exquisite workmanship and excellent quality, it is welcomed by the domestic and foreign markets. In addition, the company produces brushes for vacuum cleaners. Use brush strip.
    Our Factory
    The company has strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, complete testing methods, and sound management system. The production backbone is rich in practical experience and product stability is guaranteed; sales and management staff are stricter than self-discipline and service sincerity is guaranteed!
    Daoyi Company adheres to the principle of making exquisite and beautiful products, meets the requirements of customers as the basis, uses innovation and improvement as a means to protect the interests of customers, and acts as a family with customers. Win development!
    Our Product
    sliding door weather stripping/self adhesive weather stripping/silicone Weather stripping/finned pile weather stripping/elasticity pile weather strip/anti aging weather strip
    Product Application
    Mainly used for all kinds of windows and sliding doors, but also can be used in vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, fax machines, printers, etc.
    Our Certificate
    Daoyi's pile weather strip products have passed the certification of the National Building Materials Industrial Building Hardware Plumbing Product Quality Supervision Inspection Test Center and meet the requirements of various technical indicators. We produce in strict accordance with national and industry standards. The product quality is trustworthy.
    Our Service
    Provide customization, you can provide drawings, we provide free samples, support sea, land and air transportation and major express delivery, perfect pre-sale consultation, you can quickly understand the product, if there is a problem with the product, you can provide a three guarantee service according to the actual situation, let you Peace of mindWeather Strip Anti Aging manufacturers

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