What is the way EA Unveiled Madden NFL Games in the past?

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  • What is the way EA Unveiled Madden NFL Games in the past?

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    What is the way EA Unveiled Madden NFL Games in the past?

    What is the way EA Unveiled Madden NFL Games in the past?

    Looking at past Madden NFL releases gives gamers an idea of what's to come forward. Typically, EA reveals more information about Madden NFL games, including the cover athlete, at around April or May, since this aligns with the NFL Draft. But, if there are issues, the time frame could be delayed. For instance, the athlete who was the cover to be featured in Madden NFL 22 was revealed in June 2021. However the delay could have been caused by coronavirus.

    Before Madden NFL 22. EA has been more steady. In Madden NFL 21. EA officially revealed the cover athlete at the end of April which is just two days after the NFL Draft, and similarly, in 2021. the cover player of Madden NFL 20 was announced on April 25. which was the first week of NFL Draft. This trend in April has been broken again when it comes to Madden NFL 19 that was announced in May, just a month following this year's NFL Draft. The time frame between April and May is to be a good bet.

    When Will EA Releasing Madden 24?

    From the history of EA's previous games, Madden NFL games are typically released in April, during the NFL Draft, although there are some instances. In 2022. 2022's NFL Draft will run from April 27 to April 29. So, we can expect to see the unveiling the cover Madden NFL's Cover around the same time. According to some speculations, EA may feature John Madden who was a prominent figure in football who died in the month of the month of December 2021. Madden 24 would be EA's first opportunity to pay tribute to the legend. Within a few days of the cover athlete announcement, players can expect EA to launch a trailer showing a few of Madden 24's gameplay.

    For Madden NFL's launch date of 23rd September, it's useful to look at the track record of EA. It is typical that EA is the one to release Madden NFL games just prior to the start of the NFL season, and this lets the video games experience the excitement created from the NFL. The kickoff game that will commence 2022's NFL season will be played on 8 September at Kansas City, Missouri, therefore, players can expect Madden 24 to release in the near future.
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