Young Master is everywhere

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  • Young Master is everywhere

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    Young Master is everywhere

    "Meow ~ Anyway, we have seen the excitement of Zhang Ya. Shall we go back now?"? In the evening, there are mice from Zhang Shan's side to report their work! And I would like to remind them that although they encountered almost no attack and resistance because of the sudden attack on the first day, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, they must not be like today, otherwise they will die. Mu boss agrees with his own Lin Lin's words very much, in the heart also sighed his Lin Lin is really too clever. Well, this thinking and IQ are really like people, if.. If it really becomes a person. Mu Yanxiao thought so, and suddenly found that his mood became excited and expectant. He pressed his chest doubtfully, and then smiled helplessly, expecting Lin Lin to really become a person. When did the gossip of Mu Yi and Mu Er begin to influence him? "Hey, hey, hey!"! Blind master, what are you thinking? I said these are my new little brothers! Leave the dried fish to them! Mu Yanxiao was gently scratched, finally came to his senses, and then a dry cough nodded: "You are free, anyway, it is yours." This sentence made Lin Youmiao elated, and at the same time,Drive in racking system, it also made the six cats who were watching admire him. Meow, this boss is so awesome! To be able to make humans do what they are told! If only I had such an obedient master! By: Six kitty boys. Hey, hey, you're on the way! Master Linyou Lynx held his head high and said to the cat, "Help me take care of those mice in the hospital. They won't be here in a few days.". I'll bring you dried fish next time! The answer was several excited cat meows-although the boss came inexplicably, it was great to see a small fish doing something. On the way back, Mu Yanxiao frowned and meditated all the time,radio shuttle racking, as if he were thinking about something very important. So that Mu San reported the matter several times, but did not let him come to his senses. So Mu San, who was angry, depressed and aggrieved, looked at Lin Youxiaoye with the eyes of asking for help. Of course, the young master was originally a big ball with his eyes closed. However, he did not think of any'life event ', so he soon received a request for help from Mu San. With a light tut, Lin You clapped his paw again. The sharp fingernails had been put away by him, and what he patted on the back of Mu Dashao's hand was just a soft little meat pad. But the effect is remarkable. Lin Lin? Mu Yanxiao had some doubts. Blind master. This is the second time! What on earth are you thinking about? Hurry up and tell the truth! Lin you amber cat eyes staring at their own blind master, he also felt a little abnormal, his family has been thinking strong blind master encountered what difficulties? Can make him struggle like this? Mu Yanxiao heard Lin You's question, his brain did not know why, he actually heard himself open his mouth to say what he had been thinking about just now. I was wondering when you were going to take shape. Lin You's eyes widened. And, pipe cantilever rack ,Steel racking system, if you can really transform, well, I specially looked for this kind of novel to listen to, I am guessing, what will you become? Mu Yanxiao opened his mouth in a low voice, as if he were talking to himself: "Will he become a particularly seductive fox spirit as the book says?" Then he smiled again. "How can I? I heard that only when a fox spirit becomes a human being can she be particularly beautiful.". You are a parrot spirit, well, although not as good as the fox spirit, but the color of the feathers listen to Mu Er said very beautiful, you will certainly be very beautiful. Of. Right. As for his blind master's brain tonic, Lin Youxiaoye's answer was an artifact: "Hehe." Don't open your mind so much, okay? Although Xiao Ye has acquiesced that you said before that Xiao Ye is a parrot spirit, it does not mean that Xiao Ye is really a parrot spirit! And the transformation or something, how does he transform? If he could really transform himself, he would not be an animal long ago, and it would be better to go home and stay at home directly. Hehe Mu Dashao: "..." He knew that Lin Lin would not be so cute. But he won't mind very much. Actually, I was just thinking.

    If you can possess animals every time, what about people? Lin Youxiaoye suddenly stiffened his body and suddenly raised his head. Mu Yanxiao continued to say: "If, I mean if, I find a dying person, put it beside you, and let you be together when your body is dying now, will you.." Be that, uh?! This time, Mu Dashao was scratched by a cat's paw with sharp nails. Lin Youyu jumped out of Mu Yanxiao's arms and landed on all fours with clear and stern eyes. At this time, the lazy cat has disappeared, replaced by a kind of unattainable magic stick. To give you a suggestion of longevity, don't try to change anyone's life and death with your own efforts. Things that go against the sky, no matter how seemingly excusable reasons you have, are absolutely unforgivable for the way of heaven. Is the blind master out of his mind to come up with such a way to damage merit! Although human beings and animals are essentially animals, the cause and effect of human beings is much greater than that of animals! Lin You's voice at this time with a kind of cold, heard Mu Yanxiao in a hurry, reached out and grabbed the big cat's front leg to pull into his arms. Like I said, I was just speaking metaphorically. He also knew that the origin of his own parrot spirit must be quite special, and now, even if Mu Yanxiao is slow, he can also perceive that the arrival of Lin Lin is not an accident. After Lin Lin died twice and finally returned to his side, Mu Yanxiao began to guess that this might be a kind of fate. And he was incredibly grateful for this fate, and if his expectations would break this fate, he would rather stick to the status quo and never move forward. For the rest of the journey, the atmosphere in the car was too silent. Lin You lay in the arms of his blind master, and suddenly began to think, when can he return to his own body, and then as a human, find trouble with the blind master? What do you say? This one owes him a hit-and-run settlement,Narrow aisle rack, too. Half an hour later, taking advantage of the sunset, the car drove to the garage of Mu's garden villa.

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