A Richer World to Explore

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  • A Richer World to Explore

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    A Richer World to Explore

        Simplified Weapon Switching: Mechanisms have been implemented to facilitate easier weapon swapping, empowering players to Throne and Liberty Lucent adapt their combat strategies more effectively based on the situation.

    A Richer World to Explore:

    Beyond combat improvements, the developers are working on enriching the world of Solisium with diverse content and activities:

        Faster Progression: The leveling process has been revamped, allowing players to reach higher levels in a shorter timeframe compared to the beta, reducing the grind associated with character development.

        Increased Rewards: Various activities and specific zones now offer enhanced rewards, incentivizing players to explore diverse aspects of the game and participate in different forms of content.

        Non-Hunting Missions: The addition of non-hunting missions provides players with alternative ways to progress and experience the world beyond repetitive grinding for resources.

        Expanded Dungeon Content: New dungeons are being developed to offer players challenging and rewarding group buying TL Lucent experiences that encourage teamwork and strategic cooperation.

        Party Size Limits in Dungeons: Dungeons will implement party size limitations to prevent players from simply relying on overwhelming numbers to complete them, promoting a more balanced and strategic approach.

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