Anti Static Bags vs. Static Shielding Bags

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  • Anti Static Bags vs. Static Shielding Bags

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    Anti Static Bags vs. Static Shielding Bags

    With regards to flexible packaging design, an

    ESD Antistatic

    Shielding Bag
    is any bag made with  anti static  polymers so that when it rubs or

    touches other materials it does not create static. Essentially, an anti static bag prevents

    itself from holding  charge . Since it is not holding a charge, it cannot release charge as

    electrostatic discharges (ESD) when it is laying on a grounded surface. The term “ ant

    static ” refers to the upper static dissipative range- usually defined as between 1 x 1010

    and less than 1 x 1012  ohms/square . Polyethylene and polyesters used in bags for static

    control are always in this “ anti static ” range.
        Commonly  LDPE Antistatic

    s are tinted (usually pink or blue) and made of a single layer of polyethylene

    (PE) with static dissipative coatings sputtered onto them. These bags do not stop ESD, but

    they prevent the build-up of static charges on their surfaces that precedes ESD. Whether an

    anti static bag is static shielding depends upon whether it incorporates conductive

    materials, like aluminum or carbon, into its design. A static shielding bag presents a

    conductive barrier to ESD in addition to allowing charges to dissipate off it. Static

    Shielding” as a term usually refers to bags that use aluminum. This gives the bags a

    silver transparent sheen.
        Aluminium Foil Pouches are used

    for packaging in various commercial markets – food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,

    automobiles etc. Their wide popularity in the packaging industry is due to their numerous

    properties. Aluminium is found in abundance in Earth’s crust and can be reshaped and

    recycled again and again. On the other hand, plastic has a weak tendency to be recycled

    multiple times as compared to aluminium and thus plastic pouches are sidelined by aluminium

    foil pouches as a more environment friendly option.
        The points given below justify why aluminium foil pouches are a preferred packaging

                When it comes to locking the heat and freshness inside, nothing can beat

    aluminium. Thus, aluminium foils are used as wraps for various snacks like burger, pizza,

    etc. and are widely used for packing fresh foods daily. The quality of aluminium being a

    good conductor of thermal energy makes it apt to keep the packaged food warm for a long

                Paper bags are good but not best when it comes to packaging as they cannot

    perfectly prevent the stored contents from moisture and oxygen. On the other hand,

    aluminium pouches are sturdy and offer maximum resistant to dust, oxygen, chemicals, water,

    moisture and other agents that tend to destroy the quality of stored product.
                Aluminium pouches offer light weight packaging and thus are travel friendly.

    Moreover, they come with a bottom gusset and occupy less storage space.
        Considering the huge benefits of Aluminized Bags packaging and its increasing demand in packaging industry, we

    at Paraspack manufacture printed/ unprinted laminated aluminium pouches and rolls for

    various markets. We are premium aluminium foil pouch manufacturers since 1998.
        Whether you are looking to compress guest pillows so they’ll take up less room in the

    linen closet or you are packing for vacation and want to fit as much clothing as possible

    in your suitcase, Vacuum Bag can

    help. There are also vacuum bags designed for storage in your freezer or pantry to preserve

    food freshness. In most homes, storage space is at a premium, so it makes good sense to

    conserve as much room as possible.
        The best vacuum storage bag should be strong, have leak-resistant seals so items stay

    compressed, and be of adequate size for the things you want to store. Check out this guide

    to help you choose from among some of the best storage bags listed below, to protect and

    preserve a variety of items while making smart use of your storage capacity.
        Air Bubble Plastic Bag

    s are especially good for packing delicate items. The bag’s cushioning function will

    offer optimum protection from bumps and scratches. If desired, the bag can also be

    manufactured in an anti-static version.
        Air bubble bags are available in different dimensions and in different bubble sizes.
        Air bubble bags: 
                protect from bumps and scratches
                protect from dust and moisture
                hard-wearing and light-weight
        The bags are available with or without a self-adhesive seal!


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