Back to Primitive Society as a Chief

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  • Back to Primitive Society as a Chief

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    Back to Primitive Society as a Chief

    However, the truth is that not all patriarchs are as decisive as animal blood, saying that they do not want those prey. Seeing the hesitant look on the faces of many patriarchs, Usma sighed and said that these patriarchs were so stupid that they did not know how to die even if they were killed by the patriarchs. Won't you exchange other things for money? With this idea in mind, Usma could not help but open her mouth to remind the patriarchs. However, before he could open his mouth to speak, the snow grabbed his conversation. In fact, I also feel that now the patriarchs have lost some money if they exchange prey for money. Hearing this, Usma looked up directly in surprise. Not only he, but also the patriarchs raised their heads to look at the snow, and the patriarch Lin even sighed: "Of course it's a loss." Snow blushed subconsciously, followed by a strong calm, coughed, and said, "Now the Lihuo tribe is not short of prey at all, so the currency that a prey can exchange is much less.". However, it does not mean that other materials can be exchanged for less money. All the patriarchs looked at the snow with the expression of black question marks. Only see, snow Youyou way: "In addition to the prey, now the tribe of other resources in the currency exchange ratio is not changed, very stable.". If I were a patriarch, I would use other resources to exchange money, not prey. The patriarch was pleased at first, and then he could not help drooping his shoulders and sighed: "Oh, that's what I said,artificial grass panels, but how can it be so simple?" "Why isn't it so simple?" Snow asked? Apart from anything else, the current currency exchange of a tree is sixty-one, a pot of clay is twenty currencies, and lacquer sap is one hundred currencies. Aren't these all stable exchange resources? All the patriarchs were in trouble: "But we are here to exchange the sap of the lacquer tree." As he spoke, the Gaoshan Patriarch suddenly brightened up and asked Xue, "Did you just say you could exchange trees?" The snow nodded and said, "Yes." He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with a thump, and the patriarchs looked at each other. "What kind of trees are you talking about?" Snow Road: "As usual on the line, pine trees,faux grass wall, oak trees and so on." Several patriarchs looked at each other and made eye contact with each other. No, a tree only has sixty currency, or feel some loss, how to have more than sixty points ah, you know, three trees for a prey, a prey two hundred currency. However, compared with the use of prey to exchange money, this is already a great advantage. By the way, if we exchange the peeled trees with mortises and tenons for money, how much is a piece of money? At this time, several patriarchs, the strength of the mother-in-law, like a bargaining aunt in the vegetable market. But the snow smiled sweetly and said, "With tenons and mortises, it's seventy yuan." Upon hearing this, all the patriarchs clapped their thighs and said, fake blossom tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, "We still have a lot of useless trees with tenons and mortises in our hands, so we will exchange this for your currency!" At the beginning, these patriarchs took the trees and asked the thieves to add tenons and mortises to their trees, but the price of two tenons and mortises was a prey. At this time, it was ten more currencies, so they exchanged them. Alas, they were prodigals. 492-Just say you can't run for nothing, right? For a time, in the Lihuo tribe, the most important trade department was as lively as the vegetable market. This said there were five or six hundred trees with tenons and mortises in the tribe, and that said there were five or six hundred trees with tenons and mortises. In the end, the eleven tribes added up to more than 6,000 trees with mortises and tenons. Snow can not help but be surprised, at present, the tribe, the need to build only 113 houses, a house, that is, 100 trees. All of a sudden, all the trees needed to build sixty houses were ready, which saved a lot of worry. However, the key to the problem is that there is not so much money in the tribe. Even Ji thief has been specially ordered to cast a hundred denominations of large goods before, so far, the tribal storage is about two hundred thousand currency. But these more than six thousand trees need more than four hundred thousand currency.

    The difference is exactly double. Isn't that a joke? Even the Ji thief hiding behind the curtain was a little surprised, good guy, Lin patriarch they are too animal, directly is to squeeze my stock dry? In fact, the chief of the Lin clan thought very simply that it was useless to keep the extra trees with tenons and mortises, so it would be better to exchange them all. They didn't think about whether the money was enough or not. It's broken. Once the whole thing comes out, the snow will probably mess itself up. No, I have to go out. Ji thief said, opened the curtain to go out. However, he just has an action, let sorceress hold, follow way: "Warrior does not worry first, look first say again." Ji Thief looked back with a slight impetuosity on his face: "What are you waiting for? Snow can't handle this kind of thing at all." The sorceress increased her strength and stared at the thief with a serious face. "Warrior, do you believe in snow?" "Nonsense, of course I believe it." Ji thief is a little anxious. The witch lowered her voice and said, "Warrior, since you believe in Snow, let Snow do it.". Besides, if you go out now, what will you say to Chief Lin? Don't forget, you're supposed to be outside with the hussars now. The witch's words were like a basin of cold water pouring down the thief's head. In a twinkling of an eye, the fire that Ji thief rushed up went out. He regained his composure, pinched his chin and said, "That's right. I'm in a hurry." Said, Ji thief could not bear to look outside: "But hazel, know, snow has never dealt with these ah." The sorceress clapped her chest and said, "It's all right. If the snow really can't stand it for a while, then I'll go out and make Chief Lin satisfied." Ji Thief looked at the witch doubtfully: "Is there a good way to plug the money gap of more than two hundred thousand?" Meeting the thief's eyes, the witch nodded: "Yes." This time,large palm trees for sale, but let Ji thief surprised, he has not yet seen, the witch actually has such a great ability.

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