Be a magic stick in the Three Kingdoms

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  • Be a magic stick in the Three Kingdoms

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    Be a magic stick in the Three Kingdoms

    Yan Qing surprised look back, see lyu3 bu4 face irritable, two long beard, one obviously crooked to one side, around Zhang Liao shoulders shrug, impressively in the difficult to endure a smile, the other soldiers are eye view nose nose view heart, the right to do nothing to see. Yan Qing: ".." It turned out that lyu3 bu4 was too tall, and the door was too short. When entering the door, lyu3 bu4 had a small bend, but he was decorated with colorful pheasant tail plume Wu crown, but a solid bump. Feel oneself in public lost big face lyu3 bu4, in the heart this is very angry, see Zhang Wenyuan this boy also dare to laugh in his face, immediately roll up your sleeves, will clean up each other. Yan Qing promptly said, "Feng Xian, can I help you?" "Of course," said Lu Bu. Trouble also don't look for, lyu3 bu4 eyebrow peak stretch, immediately bent down, good convenience YanQing hands. Yan Qing sees him move so quickly, feel embarrassed to say his original plan, it is to want to let him take off Wu Guan directly. However, I can have a chance to touch the hair of my beloved idol,86 smart board, aim at the hair spin, touch the bright beard of the thorn. Yan Qing's heart is also slightly beautiful. It was just a crooked bump, and Yan Qing was so skillful that he fiddled with it. He patted Lu Bu on the shoulder and motioned for him to straighten up. He couldn't help asking, "Did you have a headache just now?" Before lyu3 bu4 had answered, Zhang Liao, who had managed to hold back his laughter, said, "don't worry, master. General Lu's head is so hard that he can break ordinary mud bricks." Lyu3 bu4:.. Perfectly solved this small disturbance,interactive boards for classrooms, Yan Qing went to Guo Jia's bedroom again, and happened to pass by the doctor. Carrying a wooden box on his back, the doctor, who was talking to his disciples, suddenly saw such a group of murderous soldiers filing in. He was caught off guard and was so frightened that he slipped faster than a rabbit. Yan Qing also had no time to understand his frightened mood. As soon as he lifted the door curtain, his whole mind fell on Guo Jia, who was lying on the couch and was ill: "Filial piety." Guo Jia said lazily, "I am proud of my success, Yan Sikong. Are you returning home in splendid clothes, or are you on official business?" In this age, the speed of news transmission is very lagging behind, but this is what happened more than half a month ago, and it is a very sensational event, how can it spread to Yingchuan hundreds of miles away. Especially among the Yingchuan scholars who knew the situation of Yan Qing, after being shocked, there were many who were sour: just a silent and unknown son of a poor family, how could he rely on his great luck, 75 inch smart board ,smart board touch screen, once he got your majesty's green eye, and get such an exceptional promotion? Scholars are gentle and reserved, pay attention to demeanor, will not slander in public, but private discussion and ridicule are certainly unavoidable. Country listen to upset, even the literati do not go to the party, just stay at home all day learning, watching the tense. Then he accidentally broke his leg. When Yan Qing saw that Guo Jia was still in the mood to tease herself, a big stone fell to the ground in her heart. "You're not well informed," she said with a smile. I've been sent to other places, and I'm no longer in the limelight! Guo Jia really hadn't heard that he had been relegated. He immediately frowned: "What tricks did you do?" "Let's not talk about me." Yan Qing sat down naturally at the head of his bed and asked, "What happened to your right leg?" Because the weather is still quite hot, Guo Jia only took a thin quilt at the waist, and just changed the medicine, the right leg wrapped in layers of white gauze, of course, can not escape the eyes of Yan Qing. Guo Jia twitched at the corners of his mouth and said succinctly, "It's no big deal. It's just broken." Yan Qing frowned and checked it gently. Seeing that it was not serious, he continued to ask, "Did you fall or was you beaten?" With the strength of Guo Jiaxing's repeated impeachment by Chen Qun, it seems reasonable to say that if he accidentally molested a married woman, or if he drank too much and spoke to offend someone, he would be broken a leg. What are you talking about? Can a man as likable as I be beaten? Guo Jiatian is shameless, just under Yan Qing's meaningful gaze, unwilling to admit: "I beat it myself." "Hey?" Yan Qing almost doubted her ears.

    It was not until after listening to the smelly face of Guo Jia explained clearly that Yan Qing understood that the blame for the disaster suffered by Guo Jia should actually fall on his head. That day the country while eating snacks, while leisurely holding a book to read, feel dry in the mouth, let people take the jar of good wine that Yan Qing sent that day, but he has been reluctant to drink, opened the seal, poured a cup quickly covered, and then slowly enjoy. The wine is mellow and delicious, the book is also wonderful, Guo Jia while drinking, while indulging his mind, immersed in the lines. As soon as he came to what he thought was exquisite, he naturally shouted loudly and clapped his hands on his legs at the same time. Who would have thought that this blow was no small matter-the right palm, which burst out with a strange force for no reason, broke the right leg abruptly. The author has something to say: = V = Thanks to the little angels for supporting the original edition! I love you! Chapter 21 Chapter 21 Yan Qing found out the whole story and knew that it was impossible to hide it from Guo Jia. He coughed lightly and admitted, "It's really my fault. I left in a hurry and forgot to tell you. After drinking the wine, there may be some strange effects." Guo Jia glanced at him coolly and looked at his injured leg again, full of condemnation. Wine? Lyu3 bu4, who was quite far away, keenly caught the word, moved his ears, and quietly moved a step to the door. Guo Jia's eyes are burning, but Yan Qing is thick-skinned enough to be stared at, but also just a brilliant smile, completely resist. Guo Jia couldn't take him. With a cold hum, he said, "How can I make up for Chongguang?" Yan Qing raised her lips and said briskly, "That's easy to say." In Guo Jia's suspicious gaze, Yan Qing stood up, took out the short book he had already written from his sleeve, and slowly handed it to Guo Jia. Guo Jia was not in a hurry to look at the amulet. As soon as Zhan Xin looked at it,touch screen interactive whiteboard, he quickly finished reading it. His face turned even darker. He shouted, "Yan-heavy-light!" Had it not been for Zhang Liao's quick stop, lyu3 bu4 almost drew his sword and rushed in. "Hey!" 。

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