Be reborn as a demon

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  • Be reborn as a demon

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    Be reborn as a demon

    "It's all right. I just have nothing to do. Come up and play!" As soon as Li Changgeng choked, he had the heart to strangle the monkey. What are these words? What do you mean by coming up to play. Can't you see we're rummaging around here? But the more at this critical moment, the more he dared not offend this guy. "Great Sage," he said, "it's really unfortunate that you've come. The court has suddenly changed, and now it's in a mess. I think you'd better go back to the world and continue to play." "What are you talking about, you old man? Why do you want me to go back to the world and continue to play?!" He grabbed Li Changgeng by the collar. "Tell me quickly. What happened to the court? Why is it like this? Where is the Jade Emperor?!" "Oh, what a Great Sage I am!" Taibai Venus pushed the monkey's hand away and steadied her body. "If I knew where Your Majesty was now, the heaven would not be as chaotic as it is now!" "Oh?!" The monkey's face changed slightly. "The Jade Emperor has disappeared. What's the matter?!" "No one knows what happened!" Taibai Jinxing was not in a hurry at this time. In fact, it was useless for him to be in a hurry. "An hour ago, he sent Heavenly King Li to take all the heavenly soldiers and generals to Moyun Mountain, while he left Lingxiao Hall alone. But now, an hour has passed and he hasn't come back yet!" The monkey is slightly stupefied, "it's just an hour, how can it become so messy?!" "Oh, Great Sage, don't forget that a day in the sky is a year on the earth. An hour in the sky is more than ten days on the earth. No matter how big it is, a message should be sent back. However, not only is there no message back, but the Tianhe River, which has been supported by Your Majesty's imperial spirit, is suddenly out of control.." "The Jade Emperor can't support the water of the Milky Way?"? He's dead! The monkey's heart moved, and he could think of no other reason than this explanation. There were layers of worries on Venus's face. Obviously,smartboard for business, he was also worried about the occurrence of this matter. But the problem was that none of the immortals in the sky could figure out what had happened. Originally, it was nothing to see the Jade Emperor. It would be good for this lazy man to see him several times a year, but suddenly the water of the Milky Way leaked and flowed back into the world. It's a lot of fun. All the people were looking for the Jade Emperor, but none of them could find him. Then they went to the Jade Pool to look for the Queen Mother, only to find that the building was empty. Now, there is no backbone. Heaven is in chaos. It was also at this time that the immortals who had secretly accused the Jade Emperor of incompetence in the past suddenly discovered that, in fact, in the final analysis,smartboards for business, the real landlord's heart was really the Jade Emperor in the whole heaven. With the Jade Emperor, no matter what happened, no matter how bad the world was, he could always find a way to solve it. Although sometimes it was very ugly to solve it, it was solved after all. Don't you? But now, there is no one in charge.

    The monkey frowned. This is interesting. The Jade Emperor has disappeared. The imperial spirit that should have been used to control the water of the Milky Way has disappeared. Is the Jade Emperor really dead? He began to wonder what the consequences of this matter would be, and- Suddenly, he looked up and asked, "Why did the Jade Emperor send someone to Moyun Mountain?" "Oh, not yet." Taibai Jinxing suddenly stopped talking and looked at the monkey and said with a smile, "Hey, hey." You see, this is Your Majesty's secret order, and Xiaoxian doesn't know what those heavenly soldiers and generals are doing! "You smooth thing!" The monkey laughed and scolded and asked, "So, the water of this river has been pouring down like this?"? I have been in the rain for ten days and ten nights in the world. I can stand it, smartboards in classrooms ,65 inch touch screen, but others can't stand it. If it goes on like this, we can't walk, let alone get the scriptures. Even if we go to the West and get the scriptures back, I'm afraid we won't listen to it! Taibai Venus wry smile, who said it was not, this other interests he is also clear, but one day do not find the jade emperor, this day can not control the water of the Milky Way, in fact, to this time, even if found the jade emperor, control the water of the Milky Way, this matter can not be solved. Because the sky is broken. What is heaven? To put it bluntly, it is a layer of prohibition and a layer of boundary. Thirty thousand years ago, in order to vent the depression in her heart, she turned over a big palm and shook a good prehistoric world upside down. A good piece of land was beaten into countless pieces by her palm. The largest four pieces formed the present four continents. But this is not important, the important thing is that the vitality that filled the prehistoric world was scattered by her slap, of course, scattered also scattered where to go, but most of them condensed together, as one, floating between heaven and earth, can no longer fall down, this is the present heaven. After the flood and famine broke up, there was a mess between heaven and earth. Helplessly, Hongjun and the saints discussed the establishment of the three realms, which were for heaven, earth and man, and the human world was based on the four continents. The underworld is used for reincarnation, which has not changed. It has existed in the flood and famine period, because the underworld exists in another dimension, so it has not been affected by that slap. As for heaven, it is the present heaven, because anyone who is a man of practice knows the importance of the vitality of heaven and earth. At that time, the surviving practitioners all ran to heaven one by one. This is also the so-called truth that people die for money and birds die for food. As a result, among these practitioners, except for some who were really strong, the others really died. Why? The vitality is too strong. Isn't there a word in traditional Chinese medicine. There is also a saying, "Starve to death with small courage, support to death with big courage." These guys are all supported to death. They enter this group of Reiki, and before they can react, they are supported by the powerful vitality of heaven and earth. Both form and spirit are destroyed. Finally, there is no way, Hongjun with great magical power, great magic power combined with the essence of the earth, to this heaven under a boundary, a time boundary, so that the flow of time here is slower than the human world and the underworld, that is, a day in the sky,smart board whiteboard, a year on the ground, this is not a whole number. Instead, this time flow rate is at the critical point where most immortals absorb the vitality of heaven and earth.

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