Best Automatic Bridge Saws Cutting Granite Marble

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  • Best Automatic Bridge Saws Cutting Granite Marble

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    Best Automatic Bridge Saws Cutting Granite Marble

    This automatic bridge saws can cut quartz, marble, granite, and rock slabs with a powerful saw blade. It combines a saw blade and CNC router tools to achieve multiple advanced functions. And it is widely used in stone processing plants, kitchen countertop processing, background wall profiling, etc.

    5 axis CNC bridge saw is an automatic stone machining equipment that can complete the processing of pentahedron special-shaped curved surfaces at one time through five-axis linkage control, that is, three linear moving axes and two rotating axes.

    Automatic Bridge Saws Details
    Features Of Automatic Bridge Saws Cutting Granite Marble

    Through the optimization of the process parameters by the numerical control system, the product data files can be stored in modules and called manually. The ideal effect of extremely coordinated movement of each precision component is realized. The process of machine cutting stone slabs can realize automatic and intelligent cutting of stone materials through the pre-setting of the cutting coding program and the automatic operation of the cutting process, so as to achieve the mass production of stone slabs.

    1. Automatic bridge saws with 5 interpolated axis. Machine frame and work table made of hot galvanized dipped electro-welded steel that guarantees high water resistance.

    2. Digital brushless type axis drives, coupled with high precision gear motors, linear guides with recirculating balls protected by bellows, allow to do cuts extremely precise.

    3. Cutting head rotate 90°, tilting 45° suitable for chamfering cutting.

    4. 0° to 360° cutting head rotation and 0° to 90° cutting head tilting.

    5. The worktable installs independently, the hydraulic console panel level 0, 45°, 90° turns. Worktable tilting vertical turn 85°, easier and safe loading raw materials.

    6. The CNC bridge saw is made up of main motor, longitudinal slicing part, worktable assembly, electric control system, hydraulic system and so on.

    7. The CNC bridge saw is equipped with infrared tool setting gauge, to accurately adjust the cutting size.

    8. Once all the parameters are well setting, it is not necessary to have workers watching on machine. It will automatically stop once it finishes the cutting. It is an ideal automation equipment of stone slab cutting machine.

    Maintenance Of Best Automatic Bridge Saws
    One、Prevent hydraulic oil from being polluted
    According to the instruction of 5 Axis bridge stone saw, choose hydraulic oil. Enclosed tank with air filter installed at the inlet. In use, should prevent moisture, emulsion, dust, fiber sundries and other mechanical sundries invasion. The amount of oil in the hydraulic tank shall be kept within the specified oil level after the system piping and components are filled with oil. The hydraulic system must be cleaned strictly before it is put into use. The oil must be carefully filtered. Always check the filters and replace them as soon as they become contaminated.

    Two, prevent the oil temperature is too high
    Maintain the normal oil level in the oil tank of bridge stone saw, so that the system has enough oil for circulation cooling. When the actuator is not working, the system should be unloaded in time.

    Three. Prevent air from entering
    Suction pipe line and pump drive shaft end seal pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure parts, should pay attention to prevent leakage. Prevent the return pipe from bringing in air during oil return. If the system has entered the air, should be promptly found out the leakage parts and eliminate.

    Iv. Strictly follow the operating procedures
    bridge stone saw and joystick, timely action must be smooth and accurate, avoid too hard and too fast, so suddenly open or close the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor oil outlet and inlet of the actuator, a pressure impact, caused by oil seal accelerate damage, leakage of high pressure tubing bubbles burst, loose coupling, may even make the overflow valve because of excessive instantaneous open and make the valve core is jammed, internal leakage occurs, cause work is weak, and reduced work efficiency, shorten service life.

    How Does A Bridge Saw Operate?
    A bridge saw is made up of several components. The sawing part has the motor power, the diamond disk, and the axes, facilitating movement. Five-axis bridge saws are the most powerful and are designed to cut slabs in any position.

    This power tool’s name is derived from the fact that it features a frame with a bridge. There are two structures for bridge saws, a concrete wall structure, and a metallic structure. The metal structure makes it easy to move the saw when organizing the workshop. It is essential to enforce the machine’s rigidity using concrete walls in case you are cutting slabs with large thicknesses.

    Another essential part of the saw is the table. Wooden tables are used on the low and middle range models. Superior models use resin or rubber tables, which are highly durable. However, wooden tables need frequent changing to maintain cutting performance. To withstand the stress of cutting granite or tiles, some bridge saw tables are motorized with rotational features.

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