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Buy Goggles

Buy Goggles  銆怓unction of medical goggles銆?/strong>
1. Prevent blood, medicine, and other liquids that cause skin damage to the eyes.
2. It can prevent the impact of objects on the eyes during melee surgery.
3. The internal space of the blindfold is large enough for doctors wearing myopia glasses.
4. The breathability must be good, generally have ventilation holes
銆怣aterial and performance of medical goggles銆?/strong>
1. Corrosion resistance: As a result, the operating environment of the glasses is special, and it is often exposed to some corrosive potions, so materials with good anticorrosion properties must be used, such as PC.
2. Shock resistance:
3. Good anti-fog:
4. The breathability must be good, generally have ventilation holes
銆?/strong>How to choose medical goggles?銆?/strong>
1. Choose goggles that meet or exceed the requirements of national standards.
2. Choose a brand with the following logos, including; LA logo, QS quality logo, conforming safety standard number, goggles model, production date, manufacturer logo, and name.
3. Choose a good quality, understand the protection requirements, and select the corresponding protection function.
4. On the premise of meeting the protection needs, choose to wear comfortable goggles to improve workers' enthusiasm for eye protection.Buy Goggles

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