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  • cheap Enteric Capsule

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    cheap Enteric Capsule

    Enteric-coated capsules are made by adding special medicinal polymer materials into the shell or undergoing special treatment to make them insoluble in gastric juice, but only disintegrate and melt in intestinal juice. The capsule will not be dissolved in the stomach, or even in boiling water.
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    This enteric coated capsules empty has a cylindrical shape, a hard and elastic empty bag that is covered by a cap and a body. The body of the capsule should be smooth, uniform in color, smooth in the incision, no deformation, and no odor.
    It is used to contain solid medicines or other medicines that are easily destroyed in the stomach.
    Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.
    The enteric coated capsules empty can effectively mask the uncomfortable taste and smell of the contents. There are various capsule sizes, we can produce hollow capsules of various colors and specifications according to customer requirements.

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