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  • Children's Mask suppliers

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    Children's Mask suppliers

    Children's Mask suppliers  Products Description:
    This face masks for kids is made by breathable material and design with cute patterns, which makes it useful and fashionable. Kids will very love it.
    Features and Application:
    1. Facemask is made of non-woven fabric and melt-blown nonwovens.
    2. It can be used in hospitals, industrial areas, etc.
    3. Low breathing resistance, high filtration efficiency.
    4. Adjustable nasal truss (nose bridge) design.
    Products show:
    Safety warnings for children's masks
    a. Masks are not recommended for children with dyspnea. If necessary, follow the doctor's advice or wear other suitable respiratory protective equipment.
    b. When using, the mask packaging materials and other objects unrelated to the wearing of the mask should be removed in time.
    c. Children should wear masks under the care of adults, and caregivers should pay attention to observe and educate children to wear masks correctly. Children should not make noise or exercise with moderate or above intensity during wearing masks, and should not dismantle the breathing valve and its internal parts; if respiratory discomfort, skin allergy and other symptoms occur during wearing, the mask should be removed in time, and medical treatment should be taken if necessary;
    d. The mask should be kept dry and should be replaced in time if necessary.
    e. It is not recommended to reuse the mask after washing. the used mask should not be exchanged with othersChildren's Mask suppliers

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