Clouds are in the blue sky and water is in the bottle.

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  • Clouds are in the blue sky and water is in the bottle.

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    Clouds are in the blue sky and water is in the bottle.

    He was anxious about Tan Su-su's depression and worried that the child she gave birth to would be unhealthy, but later found that Li Yan was fine except for some silence, so Li Xunhuan's worry did not come true, thank God! He hoped that his family of three could live happily, and his wish was fulfilled, and they really lived in harmony. So, what does he have to be dissatisfied with? Li Xunhuan, who was sitting in the office dealing with official business, said this to himself. Although his rival's release from prison today disturbed Tan Su-su's heart, Li Xunhuan felt that this was her normal reaction. Ask her to see Chen yuan, only when she finally sees his well-being, she can put down her mind and get peace. There's really nothing to worry about. Now Tan Su-su is mature. Years of erosion, life experience makes her, as well as his Li Xunhuan are more wise than before, more calm: love a person is not to occupy him, but to see him happy. The fervent love between men and women will eventually turn into a trickle of care and comfort between relatives. Fortunately, I can hold my lover's hand and die together, but for that person, Tan Su-su can only give a blessing that has been buried in my heart. The cloud is in the blue sky and the water is in the bottle. Whether it is the water as a cloud in the sky or the quiet and clear water in the clean bottle, as long as we recognize the original mind,secondary containment pallet, the cloud will be natural and unrestrained, and the water will be quiet, which can also be interlinked. In the sky, do the natural and unrestrained cloud; in the bottle, do the tranquil water, all are loving, also all are respective splendid. When Tan Su-su hurried to the Qincheng prison,drum spill pallet, it was already past ten o'clock in the morning. Chen yuan hasn't come out yet. Because Tan Su-su saw Chen Yan outside the high wall. The old man standing with her is his parents, right? It's ridiculous that I've been entangled with Chen yuan for so long, but I've never seen his parents! Seeing her get out of the car, Chen Yan said a few words to his relatives. They turned to look at her, and then Tan Su-su smiled at them, and they nodded in return. Then Chen Yan came over: "Su Su, are you here?" "Ah, yes." "My brother hasn't come out yet, but he should be soon." "Is it?" "Fortunately, the sentence was reduced and he came out in less than five years." "Yes, that's good." "By the way, Susu, I haven't said'thank you 'to you all the time. Now that I've seen you today, I'll make it up.". For you and your husband, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible pallet box, you mean Wang Han. Chen Yan went on. Because Chen yuan was imprisoned, Li Xunhuan gave up the idea of dealing with the Chen family, and in order to help them, he also recommended his capable assistant Wang Han. It was Chen Yanli who accepted Li Xunhuan's kindness and made Wang Han the general manager of their company by "doubting people without doubt". Later facts proved that Chen Yan's decision was correct, and Chen Jia and Wang Han achieved a win-win situation. Let me say a word here-Wang Han finally got the beauty of Wang Ting to go home. Is he the first "three high" and then get the heart of a beautiful woman? Or did he turn on Wang Ting first and then get rich? This Tan Su-su is unknown. At that time, she was busy soothing the pain and being a good mother. While talking with Chen Yan, the door of the prison was pulled open and the man came out of it. Carrying a small bag, or thin body, or straight long legs, the difference is: a small crew cut. Tan Su-su stood so far away that he could not see his face and expression clearly. He strode to his parents, threw away the canvas bag in his hand, and opened his arms to embrace the two old people. Tan Su-su felt that he was very handsome at the moment, even like a returning hero. She smiled with relief and said to Chen Yan, "Hurry up. Your brother has come out." "He will come." Chen Yan answered. Sure enough, only a little while later, Chen yuan took a big step and came to Tan Su-su. Greedily staring at her face, still clear, still clear, and thousands of dreams, and memories of her exactly the same! Chen yuan cracked his mouth and smiled. "All right?" "Well, not bad." "Still so beautiful." He said Uh "It's a pity I can't kiss you this time." "Yes.".

    Their dialogue was exactly the same as when he came back five years ago, but the difference was that this time, although Tan Su-su was waiting for him, she was no longer a lover. Is it a relative? Or be a stranger from now on? Just be a stranger? Tan Su-su doesn't know, but it doesn't matter, does it? The important thing is that he came out, came out healthy, came out as a man who is responsible and not in debt! "Then give me a hug, will you?" Chen yuan seemed to ask casually, but his clenched fists could not hide from the eyes of his sister Chen Yan, who was standing beside him. On her twenty-eighth birthday, because her boyfriend was on a business trip and could not accompany her, she pulled her brother to be a Guanyin soldier to accompany her to go shopping. Then there were three people standing together like the golden couple, and the two of them looked at each other affectionately, while they were watching the good play in a bad way: "It seems very interesting."? Little brother. Why don't we go in and buy some to try our luck? One of them was already red in the face. The other, with a calm face worthy of his nearly ten years of walking through the flowers, said, "Hello, sister," with smiling eyes that did not look at him, but still stared at his new prey. … Why does everything seem to have happened yesterday, so clear that people can not help but have an illusion! Chen Yan felt his eyes moist. In front of two people finally hugged together, Chen yuan hugged Tan Su-su, with the greatest perseverance to restrain the impulse to press Su-su into his body: "Married?" "Yes." "Married Li Xunhuan?" "Yes,plastic pallet suppliers, there are children." "Boy?"? A girl? "Boy." "It must be smart and beautiful." "Yes." By this time, Tan Su-su could no longer hold back her tears, and in an instant she cried into tears.

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