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    CO2 Printer manufacturers

    CO2 Printer manufacturers Product Features 聽 For personalization creators to implement their design ideas, Matrix-MB5030 Basic offers a desktop style CO2 3D laser printer to supports non-metallic materials. It鈥檚 suitable for creations in private residences, workshops, and studios to help you cut and engrave materials including cardboard, basswood, acrylic, MDF, etc. This low cost CO2 3D laser printer allows you to customize products after they are created under computer software environment. You may, for instance, create a customized 3D model first by cutting material like cardboard or basswood into certain patterns. In this situation, you can put pieces together to fit your studio or workshop.. 鈥揝pecial-made CO2 glass tube with finer cutting lines 鈥揕aser head auto-focus function and loading part detection 鈥揌oneycomb loading platform 鈥揈lectrical height-axis movement 0.05MPa Noise Level:

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