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    Cold Weather Products

    450ml car windshield de-icer aerosol spray can rapidly unfreeze the frost and ice coagulated on the car body, windshield glass and the ice/frost in keyhole. It can quickly clears ice from windows, locks & mirrors. It is effective as low as -15 degree centigrade. Fragrant smelling and easy operating.

    TypeLow temperature products
    UseRemove windshield ice
    Place of OriginGuangdong, China
    Brand NameHerios
    Weight300 grams
    Expiration Date3 years
    Product450ml car windshield de-icer aerosol spray
    ApplicationCar windshield,car window
    FeaturesAerosol spray
    CharacteristicRemove the ice and snow
    FunctionClear view

    1. Instantly unfreezing
    2. Resume visibiluty
    3. Rapidly unfreeze frost and ice
    4. Can effectiv as low as -15 degree

    1. Shake well before using, press the spray tip vertically. Don鈥檛 place it upside down.
    2. Hold can 20-30cm from the surface to be sprayed.
    3. In case of malfunction, take off the nozzle and clean with a pin or sharp object, put the nozzle back again afterward..

    1. Keep away from heat, flame, spark and other source of ignition.
    2. Store in a cool, dry place; Avoid direct sunlight.
    3. Do not clash, puncture, or incinerate the can.
    4. Keep out of reach of children.Cold Weather Products

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