Concubine. Strategy

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  • Concubine. Strategy

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    Concubine. Strategy

    "Prince, Prince." Someone on the other side of the Wangs begged, "You can't go." Guogongye asked me how to explain. Unfortunately, the voice was weak and soon drowned in a strange cry. What to do? Yu Yiqing was at a loss. Luo Zhenxing could not make up his mind: "Otherwise, just open the door!" "Open the door." Yu Yiqing hesitated and said, "Doesn't that make people say that we are afraid of the new son-in-law and send people to the door in a hurry?". This is a big loss of face! How do you want Shi Niang to be a man in the Wang family? As they spoke, they both wondered why Qian Ming didn't speak. They both looked at Qian Ming and saw him standing there sweating. Zichun, you always have the most ideas. At least make up your mind. Luo Zhenxing's voice just fell, outside has come the sound of smashing things: "Go, go..." Luo Zhenkai and Luo Zhenyu were also petrified at first. At the moment, there was a burst of "?"? It's a snap "Voice, so that two people can not help but a spirit, afraid up.". They looked at each other, and then ran to the backyard together-they were going to find eleven Niang, at least let her find a place to hide, and when the adults came to their senses, they would surely vent their anger on them. But as soon as they entered the yard,rosmarinic acid supplement, they were startled. The door of the West Chamber where the bride lived was open, and the servants all looked awestruck, but quietly shuttled in and out with copper basins. What, what's going on? Luo Zhenyu was stunned. Let's go outside and have a look. Luo Zhenkai was also very curious and immediately forgot his purpose of going to the backyard. Luo Zhenyu always followed his brother's lead and followed Luo Zhenkai to the west wing. Seeing that their maids were so frightened that their faces turned white, someone screamed, "Someone is coming!" 'Nana Hit with her hands' Instead, some shrill voices scared Luo Zhenkai and Luo Zhenyu back two steps. What's wrong With a stern questioning,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, the two brothers found Amber in the doorway. What are you doing here? The three asked in unison. For a moment, the three men looked at each other and stayed there. Amber, who's out there? Eleven Niang's serious voice came from the room. Luo Zhenkai had never heard eleven Niang speak in such a tone. He sensed instinctively that something was very strange. Eleven elder sister, "Luo Zhenkai immediately rushed in," it's me! " Amber looked at him with a wry smile and went into the room with Luo Zhenyu one after the other. Eleven Niang sat on the Kang near the window with a pale face and a woman on her knee. The black hair drags on the bright red brocade robe, which makes me feel even more frightened. Why are you? Eleven Niang very calmly and Luo Zhenkai, Luo Zhenyu said hello, and then calmly ordered the people around: "fill again." Only then did Luo Zhenkai discover that the woman dressed in lilac dice standing on the Kang was actually the first wife's mother.

    'Cool Thin hands' After listening to eleven Niang's command, she immediately pinched the woman's jaw on eleven Niang's knee and broke the man's mouth open. Another servant girl poured the water from the sea bowl into the woman's mouth. The woman coughed. The water overflowed from his mouth. Luo Zhenyu couldn't help saying "ah". Although the woman's eyes were closed and her face was somewhat deformed by them, he recognized her at a glance. The woman pillowed on the knees of Shiyiniang was today's bride Shiyiniang. Amber came over and said, "Fifth Master, Sixth Master, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,carnosic acid price, I'll take you to the next door to eat candy." Two people have never seen such a scene, but also curious, but also feel a little frightened, can not help but hesitate. Although Amber was anxious, she did not dare to drag the two men away by force. Just then, my mother came in with a big pot of hot stuff: "The mung bean water is coming, the mung bean water is coming!" She was very excited. Amber pulled them one by one and pulled them away from the Kang. "It's getting cold." Eleven Niang's voice is a little low, but her voice is steady, which makes people calm down for no reason. The woman who brought the mung bean water immediately ran into the clean room and ordered an empty copper basin. Then pour the mung bean water from one basin to another. Tossing back and forth, trying to cool the mung bean water down quickly. "Pour again." Eleven Niang ordered the servant girl. The servant girl burst into tears and said, "Miss Eleven, I can't pour it in!" "Shuier hit me with his hands." "What can I do?" Luo Zhenkai found that Xu's mother looked at eleven Niang in panic. Eleven Niang thought for a moment and said, "Mom, you'd better go back to your mother."! You can't hide it. The more you hide it, the worse it will end. Mother Xu hesitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth and said, "I'm going to bother Miss Eleven here. I'll go to the first wife right away." Eleven Niang nodded, and Xu's mother ran away. Sister Ten, are you going to die? Luo Zhenkai thought, not by a few steps forward to see a clear. As a result, he saw eleven Niang suddenly bend her head and say in ten Niang's ear, "You are so obedient!"! She wanted you dead, so you died. Luo Zhenkai found that ten elder sister's eyelashes, which had been quietly covering her eyelids, trembled. Looking at eleven Niang again, she raised her head, straightened her back, and said in a quiet voice, "fill again.". Her voice is not loud, the tone is not high, but there is a kind of awe-inspiring air, people dare not listen. The servant girl immediately began to pour water into her mouth again. Miss Eleven, mung bean water, mung bean water is coming! The woman who was pouring mung bean water on one side looked at eleven Niang timidly. Change to mung bean water. Eleven Niang ordered the servant girl. The servant girl and the woman did not dare to hesitate, one hurriedly carried the mung bean water in the past, one picked up the sea bowl to scoop up and poured it into ten Niang's mouth. Luo Zhenkai heard Shiyi Niang whisper to Shiyi Niang again, "I don't know. You've always been a good daughter." With the voice of eleven Niang, he saw that ten Niang had been moving her stiff fingers. Luo Zhenkai could not help looking up at eleven Niang. Found eleven Niang as if relieved, a lot of relaxation between the eyebrows. Also do not know how long,stesweet stevia, as if only a cup of tea kung fu, and as if the past a stick of incense time, ten Niang suddenly "wow" to spit out. 'Play By hand in the 13th Lane of Qiaonan '.

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