Cultivate immortals in the fairy world

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  • Cultivate immortals in the fairy world

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    Cultivate immortals in the fairy world

    "It was here originally." Luo Sihai argued that in the face of Li Chengzhu's unreasonable entanglement, he felt that he had no extra energy. Is it really here? "Really.." "Ha ha, it's easy to do if you're really here. Let's talk about killing it." Li Chengzhu picked up the horse without grace and directly trampled Luo Sihai's cannon to death. Luo Dashuai patted some painful forehead, looking at Li Chengzhu, he can now be sure that this boy is delaying time. As for the reason for the delay, Roth Hay is still unknown. As the battle continued, Luo and Laowu made a mess in the air. Neither of them was good-tempered and believed in their own strength. One or two bright spots broke out in the air from time to time, and then there was the sound of swords crossing far and near. And the battle between Li Chengzhu and Luo Sihai is continuing. Roth Hemming knew that he was being delayed by the boy in front of him, but he was very curious. But what is the reason for this fearless acacia Zongzong to delay his stay here. So he decided to stay and see what was going on. Luo Dashuai's curiosity made him regret slapping himself when he learned the truth. In the evening, Li Chengzhu left Luo Sihai for a while on the pretext of going out. Second-grade Zhan Shuai Luo Sihai quietly put the aura in his ears and listened to his movements. He had a hunch that the boy was going to plot something, and it had a lot to do with his staying. Do people who cultivate immortals still need to be respectful? Roth Hai wouldn't believe it. But to Luo Dashuai's surprise. When Li Chengzhu walked half a mile to hide among thousands of disciples, Luo Sihai could not even hear his voice. Weird, absolutely weird, Luo Sihai believed that with his late level of Da Luo Jinxian, if he wanted to detect what an immortal was doing, he would never waste his efforts, but now, the boy disappeared for no reason. Luo Dashuai wanted to release the primordial spirit to spy on it, but when he looked at the two beautiful women in front of him, he was almost as expressionless as himself. Luo Dashuai gave up this foolish plan. Qin Suge felt Luo Sihai's eyes and smiled: "Luo Dashuai,a333 grade 6 pipe, please wait a moment." Luo Sihai was embarrassed in an instant. This demon fairy is really a demon, which makes Lao Tzu's heart beat wildly. Inside the green blood ring. "How far is the man from here?" Asked Li Chengzhu, his big hand wreaking havoc on the ancient and exquisite tower. "According to their current speed, they are expected to arrive here tomorrow morning." Gu Linglong patted off her husband's dishonest hand and glared at him. It's tiring. Li Chengzhu wipes a shriveled lip, these days light talks to Luo Sihai to say cracked lip skin, "how those people also run so slowly." "Do you want people to see your relationship with Roth Hay now?" "Not bad." Li Chengzhu's eyes were deep, "I thought about it, and I didn't agree with the three families.". Might as well unite one of them, Linglong. Do you think I did the right thing? "No matter what you do, we will always follow you, even if you have to fight against the three families." Gu Linglong looked at Li Chengzhu and said affectionately. It's all right to have you. Boss Li stopped Gu Linglong in his arms. "Besides, 316ti stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, this is just my wishful thinking. Success or failure depends on the future development.". What the Patriarch means is that I have the strength to fight against the three, but things can't be too optimistic. But now if things go the way you set them, the chances of success will increase a lot. Even if the alliance is not successful, those people will have a lot of taboos. Gu Linglong analyzed. That's what I thought, so at the moment when Wan Yue reminded me, I pulled Luo Sihai to go. Gaga, I really want to see what the face of Roth Hai will look like tomorrow. Why don't you say that guy is angry? Li Chengzhu had a bad laugh. With such a precious daughter, it's convenient for you to lay a black hand in advance. Gu Linglong covered her mouth with a light laugh. Forced by current events, if I could, I would not do so. How happy it would be to take you to the fairy world? Or the father-in-law has foresight, ah, in charge of so many people to practice, safety, it is really a headache.

    "Li Chengzhu sighed, although he knew that in the fairy world, everything was based on strength, but before the Tiandu guards came, Li Chengzhu still thought the fairy world was very beautiful, but now, the situation in the fairy world is like a beautiful glass bottle was broken, scattered on the ground." Which side do you think the people are from this time? Gu Linglong frowned and asked. Although the Patriarch had reminded him before he left, Gu Linglong didn't expect that the power of the immortal world would arrive so soon. It seems that the disciples of Hehuan Sect collectively became immortals this time. It should be a business group. Li Chengzhu touched his cheek and exhaled fiercely, which made him feel better about his depressed chest. "The Tiandu guards have just been defeated. Even if the patriarch goes back to inform them, it will take some time for the guards to come back." Volume 6 My Place Listen to Me Chapter 7 Capsize in the Gutter The three forces are all in the field. Gu Linglong's face showed a burden. Knowing what Gu Linglong had not said, Li Chengzhu shook his head and said, "Don't worry, the Immortal Punishment Army should not come.". Luo Sihai and the Patriarch have said that the army of immortal punishment is only for the immortal emperor to deal with some shady activities, I did not endanger the safety of the immortal world, afraid of a hair. "It's better to be careful." Gu Linglong reminded her husband. Ha ha, big deal to do a fight, but, I have to speed up the absorption of Reiki. It's really not interesting to always ask you to protect me. Li Chengzhu felt depressed in his heart. You are the core of a family. Without you, thousands of people outside will become a loose sand. How can they have the energy and courage to fight against the three forces of the fairy world? Gu Linglong comforted Li Chengzhu. "Hey!" Boss Li sighed, "I don't know if I'm doing the right thing.". The purpose of the three forces in the fairy world is to strengthen themselves and suppress others. I,uns s32750 sheet, on the other hand, seem to do the same. "But you have given all your disciples freedom, which no one else can give." Gu Linglong made an excuse.

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