Death Dog _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fiction Paradise

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  • Death Dog _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fiction Paradise

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    Death Dog _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fiction Paradise

    Suddenly, he realized that the music had stopped. The legless man is reaching for his crutch. He's the only one here. Hammer, clinging to the wall like a madman, for the simple reason that the absurd belief in his mind was absurd on the face of it! & # 8212; & # 8212; He floated off the ground. The music carried him to the sky. …… He smiled. Totally crazy music! Of course, his feet never left the ground for a moment, but what a strange illusion it was! The wooden crutches hit the sidewalk quickly, and the clatter told him that the cripple had gone far away. He watched from behind until the figure of the man was swallowed up by the darkness. A strange guy! Slowly he went on his way, but he could no longer get the strange feeling of the earth disappearing under his feet out of his mind. Then, with a thought, he turned and quickened his pace to run in the direction of the man, who might not have gone far, and soon he would follow him. 。 He couldn't help crying out when he saw the slowly swaying figure of the cripple. Hey! Please wait a moment. The man stopped and stood impassively until Hammer came to him. A street lamp was just above his head, which made his appearance obvious. Hammer caught his breath unconsciously in surprise. He had never seen anyone grow a face as beautiful as this man's. He was not very old; though he was certainly not a child,cosmetic tube, yet youth was still his greatest feature & youth and vitality. 。 Hammer didn't know how to begin. "Look," he said awkwardly, "I want to know, what music did you play just now?" The man smiled. In his smile, the world suddenly seemed to be filled with joy. "That's an old tune. A very old tune." …… It's many years old. It's centuries old. 。” He spoke in a strangely pure and clear tone,metal cosmetic tubes, each letter in the same scale. It was obvious that he was not English, and Hammer wondered about his nationality. You're not British, are you? Where did you come from? It's the kind of smile with infinite joy. From across the sea, sir. I came a long time ago. I came a long time ago. 。” You must have an unfortunate past. Is it the nearest? "Not long ago, sir." "How unfortunate it is to lose both legs." "That's good," the man said, very quietly. He looked at Hammer with a strange, serious look. "They're demons." Hammer put a shilling in his hand and turned away. He felt very confused and slightly uneasy. They are demons! What a strange way of saying it! Obviously, it was because of some kind of disease, tube lip gloss ,cosmetic plastic tube, but that sounds so strange. ! Hammer returned home thoughtfully. He tried to get it out of his mind, but he couldn't. Lying in bed, the drowsy feeling attacked him when he heard the alarm clock of his neighbor's house strike. A very loud and clear bell, followed by endless silence. The silence was broken by a faint, familiar sound. Memories beat, and Hammer felt his heart beating fast. It was the man playing on the sidewalk, somewhere not far away. The music fluttered happily, and the slow melody told happily, echoing the same little fragment over and over again.. "Impossible!" Murmured Hammer. "Impossible!". It has wings. The melody is getting clearer and higher and higher & # 8212; & # 8212; each tone peak surpasses the previous one. And push him up too.

    This time he didn't struggle anymore, he let himself float up. Up & # 8212; Up & # 8212; …… The sound peak carried him higher and higher. Complacent and unrestrained, they came quickly. Higher and higher.. Now they are beyond the limits of the human voice, but they are still going up. Keep going up.. Will they reach the ultimate goal, the ultimate pitch? Up.. Don't know what's pulling him & # 8212; & # 8212; pull him down Something huge, heavy, and obstinate. It tugged at him relentlessly to bring him back. , down.. Down.. He lay on the bed and stared at the opposite window, and then, breathing heavily and painfully, he stretched one arm out of the bed, and the movement seemed to have caused him a strange nuisance. The soft bed has become a kind of depression, and the same depression is also called. Thick curtains, which blocked the light, blocked the air, and the ceiling seemed to press on him, and he felt depressed and suffocated. He turned gently on the sheets, and the weight of his body seemed to be the most oppressive to him. 2 "I wish to hear your advice, Selden." Selden pulled his chair out an inch or so from the edge of the table, and he kept thinking about what was the theme of the secret dinner. He had seen little of Hammer since the winter, and tonight he was aware of unspeakable changes in his friend. "That's all," the millionaire said. "I'm worried about myself." Selden smiled across the table. You look perfectly healthy. "Not like that," Hammer paused for a moment. Then he added quietly,plastic laminted tube, "I'm afraid I'm going crazy." The psychiatrist glanced up at him with sudden intense interest. He slowly poured himself a glass of Bordeaux, then stared at the other quietly but sharply and said, "What made you think that?" 。

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