Desert Wolf 3: The Ultimate Void

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  • Desert Wolf 3: The Ultimate Void

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    Desert Wolf 3: The Ultimate Void

    "Bang!"! Bang! At the same time I pulled the trigger, there were two loud bangs! At that time, I did not notice the situation, at the same time there are people shooting, just closed their eyes, waiting for the giant claws like a sickle to open my stomach! When I looked again, the white-haired monster was already lying on the ground, dead! I know. I didn't kill him. I'm not so lucky. He turned his head to look, but saw Qiao Jia changing bullets. Seeing me looking at her, he suddenly said with a half-smile, "Comrade Qinshan, did you just fight with your eyes closed?"? Otherwise, how could it be so accurate? Not knowing what I meant, I looked back again and saw two of them crawling in the cave, all dead! The first shot must have been fired by Qiao Jia, which means I killed the second one? In the short time that the first one was knocked down and the second one was exposed, I killed it? "Don't be silly, the second one was killed by you!" When Qiao Jia spoke, a gun suddenly crossed in front of me, and Qiao Jia aimed at the rear again. Soon, the third one stepped on the first two bodies and rushed over, but because of the limitation of space, it had run much slower. When the two white-haired monsters were completely superimposed and the cave was completely sealed, Qiao Jia fired a second shot. When the third one fell down, Qiao Jia patted me on the shoulder and said proudly, "Don't worship me, let's go!"! Or this girl has love, you see your eldest brother Cheng ran away! Then he shook his head at me rather helplessly. I used a flashlight to shine in front of me, about ten meters away, I could only see a piece of buttocks twisting around, climbing very sharp! That's all right. It's much faster. If all three of them stop, they're just here now. How to say Cheng Jun is a geological survey team, can not think of him too bad, however, the heart is still somewhat uncomfortable. There was a long distance in the middle, and the two of them ran after each other quickly. Unexpectedly, Qiao Jia, who seemed to be weak, climbed up very fast. The two legs are very rhythmic! I wonder if she practiced this technique often. Things did not seem to go as smoothly as they had imagined. I never thought that the mistake was within the distance of more than ten meters from Cheng Jun. When the two men chased out seven or eight meters, we and Cheng Jun still had a distance of nearly ten meters. When the two men rushed forward, suddenly there was a fork on both sides of the cave again. Before they realized the danger, a few white hairs suddenly jumped out of the fork on both sides! Some of them went to Cheng Jun in front of them, but more of them rushed to me and Qiao Jia. # # # Novel Reading Network welcomes the vast number of book friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all in the novel reading network! ### Chapter 81 untitled. Hearing a scream from Qiao Jia, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet price, he stopped immediately, and the two men hurriedly took the rifle again. Bang, bang, bang. "Three shots were fired, and three white-haired corpses sealed the cave again." Dashan, what should I do? We can't run out! Qiao Jia, who was full of confidence just now, turned pale in a twinkling of an eye. All of a sudden, I don't know what to do, this is the enemy after the pursuers, two people are hard to fly! But looking at Qiao Jia's pitiful appearance, I can only try to suppress my fear and try my best to calm down my tone: "Don't be afraid, we can definitely go out!"! But it's okay, at least they can't get in for a while. "But they will come in sooner or later." Qiao Jia was already a little flustered at this time. I thought about it, and the situation of the two people now is complicated and simple. Like two frogs stuck in a pipe, both of which are snakes, what we can do now is to hold this small position! As long as they don't come in, we are safe. As for the way out, we can only take a long view and save our lives first. Jiajia, we are still safe now. Don't worry. Look at how many bullets there are now. For the first time, I boldly reached out and touched the little head with black hair.

    I don't know if my hands can make a girl feel safe, but I'm a man after all, even if I'm scared to wet my pants, I can't admit that I'm afraid in front of the girl I like. It seemed that my calmness had some effect. Qiao Jia leaned against me tightly, and her body was not as trembling as it had just been. There are still a lot of bullets, which are basically useless. Qiao Jia immediately replaced the gun with bullets again and looked at me. "What should I do next?" I took a handful of bullets out of my backpack and put them in the pocket of my coat. I immediately loaded the gun: "Jiajia, you guard the front, and I guard the back. Just rest inside for a while.". I think they have no human intelligence, and if they can't succeed for a long time, they will surely disperse slowly. Qiao Jia nodded doubtfully: "I hope so." I shone my flashlight on the white-haired corpses on both sides. Because of the distance they had climbed before, they were now very close to the corpses in front of them, less than two meters, and nearly ten meters behind them. For the sake of safety, I called Qiao Jia and climbed back, about halfway to the position before stopping. Outside, the white-haired broken bellows were still whirring, and it seemed that they were pulling the bodies out, trying to make room for them to rush in. Damn it, it seems that men still underestimate their intelligence! At that moment, there was a sudden whoosh from behind, and the two men hurriedly shone their flashlights in the past, only to see that a white hair had already stepped on the body below and rushed in. Without waiting for me to speak, Qiao Jia had already pulled the trigger very neatly, with "Bang!" There was a loud noise, and the hole was blocked again, and it was more solid than before. So the two men sat in the cave, and the only thing they had to do was to kill the white hair who had broken in. At the beginning, in a minute or two, the sealed place will be opened,plastic pallet suppliers, and then slowly there will be no movement. Counting up, a total of almost fifteen or sixteen corpses were blocked at both ends, and this mouth was sealed extremely solid!.

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