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    Dichlorvos chronicle

    First of all, during the half month of praying, Qiu Ren is responsible for the safety and daily life of the villa. Each person who prays brings two servants at most, so as not to annoy the benefactor; Secondly, in addition to Qiu Ren because of the lead to a few more young masters, Xia Hou Villa also came to two young masters and a young lady, that day Miss Ye and Xia Hou's eldest son in the roof flute practice sword, because a group of people in the restaurant to eat, play when Miss Ye and eldest son lost, this just went up. Third, every time we pray for blessings, the ancestral temple will not open until all the people are present. When they came yesterday, the people of Dongshen Villa had not arrived yet, but now they can open. It is obvious that the people of Dongshen have arrived. Xie Liang looked at it in the dark. Dongshen is the second young master this time. He is very handsome and has a smile on his face. He is very likable. Now he was holding a piece of cloth and wiping the statue's face. According to the rules, when the ancestral temple is opened, the first thing is to wipe the statue. Outsiders can not participate in this matter, only the four villages do, if the other three villages are looking for someone to pray instead, then only the people who lead the villa do. People stay here all the year round and clean it every day. In fact, the statue is not dirty,silk ficus tree, but the Lord of Qin and the descendants of several villages wipe it very carefully, even Miss Ye of Baihong Shenfu. Xie Liang stood outside the door to watch, a little confused in his heart. He paid attention to the gossip yesterday, it is said that Baihong Shenfu and Qiuren Villa have not yet discussed marriage, but there is a little meaning in this respect, is it appropriate for Miss Ye to be inside? He looked at Qiao Jiu inquiringly and saw that Qiao Jiu was looking at the statue with a rare concentration in his eyes. But it lasted for a very short time, only a few seconds to dissipate, and then the people inside stopped-the statue was the size of an adult,faux grass wall, so many people wiped it in the blink of an eye. Without hindrance, Xie Liang finally saw the figure of the benefactor. Unlike the statue with a beard in the school, the sculpture here is what people looked like when they were young, and the craftsmanship is good. It looks handsome at a glance, and I think the real person will be even better. Qin Zhuangzhu several people carefully tidied up the ancestral temple, came out with a barrel, and then set off a string of firecrackers in the courtyard, which completed the whole process of "opening the ancestral temple". The prayer is set three days later, and these three days can be free. After watching the excitement, Xie Liang met Dongshen's second son and exchanged a few pleasantries. Then he took Qiao Jiu back and asked in a low voice, "What is there that everyone in Jianghu knows, but I don't know yet?" "That's a lot, young master," said Qiao Jiu with a smile. "You know what I mean, Faux cherry blossom tree ,artificial banyan trees," Xie Liang said bluntly. "Is there any origin between Baihong Shenfu and the benefactor of Sizhuang?" "Well," said Qiao Jiu, "the White Rainbow Mansion was founded by him. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, deep benevolence, the name of the four villages is also taken by him. Sure enough, Xie Liangxin thought. He guessed that Miss Ye should also have something to do with it, otherwise it would be impossible to follow the statue. "Will your sister stay this time?" He asked. Qiao Jiu gave him a kind smile: "Please change the words'your sister 'into'Miss Ye'." Xie Liang: ".." Change one's name and don't recognize one's father, and even one's sister doesn't recognize one. It's thorough enough. How much enmity does it have? He turned the question around in his mouth and swallowed it back. Although he and Qiao Jiu basically slept in the same room on the way, but in fact they were not familiar with each other. Now it is at most a cooperative relationship. He can ask about some irrelevant things, but he can't ask about those things about Qiao Jiu himself at will. It was Qiao Jiu who took one look at him and said, "Aren't you curious about me and the White Rainbow Mansion?" Xie Liang asks in reply: "I am curious, can you say?" "Yes," said Qiao Jiu. Xie Liang came to the spirit: "OK, say it." "When I'm in a good mood," said Qiao Jiu. Draw a cake? To put it bluntly, I still don't want to say. Xie Liang ignored him and walked on. "Don't you ask me how I feel?" Asked Qiao Jiu. "Young master," said Xie Liang, "do I look so retarded?" Qiao Jiu laughed and finally stopped teasing him, not to mention the topic again. Xie Liang secretly said that this was really not willing to say, went back to the room to sit for a while, felt a little bored, simply took Qiao Jiu to the back hill, intended to see where the hot springs are, familiar with the route. As soon as he stepped into the back hill, his wrist was suddenly grabbed by Qiao Jiu, and then the whole person was moved to a big stone, and then the acupoint was touched.

    “……” Xie Liang could not move and aimed at him with the corner of his eye. To prevent you from making noise, "Qiao Jiu's voice was very low." Breathe lightly. Someone is coming over there. The pace is quite urgent. Maybe there is a good show to watch. " Xie Liang had an epiphany, adjusted his breathing according to the words, and waited for a few seconds, only to hear a voice from far to near. Wait, wait, don't go! But it was the voice of Ershao in Dongshen Villa. "You just said that this hot spring is good. How about staying for half a month?" "Go away!" Another voice was very angry, "I said why you were so kind and suddenly asked Lao Tzu to go up the mountain to soak in hot springs, so you wanted me to pray for you!" "I really have something to do," said Dongshen Ershao. "You help your brother this time." "No, it's not business when you have anything to do!" The other said, "I don't like any of the people in the four villages. Is it possible for me to stay with them for half a month?" "It's not Chunze," said Ershao hurriedly. "He's looking for someone else. Maybe you know him." "Get out of here," said the man. "I heard Chunze is looking for a friend from Feixing Island. Do I know him?" "What if?" Asked Ershao. "Go ahead," said the man. "If someone who can't be beaten is an acquaintance, I'll take a piss and drink at once!" Qiao Jiu: ".." Xie Liang: ".." Qiao Jiu immediately chuckled. The two men who spoke over there stopped together. "Who is it?" Asked Ershao. Qiao Jiu laughed out loud at the same time then untied Xie Liang's acupoint, Xie Liang can only take the blame for him, walked out from behind the big stone. He looked at a strong man who wanted to drink urine with a stiff expression,artificial plant wall panels, and said apologetically to Ershao that he wanted to go to the hot spring to have a look, and then took the book boy away. He was a little sad. It was estimated that the strong man had been fighting with him for only a month, and he already owed him two bowls of urine. Chapter 014. hacartificialtree.com

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