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    Don't forget to do this on the

    Original title: Don't forget to do this on the day of the college entrance examination! Psychological experts have something to say about the mood before the exam. Eastday. Com, July 5: The 2022 Shanghai College Entrance Examination (hereinafter referred to as the "College Entrance Examination") will be held from July 7 to 9. The specific time and subjects are as follows: In order to ensure that candidates can take the exam smoothly, the Shanghai Education Examination Institute reminds candidates to pay attention to the following matters: First, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control 1. Please be sure to do a good job of personal protection. Continue to maintain two points and one line at home or school as required. Parents or co-residents of candidates should also try to achieve two points and one line, do not participate in gathering activities, do not have dinner, do not enter crowded public places, and avoid contact with people and articles at risk of epidemic. Candidates are requested to download and truthfully fill in the "2022 Shanghai General College Enrollment Unified Culture Examination Candidates Examination Safety Commitment" and continue to do a good job in health monitoring. 2. Before the exam Three days later, all candidates are requested to complete two nucleic acid tests according to the regulations (one on July 6). In order to ensure the efficient sampling and centralized delivery of nucleic acid testing for examinees, and to achieve quick delivery and quick results, each district has a special designated nucleic acid sampling point for examinees. From 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. every day from July 4 to 6, single-person and single-tube sampling service is provided for examinee. Candidates must go to the nearest special nucleic acid sampling point to complete the sampling. From July 7 to 8, candidates will be tested for nucleic acid at the test site. Please print the paper nucleic acid code in advance. After the foreign language listening and speaking test on July 9, candidates are requested to return to the community to complete the nucleic acid test on that day. 3. If the examinee has a fever before the exam, (Body temperature ≥ 37.3 ℃), dry cough, sore throat, decreased sense of smell (taste), diarrhea and other symptoms, should immediately go to the hospital, the city's graduates at the same time inform the school, social candidates to register for the district recruitment agencies report. 4. The day of the exam Candidates are required to complete an antigen test before leaving for the test site. If there is any abnormality, report it to the school or district recruitment agency at the first time. Candidates should wear N95/KN95 masks on their way to and from the test site. When entering the examination site, they should line up in an orderly manner according to the requirements of epidemic prevention under the guidance of the staff of the examination site. In addition to checking certificates, candidates need to wear masks throughout the process. Candidates in the general examination room of the regular examination center are recommended to wear disposable general medical masks throughout the examination after entering the examination room. Candidates in other examination rooms must wear at least surgical masks throughout the examination. Candidates with fever and other symptoms before the examination, candidates with abnormal body temperature when entering the examination site and candidates who fail to meet the requirements of nucleic acid screening will be arranged to take the examination in the spare isolation examination room of the written examination site (the listening and speaking test will be arranged in the designated examination site). 5. Before the exam Candidates should report in time if they are: (1) Confirmed or asymptomatic infection or positive after going out of the cabin; Expand the full text (2) leaving the cabin on or after June 16; (3) It is clearly close or sub-close; (4) Those who are located in the medium and high-risk areas of the city (including returning to Shanghai from the medium and high-risk areas in China within 14 days before the examination); (5) Those who return to Shanghai from low-risk areas in China within 7 days before the examination; (6) Those who are closed due to sudden epidemic situation; (7) Other abnormal conditions. Graduates in this city must report to their schools at the first time (social candidates report to the recruitment agencies in the districts where they register), and at the same time, candidates and parents (legal guardians) are requested to maintain smooth communication before the exam and prepare for the exam in strict accordance with the requirements of the schools or district recruitment agencies. If the closed-loop transfer is involved, the examination certificates, protective articles and other personal related articles shall be prepared in advance as required. Second, prepare for the exam. 1. Candidates must take the examination in strict accordance with the time and place of the written examination admission certificate and the listening and speaking test admission certificate. 。
    On the morning of the 7th, candidates are prohibited from entering the examination site 15 minutes after the start of the Chinese subject examination (9:15 am); on the afternoon of the 7th, candidates are prohibited from entering the examination site 15 minutes after the start of the mathematics subject examination (3:15 pm); on the afternoon of the 8th, candidates are not allowed to enter the examination center 15 minutes before the start (2:45 pm) of the foreign language written examination (including listening); On the 9th,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, the foreign language listening and speaking test must report to the examination site 45 minutes in advance according to the examination session on the admission ticket, and enter the preparation room 35 minutes in advance. 2. Candidates must carefully read the rules and precautions of the examination room. Take the exam in strict accordance with the requirements. In order to familiarize candidates with the process of foreign language listening and speaking test, the Municipal Education Examination Institute has produced a video on the operation of foreign language listening and speaking test candidates in the National Unified Examination for Enrollment of Shanghai General Colleges and Universities. Please watch it carefully. 3. Close contact Candidates with closed-loop transshipment, such as sub-close contact or medium and high-risk areas, must complete all their subjects on the same day before leaving the test site. Relevant candidates should bring their own lunch. 3. Comply with the examination rules 1. Candidates must consciously abide by the rules of the examination room. 5.integrity test. Beware of false information on the Internet, protect their own interests, and do not take chances. Any violation or illegal act will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the Education Law of the People's Republic of China, the Measures for Handling Violations of the National Education Examination and the Amendment (9) to the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China. 2. Candidates are not allowed to use mobile phones. Smart bracelets (watches) and other mobile communication devices are brought into the test site. It is suggested that candidates put their mobile phones at home or send them to their parents and teachers for safekeeping. Once the examinee is found carrying a mobile phone in the examination room after the opening of the examination, whether it is opened or not, it will be treated as cheating. Fourth, relax and take the exam. 1. Please adjust your attitude. Relax. Before and during the examination, candidates should maintain normal eating habits and pay attention to dietary hygiene and nutrition. Because of different personal feelings about room temperature, candidates are advised to bring a coat to take the exam. 2. The exam is over Candidates must obey the command of the examination center, wear masks as required, take their belongings, leave in an orderly manner, and do not stay. 3. Parents should avoid crowds gathering around the test site. ? Keep communication open during the examination. Affected by the epidemic this year, students have Internet classes at home. The battlefield of preparing for the exam has shifted from campus to home, KN95 Face Mask ,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, which makes this year's college entrance examination a little more different. The stress of the epidemic and the sprint of preparing for the exam have doubled the pressure on students. So, how to place the mood before the exam? Psychological experts from Ruijin Hospital give the following six tips: Faced with the college entrance examination, students are generally emotionally sensitive, their psychological endurance is declining, and they are easily affected by the environment. In addition to learning and preparing for the exam, unconventional learning forms and limited space for activities have become the main sources of pressure, and depression and tension are more prominent than in non-epidemic situations. But stress is not uncontrollable, when anxiety significantly affects the learning state, the following methods can be used to deal with it: ① Combine work with rest, allocate time reasonably and keep a calm and peaceful mind: Try to concentrate on learning and shield the negative news about the epidemic. It is not the epidemic itself that affects the learning status, but the anxiety caused by excessive attention to the epidemic. ② Keep a good attitude and positive self-suggestion: Use words such as "I can do it, I will do well in the exam" to carry out positive self-suggestion, recognize their efforts more, pay more attention to their advantages, increase self-confidence, self-motivation, and turn worries about the results of the college entrance examination into a kind of confidence. Picture ③ Adhere to the ritual sense of regular living and learning: Live on time. During the period of home review, keep regular work and rest, change home clothes, and sit at the desk on time every day to start learning. Try not to do anything unrelated to learning during the study period. "Immersive learning state" will dispel worries about the results of the exam. At the end of the day's learning tasks, affirm the efforts you have made. A proper sense of ritual can eliminate the fear of uncertainty to a certain extent, thus alleviating and alleviating anxiety. ④ Insist on exercise habits: Long-term home, lack of physical activity, and heavy learning burden, prone to mental fatigue, learning efficiency decline. Exercise can maintain emotional and physical vitality, relax the body at the same time can also promote mental relaxation, relieve stress.
    Sports suitable for home include jumping, rope skipping, running on the treadmill and so on. ⑤ Seeking emotional support: Tell your family or classmates about your worries and nervousness, or record and express them in the form of diaries, micro-blogs and micro-letters, which can help us vent our stress and relieve our emotions. ⑥ Self-relaxation: Rest and relaxation is the guarantee of a good state of preparation for the exam. We should pay attention to our physical and mental state. If we are irritable and unable to learn, we should not force ourselves to relax by listening to music, deep breathing, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation. Facing the college entrance examination, parents are no less nervous than their children. How should parents accompany their children to prepare for the exam? 1. Tension can be contagious, so parents should first stabilize, manage their emotions, treat the epidemic and college entrance examination with a normal mind, communicate with their children more, and provide quality companionship and support. 2. Parents do not need to give too much advice and guidance, as long as they understand their feelings from their children's point of view, listen to and accept their children's worries and pressures without judgment, and try to create a relaxed learning and living environment for their children. 3. The last thing I want to say to students is that the root of anxiety before the exam lies in thinking too much about the results of the exam. Actions are more powerful than ideas in achieving goals, so simplify your thoughts appropriately, focus on the learning process, and give the results to time. When positive self-regulation has little effect and anxiety symptoms continue to worsen, remember to seek the help of psychologists and, if necessary, some medication. Finally, it is suggested that candidates relax and take the exam easily. If necessary, you can pay attention to the psychological counseling hotline: 12320-5, 55369173, 962525. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor: (function() { function getBrandHtml() { var brands = [],KN95 Face Mask, html = ''; for(var i = 0; i < brands.length; i++) { var brand = brands; if(brands.length i+1) { html+= '

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