Dressed as a national diss of the dodder flower [through the cool text of the net red]

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  • Dressed as a national diss of the dodder flower [through the cool text of the net red]

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    Dressed as a national diss of the dodder flower [through the cool text of the net red]

    "They are so annoyed now that they must not have time to pay attention to the small actions of other companies." Qin Shu thought of this situation, his eyes crossed a touch of cunning, and immediately ordered Mao Zhen to help him meet Ma Jinlong's parents in private. What do you do with them? Mao Zhen was puzzled to ask Qin Shu, at the same time very worried to tell Qin Shu, "I sent to stare at their family said, often heard that Wu Moli cursed you at home, you see they are not afraid they are not good for you?" "No, I'm going to help them. They won't do anything to me." Qin Shu told Mao Zhen about her plan, and Mao Zhen laughed exaggeratedly after hearing it. This is good, this is good, let them eat dogs. Then Mao Zhen went to arrange the matter, and soon Qin Shu, accompanied by Mao Zhen and three members of the private detective agency, met Wu Moli and her husband Ma Xing. When Ma Xing and Wu Moli saw Dai Xinglan, there was no bad look on their faces. After Wu Moli came out of the detention center, they asked their lawyers and knew that they were now threatening to retaliate against Dai Xinglan and coax her to write a letter of understanding. Because Cui Jianshi was implicated by Ma Jinlong,eye cream packing tube, he lost his position as headmaster and was arrested. The Ma family was harassed by the Cui family every day. Ma Xing and Wu Moli also had no energy to find Qin Shu to negotiate an understanding. Now Qin Shu took the initiative to contact them, did not say anything, they all came actively, the purpose is to hope that Qin Shu wrote a criminal understanding of Ma Jinlong. This is to give Ma Jinlong to win a certain light sentence documents, the Ma family is not stupid, but also very active in the request. "I used to be confused and scared you. My Golden Dragon is sorry for you. As his mother, I want to apologize to you for this." Wu Moli was arrested by the Public Security Bureau for the crime of retaliating against a witness because she retaliated against Qin Shu. At that time,eye cream packaging tube, she did not cause any great harm to Qin Shu. The circumstances were minor, so she did not rise to the criminal trial. She was only detained for ten days for criticism and education. Under the criticism and education of the police station, Wu Moli knew some interests and came out to ask a professional lawyer. She knew that if she wanted to save her son, she could not follow the old path, let alone learn from Hu Lai's group of people to force and bully Dai Xinglan behind his back. Hu Lai that group of people on the Internet, Ma Xing and Wu Moli also know, from their side from Qin Shu did not get good, Ma Xing and Wu Moli also know that Qin Shu is not easy to bully, so at this time in the face of Qin Shu posture is very low. First, he apologized to Qin Shu for Ma Jinlong, and then told Qin Shu that he was glad that Ma Jinlong's group of ignorant boys had not caused irreparable harm to her. He took this as a point to persuade Dai Xinglan to write a letter of forgiveness for Ma Jinlong and give him a chance to change. Jinlong did something wrong, plastic cosmetic tubes ,polyfoil tube, but Xinglan, he is still young, not yet 20 years old. If he is given a heavy sentence, when he comes out, his whole life will be ruined. His father and I have only one son like him. His grandparents are angry about him and go to the hospital. The two old people are almost 80 years old. If Jinlong is given a heavy sentence of 15 or 20 years, the old man is afraid that he will die to see him come out of prison. As Wu Moli said, she began to cry. It was very pitiful. Qin Shu pretended to be a little moved. Wu Moli said more vigorously. In order to show the sincerity of her family's understanding, she reported to Qin Shu that they were willing to pay 2 million yuan for the spiritual loss in exchange for a letter of understanding. Besides, she also took Hu Lai's group of people to show their loyalty by doing small tricks behind Qin Shu's back. "Our family didn't do such a shameless thing. They poured dirty water on you on the Internet. It was all Hu Tao and Meng Jianing. They joined together to find someone to make your reputation bad. It was bad!" Wu Moli and Ma Xing looked like "good people" in our family and almost didn't make Qin Shu laugh. Fortunately, her acting skills were also very good, and she was very sincere to say that she knew about it. I also know that your family is not involved in the matter on the Internet, so I am willing to see you. Those families can't calculate me on the Internet now. They turn back and ask me to write a letter of understanding. I am not rare to offer them 10 million yuan. Qin Shu said Hu Lai several now to her "pursue" attitude, Wu Moli and Ma Xing heard "10 million" face difference up.

    His family can't afford so much money to ask for a letter of understanding. Two million is already a small limit. They are not like our family, is sincere to know wrong, see black not you, just take money to coax you. Ma Xing's careful wording, hope Qin Shu can exclude the other several, don't take the price over there to force them, but don't know Qin Shu from disclosing the price of the other several with them, began to trap, step by step to hook his family out of high compensation. Chapter 140 cracking. "Those families are coaxing me with money." Qin Shu echoed Ma Xing's words, which made Ma Xing and Wu Moli's eyes light up in an instant. They felt that Qin Shu was really young and easy to be coaxed by their husband and wife, but after listening to Qin Shu's words, they were so frightened that their faces turned pale and they were sweating all over. They offered such a high compensation, coaxed me to write a document that only forgave their five children, and unanimously asked me not to write a document that forgave Ma Jinlong. "They.." How can they do this? Why don't you understand my Jinlong and Xinglan? You can't do this. If you want to understand, you have to understand all of them. Although my family is not rich, they can open 10 million yuan. My family, my family can also make up for it. I'll give you four million. Wu Moli was angry and anxious to pull Qin Shu, afraid that Qin Shu agreed to the other five requests, understanding Hu Tao and other five criminals, the only one who did not understand Ma Jinlong. No comparison, no harm, move your toes and know that if Qin Shu, the victim, forgives others and does not forgive Ma Jinlong, Ma Jinlong will face the heaviest sentence. Xing Lan, you really can't listen to them and harm Jinlong. Our family can give you ten million yuan. Ma Xing gritted his teeth and echoed his wife's words. Although it was very painful to spend millions more to buy a letter of understanding from Qin Shu,custom cosmetic packing, Ma Xing was willing to give up the money compared with his only son, Ma Jinlong, who was killed by several other families. emptycosmetictubes.com

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