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  • Flatbed Trailer price

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    Flatbed Trailer price

    Flatbed Trailer price Our Factory Company Info Since 1980s Brand VEHICLE MASTER was created,Whole Staff Begin to Think of truck trailer transportation,Through Almost 40 Years R&D,production and practice,Finally become famous Manufacturer and supplier of truck trailer. 鈥?Factory covers 400,000+ square meters 鈥?Workshop covers 160,000+ square meters 鈥?200+ types of semi trailer under production 鈥?1000+ factory staff members 鈥?100+ technical staff members 鈥?50+ Quality Control staff members 鈥?20,000+ truck trailers produced annually Factory Covers 400,000+ QC 50+ Types聽 Production 200+ Our Product 1. Truck trailer series: skeleton truck trailer銆乫latbed truck trailer銆乴owbed truck trailer銆?powder tanker trailer銆乫uel tanker trailer銆?dump truck trailer銆乫ence truck trailer銆乻ide wall truck trailer銆乿an truck trailer銆?container tipper trailer銆乧ar carrier trailer 2. Special Purpose Trailer: wind blade truck trailer銆?container self-loading trailer銆?extendable truck trailer銆?modular truck trailer銆丮ulti-Axle Truck Trailer 3. Truck Trailer Axle Series: American Type Trailer Axle銆?German Type Trailer Axle 4. Truck Trailer Suspension Series: American Type Suspension銆丟erman Type Suspension銆乀ruck Trailer Light Duty Suspension銆?Truck Trailer Underslung Suspension銆乀ruck Trailer Multi-Axle Suspension銆乀ruck Trailer Air Suspension銆?Truck Trailer Bogie Suspension 5. Brake Drum 6. Landing Gear Product Application 1. Skeleton truck trailer: It is mainly suitable for pulling containers. 2. Flatbed truck trailer: It is mainly used to transport some non-removable machines such as excavators, loaders, harvesters, etc. 3. Lowbed truck trailer: It is mainly suitable for the shipment of engineering equipment and large equipment. 4. Powder tanker trailer: It is mainly used in special vehicles for transporting bulk powders such as cement, pulverized coal, stone powder, flour, chemical granules, etc. 5. Fuel tanker trailer: It is mainly used for loading and transporting kerosene, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil and other petroleum derivative products. 6. Dump truck trailer: It is mainly suitable for the transportation of bulk goods such as coal, ore and construction materials, the carriage adopts side and rear tipping self-unloading methods. 7. Fence truck trailer: It is mainly used for the transportation of livestock, poultry and agricultural products. 8. Side wall truck trailer: It is mainly suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of medium and heavy-duty and bulk goods, with strong applicability, it has become the first choice for medium- and long-distance freight vehicles. 9. Van truck trailer: It is mainly used for the transportation of household appliances, light textile goods, coal, sand and other building materials. 10. Container tipper trailer: It is mainly used for logistics and transportation supporting ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels and multimodal transport. 11. Car carrier trailer: It is mainly used for the transportation of cars, vans, commercial vehicles, SUV and other vehicles. Production Equipment Laser cutting machine Frame automatic welding machine Robot welding machine Electrophoretic printing machine Production Market Export MarketsMiddle EastAsiaAfricaSouth AmericaOther Percentage of transactions10%40%30%10%10% Amount of transaction5,000,000.0020,000,000.0015,000,000.005,000,000.005,000,000.00Flatbed Trailer price website:http://www.vmsemitrailer.com/

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