Flexible PCB

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  • Flexible PCB

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    Flexible PCB

    Flexible PCB  鈼?strong>Product Introduction:
    In the development trend of FPC, technology has become the dominant force in industry competition. Cnospcb Not only has the professional equipment and team, but also can achieve very fast delivery, saving customers a lot of cost and time. With the development of consumer electronics toward miniaturization and light weight, FPC is also developing in the direction of high density, ultra-fine, and multi-layer. The competition of technology will dominate the development of the future industry. The FPC technology is embodied in three aspects: small hole processing technology, micron-level wiring technology, and FPC laminated technology.
    鈼?Product Specification锛?/strong>
    1FPC Layers1-8 layers
    2FPC size1200mm脳250mm
    4FPC drilling diameter (maximum)6.5mm
    5FPC drilling diameter (minimum)0.15mm0.1mm
    6FPC drilling diameter tolerance卤0.025mm
    7Copper thickness in holeMin8um-Max38um
    8Etching minimum trace width/trace distance0.05/0.055mm0.04/0.045mm
    9Etching tolerance卤10%
    11Maximum diameter of punching machine3.175mm
    12Minimum diameter of punching machine2.0mm
    13Maximum punching thickness of punching machine0.3mm
    14FPC thermal curing ink position tolerance卤0.15mm
    15Green oil bridge (minimum)0.1mm
    16FPC minimum electrical test pad8mil*8mil
    17FPC minimum electrical test pad distance8mil
    18Minimum tolerance of FPC dimensions卤1mm0.05mm
    鈼?Product Features:
    1) High line density
    2) Light weight
    3) Thin
    4) Foldable and curved
    5) 3D wiring
    鈼?Product Application:
    FPC (Flexible PCB) manufactured by cnospcb is widely used in high-tech fields such as computers, communications, aviation, home appliances, CNC, medical treatment, digital products, instrumentation, etc. The products have passed ISO-9001 quality system certification and EU SGS lead-free product certification. Mainly sold to Southeast Asian countries and European and American markets.
    鈼?strong>Product Detals:
    5-8 working days include shipping time
    鈼?Safeguards Ordinance
    Flexible PCB

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