Flourishing China

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  • Flourishing China

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    Flourishing China

    If it is a peaceful era, or a period of suppressing ethnic minority uprisings and religious uprisings such as the Miao People's Uprising and the Bailianjiao Uprising, Huang Rui can be tolerated. Because he knew that a man like Huang Rui would never join the ranks of the Hunan-Guizhou Righteous Army or the Bailianjiao Righteous Army. But now the red turban army in the east is different from the two, it is absolutely armed with the Han people, and obviously different from the purpose of the white lotus religion, is pure pure fu Han Xing Han! Under such a threat, Huang Rui, who has great influence in the provincial army, even opposed his proposal to attack the Red Turban Army, which is absolutely intolerable. Had it not been for the different times and situations, the next day, or even the next day, he could have stripped off Huang Rui's official clothes, found a reason to strip him of his military power, and then put him in prison. But now the situation is not good, advocate even if again angry again can not tolerate, also can only on the surface to Huang Rui gently brush this matter. But in the dark, after the military conference, it is always trying to plan. On the tenth day after the military conference, he finally thought of this plan, or found it. In private, I investigated Huang Rui's extremely detailed information, and found that he was actually with the opposite rebel,4k smart board, and now the Red Turban Army's important minister, Nan Xiangyang, was born in a martial arts department, and the two sides had a little bit of friendship. So a plan came out. Borrowing a knife to kill can also succeed in counterplot, counterplot can not borrow a knife to kill will be! Advocate to let Huang Rui to surrender south to the sun, if failed to surrender, Huang Rui will be south to the sun to buckle, he also can effortlessly remove the'threat ', and can also take this to inspire the spirit of Jiangxi soldiers. But if the surrender is successful,smart board whiteboard, it will be a great good thing. Have a certain understanding of the Red Turban Army, although do not think that the repeated south Xiangyang will let Chizhou Red Turban Army all follow anyway, but also absolutely can let the Red Turban army in Anhui defense collapse. There are too many benefits to one's own side. Under such circumstances, what's wrong with offering Huang Rui and the South Xiangyang? Huang Rui has proved his loyalty to the Qing Dynasty, and the rebellious Nan Xiangyang will settle accounts in the future. In this way, the door of the Red Turban Army to Nanjing is wide open, and its southward main force must be recovered, so that the danger of Fujian can be solved without a fight. Absolutely overjoyed! I just want to know that the possibility is too small. For a hundred and fifty years, the Manchu court had never bypassed the precedent of rebellion, so it was impossible to repeat Nanxiangyang. The biggest possibility is the first one, Huang Rui was detained by Nan Xiangyang, or even killed directly. Because if the south Xiangyang refused to appease, but also dare to release Huang Rui, that is absolutely to make trouble for himself. But he was born in the Qing army, and was courted by an old friend. He dared to let people go, and he was still a grand general soldier. Isn't this clear to arouse the suspicion of Nanjing? So the possibility of Huang Rui coming back is as small as the possibility of repeated surrender from the south to the sun! As far as advocating is concerned, smart interactive whiteboard ,86 smart board, the best way to take it is that Huang Rui goes in and says a few words, and then he is tied up by Nan Xiangyang, and then he is cut with a knife. It was simply a dead end with no return, but when the dead end was placed in front of Huang Rui, he could only accept his fate sadly. After all, he was loyal to the Qing Dynasty. But Huang Rui did not know that when he set off for Chizhou, the Qing army in Jiangxi was already full of people who had been arranged by the emperor to spread'rumors'. Rumor has it that Huang Rui and Nan Xiangyang have a good friendship. Rumor has it that Huang Rui and Nan Xiangyang have a close friendship with Wu Zhuangyuan and Wu Jinshi! Advocate this incredible arrangement, and not as Huang Rui thought in the army the rise of many high waves, the vast majority of the soldiers were advocated to spread rumors to fool the past, and those with a keen sense of smell of middle and upper officers, although understand wrong, secretly murmur in the heart, but Huang Rui came to Nanchang town alone after all. With the name of Wu Zhuangyuan, he can have a high prestige among the lowest soldiers, but in the officer system, in a short period of one or two months, how many people can he subdue? His departure was doomed to be a tragedy.

    As he thought, Huang Rui did not come back. He was served a drink by Nan Xiangyang and then put under house arrest. Naturally, Nan Xiangyang would not kill him. Huang Rui, who was quite disheartened, did not want to die. Two days later, he was sent to Nanjing by a lonely boat in Nanxiangyang. Jiangxi soldiers learned that south Xiangyang'perfidy 'after the anger, morale, although the military forces of Fuzhou, not waiting to advocate the arrangement of people to spread the news has been the first step into the city of Fuzhou, but out of Zhejiang's second route military forces is excited by the news heart fire, in xianxia Guan, in Jiangshan county, heart fire burning children of Jiangxi The result, of course, was the loss of Tutu's troops. By the time their anger subsided, more than three thousand new recruits from Jiangxi had been killed or injured, and more than one fifth of the thirty thousand new recruits from Jiangxi had been killed or injured. Out of Zhejiang this way the military forces were only ten thousand people, so two-thirds of the casualties, nature is can't play, and back. Advocate a lot of action now this left a Chizhou war situation has no result, stationed in Hubei, Anhui elite of the Qing army have gathered in Anqing in the wind and snow, the war is imminent, just wait for the snow to stop, will attack on a large scale. Liang Gang also frowned after learning the news, if the Qing army on the West Road really hit hard, the Red Turban Army in Anhui may really be unable to resist. After all, the number of people is too small, and the depth of defense is not wide enough, the Qing army crossed Chizhou, and then took Tongling and Wuhu, Ma'anshan mining area is exposed in front of them. Liang Gang drew back to the guard regiment designated by the sword. Although Zhan Dianxuan detained Xu Songnian, he also took back the warships of the extension of Zhoushan Islands. He did not surrender immediately, but he did not open his claws and teeth again. It seemed that he was watching. In that case, put it first, wait until the army of the south to seize the Fuzhou,interactive touch screens education, and then force them not late. What we need to deal with now is the threat on the west side. Liang Gang moved the guards regiment forward to Taiping House, and at the same time transferred an independent battalion to March into Wuhu, waiting for the Qing army to fight on the western route. The mountains of Hunan and Guizhou. hsdsmartboard.com

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