Four generations under one roof

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  • Four generations under one roof

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    Four generations under one roof

    Grandpa didn't answer anything, so he turned around in the old man's room and went back to the shop. He was very pessimistic, but he didn't want to say it to his family. His business can't go on, but he can't close the door. The Japanese do not allow any shop to go out of business, whether there is business or not. Tianyou knew that since the traitors, big and small, had gained power, the business of silks and satins had taken a slight turn for the better. However, his shop was mainly made of cloth, and silks and satins were only used as accessories, and the really well-dressed people did not take care of him. Only by selling cloth, the ordinary people and the people in the suburbs, because of the high prices, only care about food but not clothing, of course, can not take care of him. Besides, the wars everywhere had cut off the supply of goods, and he could not add to them, nor could he, like the big firms, have a stock to sell. He simply has no business. He was willing to go out of business,plastic pallet bin, and the government was not allowed to report it at all. He had to keep a shop, as if for paying taxes and ordering the official newspapers-he had to read two newspapers he didn't want to read. He consults with his shareholders, and they don't give him any good ideas, but seem to be willing to stand by and watch his jokes. He had to lay off people. This caused him great pain. His shop not only did not break any rules, but also caught up with this time of war and chaos, why did he dismiss others for no reason? On May Day, he laid off two more people. Both of them were apprentices taught by himself. They understood his difficulties and didn't say a bad word. They are willing to go home. They have enough land at home to eat two meals of stick noodles. However, the more they were separated,wholesale plastic pallet, the more sad he felt. He felt that he was a man who had no ability and did things unfairly. The more they forgave him, the harder he felt. What worried him even more was that it was said that the Japanese would soon check the goods of the shops, and then they would ration the new goods according to the amount of stock. What they give you is what they give you, what you sell. They may only give you three bolts of cloth with two dozen umbrellas. You must give the buyer a piece of cloth and one or two umbrellas, whether they need umbrellas or not! There were a few white hairs in his black beard, and on the surface, he tried to pretend to be calm and not to hum. He was the shopkeeper of a shop in Peiping, and he could not talk nonsense with his disciples in front of the shopkeepers. But when no one was in front of him, his beard and mouth kept moving: "What are the rules of business?"? Cloth shop? Umbrellas! Am I the shopkeeper here, or is the Japanese the shopkeeper? After talking for a while, he couldn't help but say, "***!" He will not curse the village, only these three words are his wild words, and only these three words can make his heart happy. He was not in a position to tell the shop people about these grievances and difficulties, mobile garbage bin ,collapsible pallet box, and decided not to teach the family to know about them. To the old father, he not only put the grievance circle in his heart, but also kept saying that everything was peaceful, in order to teach the old man a little more lenient. Even to Rui Xuan, he did not want to say much, he knew that two of his three sons had gone, and he could no longer complain constantly to the eldest son who was most responsible for the family. It is almost painful for father and son to meet. Rui Xuan's eyes secretly kept his father's eyes, and when his father's eyes touched his son's, he quickly dodged. Both of them had many words that had been soaked in tears for a long time, but it was inconvenient to pour them out with tears. One was a shopkeeper in his fifties, and the other was a middle school teacher in his thirties, and it was not convenient for them to shed tears casually. Moreover, they all knew that as soon as they began to talk freely, they were bound to talk about the destruction of the country and the destruction of the family, and that the more they talked, the more pessimistic they would become. Therefore, when father and son meet, they just smile, so hypocritical and embarrassed that they can't help laughing. Therefore, Tianyou is even more reluctant to go home. It is true that the shops are short of people, but since there is not much business, it is not impossible to spare some time to go home and have a look. He deliberately didn't go home, first to avoid the pain of meeting his old relatives, children and grandchildren, and second to show a little bit of his own stubbornness. Since the shop can't close the door, I will accompany it to the end. Although there is no business, I should do my duty! In the family, the one who can understand Tianyou best is Rui Xuan.

    With the old man Qi pressing on the top and his sons competing on the bottom, Tianyou had to give the old father a step in authority and age, and at the same time his knowledge and knowledge were not as good as those of his sons, so he had to be both a filial son at home and a father who did not annoy his sons. Therefore, everyone only sees his honesty and ignores his importance. Only Rui Xuan understood that his father was a person who could inherit his grandfather's family tradition of diligence and thrift, and who could enable his son to receive higher education. He respected his father and often wanted to give him some spiritual comfort. He was the eldest son, and he was closer to his father than the second and third, and he knew his father a few years longer than his brothers. Especially in recent months, he saw his father's melancholy and the strength of putting grievances in his stomach, so he wanted to give his father some comfort. But how to comfort it? Since lies are not allowed between father and son, how can he tell the truth to the old man and comfort him at the same time? Truth, in the time of national subjugation, only pain! Let's not talk about national affairs first. It's hard enough for him to talk about family affairs. He knew that his father missed the third child, but what could he say to teach the old man not to miss his son? He knew that his father was not satisfied with the second child, so what did he have to say to make the old man like the second child? It is better not to talk about these things. But if we don't talk about these things, what else can father and son talk about? It seemed to him that there was a veil between father and son, and that they could see each other, but neither could touch the other. The aggressor's crime is not only to separate his brothers, but also to make the father and son who have not been separated have to be indifferent to each other! Everyone had lunch carelessly, and Ruifeng came to see his grandfather without knowing where to eat and drink. No,plastic bulk containers, it's not like he's here to see his grandfather. Enter the door, he asks tea to sister-in-law: "sister-in-law!"! Make a nice cup of tea! A little too much wine! Are there any good leaves? If not, buy them! He was trying to express his pride and boredom.

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