Ghost Wife (past life and this life, supernatural, subject to being a stand-in for his own past life, obsessive attack) Author: The last time ...

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  • Ghost Wife (past life and this life, supernatural, subject to being a stand-in for his own past life, obsessive attack) Author: The last time ...

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    Ghost Wife (past life and this life, supernatural, subject to being a stand-in for his own past life, obsessive attack) Author: The last time ...

    I leaned over and saw the engineer shovel hanging on the waist of the fat man. I don't know why it was stuck on the back of the turtle. The fat man broke it off and let it go. The engineer shovel was sucked again. I look strange, is this turtle, is it a magnet carving? Several people gathered around to look at it, and they were all amazed. The fat man took out a coin and threw it on the tortoise's back. With a sound of'when ', he sucked it firmly. Soliloquize: "Hey, this his mother is amused, so big magnet, does this tomb master collect scrap iron?" Tangerine Peel Ah Si rested on the top to see what we had found. He thought he had found the entrance and asked what was going on. Monk Hua reported the situation to him. Before he had finished speaking, Chen Pi a Si's face changed. He quickly asked Ye Cheng to help him down. He approached the turtle and took out the compass from his pocket. At a glance, his face was almost green. He smashed the compass and said in a cold voice, "Oh, we were cheated!"! This burial mausoleum is a trap, and we have fallen into it! Chapter 21 Game I looked at the expression of Chen Pi a Si, suddenly felt bad, the old guy came all the way, has been silent, only at the critical moment to say a few words, never any angry expression, but now, obviously he is really angry. Monk Hua also noticed this and became nervous. "What's the matter,inflatable amusement park, sir?" He asked. Tangerine Peel Ah Si's face was very ugly. He said to us, "The dragon vein here has been tampered with. This three-headed dragon is fake. The direction of the dragon head is wrong." My heart missed a beat, and I quickly took out my compass to look at it. Sure enough, no matter how I turned it, the pointer pointed to the black stone turtle. Obviously, this strange thing was very magnetic. I immediately understood the meaning of Chen Pi a Si: Look at the geomantic vein, the direction is very important. Just now, Chen Pi a Si relied on the compass to determine the direction and direction of the dragon vein,inflatable air dancer, but there was a magnet carved here. With such a large volume, when we approached the mountain, The north-south direction in the compass will certainly be affected, so the basis he used to judge the direction of the dragon vein at that time was completely wrong! The pattern of the three-headed dragon is judged on the premise of this mistake, which must also be false! That is to say, here is not the dragon head at all, what'Kunlun tire ', the huge ice dome outside, there is no theoretical basis for its existence. It's all an illusion! They are all psychological hints that lead us into this trap! Wang Zanghai must have thought that the people who could find here in the future must have considerable geomantic attainments, so he had already made preparations. Before we had enter that mausoleum and raised our vigilance, we had already fallen into his trap. I suddenly felt a feeling of powerlessness, 'Kunlun Tire', Ice Dome, such a clever design, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable indoor park, unexpectedly just for a trap! Wang Zanghai really has a profound understanding of grave robbery. For a long time, I laughed at those architects who believed in Feng Shui, which did not bring any blessing to the owner of the tomb, but became an invisible direction for grave robbers. But we have made the same mistake and put it in the way of an ancient man. Now we are playing a game with a man who has been dead for hundreds of years. As a result, we were given to the general before the first game started. It's really a bad start. The fat man and Pan Zi still don't understand. When I explained the matter to them, the fat man didn't believe it very much and said, "It's impossible. How could there be such a big magnet at that time?" I sigh with emotion. This stone turtle must have been carved from a magnetic meteorite. The value of this thing is extraordinary, but Wang Zanghai used it to press the tomb. It seems that in order to protect the Yunding Heavenly Palace, Lao Wang has made great efforts. "*** me, it's impossible." The fat man still refused to believe it and said, "It's so formal here.." In the middle of it, he also realized that the building system of the spirit palace was indeed formal, but there were no necessities of the spirit palace inside. In fact, we had already found the flaw, but no one thought that the whole spirit palace would be a trap. Just because his system is too formal. Chen Pi a Si's face is livid, also does not speak, just ruthlessly stares at that stone tortoise, the look in the eyes is very terrible.

    Monk Hua and I were there together. It was over all of a sudden. We certainly didn't have enough food to go to Sansheng Mountain. This time, I'm afraid we have to go back to the mountain village to supply. Then this trip back and forth, is completely in vain, and several of us are very damaged, it is estimated that back to the village still have to spend time to rest, this time can not afford to lose, a Ning even if they walk slowly, also arrived. We don't know the purpose of these arrangements yet, but from any point of view, we are already at a disadvantage. Think of here, people can not help but have some irritability, in fact, no one is responsible for this matter, but when people encounter setbacks, it is always good to have someone in trouble, otherwise there is no place to get angry, so they have to be depressed there. Other people's faces are not good, but now there is no way. The fat man saw that we were all a little discouraged and said, "Forget it. Let's go back quickly, but we're going the wrong way. Let's go out and come back. There are only a few of them. It's impossible to carry all the things out. Let's hurry up and pick up the ocean!" As soon as I heard that his mind was full of foreign affairs, suddenly there was a nameless fire. He shook his head with a sneer and said, "You know what? The third uncle almost sacrificed his business to slow down the progress of a Ning and others, but we were still slow. If we went back and came back, I don't know how much they would be left behind, and the third uncle might be doomed.". You only know about funerary objects, and you don't care about anything. Don't shout here. The fat man was also unhappy and wanted to choke me. Ye Cheng held him down. "Well, now is not the time to quarrel." The atmosphere is very awkward all of a sudden, the fat man shook off Ye Cheng,Inflatable water park factory, scolded, went to one side to smoke. Monk Hua waved his hand and said, "It's not good for everyone to go for nothing. Now the main thing is to try to make up for it. Let's calm down and think about what to do." 。

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