Give the former uncle Chongxi

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  • Give the former uncle Chongxi

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    Give the former uncle Chongxi

    Li Yunguan slowly pulled up the corners of her mouth with a wry smile, and she envied her sister. After a long time, Li Yunguan asked the maid to go upstairs and ask Gu Jianli to come down. When Gu Jianli came down, he saw his aunt change her clothes and sit in front of the dressing mirror slowly combing her long hair. How much do you hear? Li Yunguan asked. Gu Jianli walked over, stood behind her aunt, took the wooden comb in her hand and slowly combed her cloud sideburns. She lowered her eyebrows and whispered, "I fell asleep when I was upstairs. I didn't hear anything." Li Yunguan smiled and asked, "Do you remember what your aunt said to you earlier?" Gu Jianli nodded: "I will not enter the palace in the future, and I will not meet your majesty again." "Let the maid of honor take you out. Your Majesty will go to dinner and hide if you can." Li Yunguan gently patted Gu Jianli on the back of his hand. Gu Jianli nodded again. She turned around with a smile on her face, but she shed tears at the moment she turned around. Those things that I didn't understand before suddenly came to my mind. She originally did not understand why his father did not move and was not in a hurry to clear his grievances, presumably his father had long known who was harming him. The way the maid took Gu Jianli was not the right way, and there were almost no people on the path. About to go to the banquet hall, the little maid said: "The maidservant sent you here.". The empress told the maidservant to be more careful and only send you here, not to go in. Gu Jianli understood her aunt's caution. She nodded and turned to the banquet hall alone. The wetness in the corner of her eyes had disappeared, and when she walked into the noisy and lively crowd, she bent her lips slightly and put on a generous and decent smile. Who is that woman? There are such questions in several places. Although Gu Jianli applied makeup today, he was wearing a very low-key apricot and dark blue collocation, which was not conspicuous. But when she passes by, she can still attract other people's attention. Even if you don't notice her at first sight, when she passes by, you will look back at her subconsciously. Even if it is only a figure,ghana seed extract, it also has a distinctive and eye-catching charm. When the people who had known her recognized her, and when they had never seen her before, they learned who she was from others, they all showed a look of regret. Among the women who came to the banquet today, Gu Jianli knew a lot of people. But with the passage of time, the status has changed, and meeting again is different from before. Gu Jianli did not take the initiative to say hello to anyone, and went straight to the place where Ji Wujing was. Ji Wujing propped up his chin and lifted his eyelids to look at her, complaining, "That's a long time." Gu Jianli sat down next to him, smiled apologetically and said, jujube seed powder ,lycopene for skin, "I won't go again." Ji Wujing took one more look at Gu Jianli's eyes in surprise. See Li? A voice of uncertainty sounded. Gu Jianli turned his head and saw Long Yujun standing aside, followed by two servant girls behind her. Long Yujun is the granddaughter of Zuo Xiang and a close friend of Gu Jianli. We just haven't seen each other in the last few months. It's really you. I'm not mistaken. Long Yujun's eyes showed some joy, but when he saw Ji Wujing sitting beside Gu Jianli, his eyes were timid again. Yu Jun. Gu Jianli got up to greet him. Long Yujun took Gu Jianli's hand and said with a smile, "I haven't seen him for a long time." Gu Jianli looked at Long Yujun's hand and suddenly felt a little absent-minded. It's only been a few months, and she seems to have drawn a clear line with her past self. Seeing so many familiar faces today, it seems that I am more closely connected with myself in the past. "I haven't seen you for some time," she said. Long Yujun lowered his voice: "You must not blame me for not visiting you when something like that happened in your home a few days ago.". I want to go, it's just.. Gu Jianli shakes his head: "I know, do not blame you." "That's good!" Long Yujun smiled brightly. I can't stay long. Grandma will find me. I'll go first. Long Yujun said. Gu Jianli knew that Long Yujun was just an excuse, but he still didn't dare to get too close to her. But she can take the initiative to come and say hello to her has been very surprised to Gu Jianli. After Long Yujun left, Gu Jianli sat down again. Holding a tea bowl in both hands, his eyes fell on a leaf of tea floating in the tea bowl, slightly in a daze. She told herself not to lose her manners in front of people, not to be cranky, and to go back and talk about anything. But the words heard one after another in Yongli Palace are always hovering in my ears. She held the teacup with a slight force, pinching her joints white.

    "See Li?" Gu Jianli's heart was in a mess, but he didn't expect someone to take the initiative to greet her. She braced herself up to deal with it and called out the other's name with a smile: "Xiang Ning." I didn't expect to see you for a few months, and we were all married. Meet again today, look at you not like the rumor, but the day is good, sister in the heart for you happy. Lin Xiangning hooked her lips and deliberately raised her hand to touch the jade hairpin slanting on the horse's bun. Gu Jianli's line of sight followed Lin Xiangning's hand and looked at the jade hairpin in her hair. The jade hairpin was originally Gu Jianli's, and it was also taken to the pawnshop for money when she was in a mess. Did not expect to fall into the hands of Lin Xiangning. Gu Jianli once wore this hairpin in front of Lin Xiangning, and Lin Xiangning knew it was hers. Lin Xiangning said congratulations, but the arrogance floated out. Lin Xiangning just got married, her family status is not high and is a concubine in the family, married Jinke Zhuangyuanlang, and her husband's family is prominent. The identities of the two women, who used to be very different, have changed with the people they married. The people around looked over and watched the play. Chapter 47, Chapter 047 Chapter 47 "Oh, yes." Lin Xiangning smiled delicately, slanted her head slightly, and married the jade hairpin she wore on her horse bun. She stroked the jade hairpin and praised it from the bottom of her heart: "It is very rare and precious to carve such a jade hairpin with such a fine piece of jade.". I met him by chance, and my husband bought it for me at a glance. The smugness and ostentation were not concealed. She twisted her eyebrows again, thinking and wondering,phycocyanin spirulina, and said, "It looks familiar to me. Have you ever seen it before?" Gu Jianli took a look at the snow-white hibiscus hairpin. One end of the hairpin is carved with a small hibiscus, which is the same color as the hairpin body. It looks very simple and elegant.

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