Gossip supermodel Su Baotian

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    Gossip supermodel Su Baotian

    Growing up, she never saw her mother. I don't know who said it, but it seems that someone told her that her mother died of dystocia when she was born. An Xiaowan was sad for this for a long time. She. She.. On Anyanmo's instrument, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated violently, and his body tightened uncontrollably and trembled crazily. Dad, Dad! An Yanmo's lips moved, as if trying to say something with all his strength. However But I can't say it. In the room, the instruments made a lot of noise. All kinds of warnings alarmed the doctors and nurses. Outside the door, people swarmed in. What's wrong with the patient? "How could you pull out the patient's oxygen mask?" Miss Ann, get out quickly! The patient needs to be rescued! "Life is in danger!" An Xiaowan could hardly hear anything. Her head was blank. She just stood there and let everyone push her out of the door. Her hands trembled violently. After a while, she slowly squatted down. Brain, has lost the ability to think, echoed, all is the eyes of Ann Yan Mo, and he said the words off and on. Could it be. Her birth mother is still alive? But why didn't anyone tell her before? And Ann Yan Mo let her leave Anjia, does this mean that he actually knows who has harmed himself, and also knows that Anjia is not peaceful? After all, he.. How much do you know? "Xiao Wan.." Xiao Wan? Xiao Wan! Huo Shen went to her side and called her several times, but she didn't react at all. With a slight frown, he reached her ear and said in a deep voice, "An Xiaowan, wake up!"! Your father is all right! It seems that the last four words finally aroused Ann's thinking ability. She looked up blankly. At a glance, she looked at Huo Shen's dark and deep eyes, which seemed to be full of stars. Huo Shen stared at her tightly and his thin lips moved slightly. "He's all right. He's just repeating the physical examination now." "Really.." "?" "Yes." Huo Shen answered firmly, and then picked her up. On the corridor, HuoShen people and hospital people, are Qi Qi one Leng. Watching the handsome man who was usually cold and indifferent, he held Princess An Xiaowan in his arms, ignoring everyone's eyes, and took her to the ward next door. Not far away, a man who delivered food came over. Pass some midnight snack to the person in the hospital at the same time, ask stealthily at the same time: "Did the vegetable person inside wake up just now?" "Yes." "Did you say anything?" Chapter 813 of the main text is in danger. Several little nurses seemed to be very familiar with the deliveryman, inflatable bounce house with slide , so they picked up the delicious food and said with a smile, "I don't know, but not long after he woke up, he passed out again.". And the oxygen mask was pulled out, so it was almost life-threatening. "Pull out the oxygen mask?" "Yes, his daughter did not know what to do, but secretly pulled out the oxygen mask." The deliveryman's eyes moved slightly and then asked, "Life is in danger.." Is that all right now? "Well, it was a near miss, and now it's back to its previous state." The little nurse shrugged her shoulders and said with a smile, "We're going in. Thank you for your hard work." The welfare in the hospital is good, and every night they send some midnight snacks to the nurses and doctors on the night shift. And since two months ago, this piece of midnight snack delivery has been replaced by the delivery boy in front of us. The little nurses went in while chatting and said with a smile, "This delivery boy is good at everything, but he is very gossipy." "Yes, every day I come and ask about the situation here." "Maybe I haven't seen a vegetable, ha ha." An Xiaowan in the ward heard the sound of communication in the corridor and suddenly raised his head. Deliveryman. Ask about the situation here every day. Suddenly there was a terrible chill in the limbs and bones. Her fingers trembled and her whole body began to tremble, as if she were in some kind of panic and hatred. Xiao Wan? "Xiao Wan!" Huo Shen frowned slightly, and when he saw that she was in an abnormal mood, he held her harder in his arms.

    Her eyes were red and bloodshot. Huo deep some heartache, but also do not know how to do. After a while, there was a knock on the door. Miss Ann, your father is safe and the examination has been completed. You can go in and see him. The doctor spoke in a low voice. An Xiaowan took a deep breath, collected his expression, and then went out. Fingers, a little numb. She clenched her fists and looked up at the pairs of eyes in the corridor. The attending doctor couldn't help asking, "Miss Ann, why did you pull out the oxygen mask just now?"? Do you know that this is a very dangerous behavior? He pauses, guess again: "Be, is the patient wants to talk?" An Xiaowan was silent for two seconds and shook his head gently. I'm sorry. I was so excited when I felt my father's fingers move. At that time, I wondered if he would wake up faster if he pulled out the oxygen mask. I'm sorry, I'm too ignorant. She hung her head and her eyes were red. That Did Mr. Ann really say nothing? An Xiaowan shook his head and bit his lower lip. "I really wish I could hear what Dad said, but." No "Don't be too sad, Miss Ann. He might wake up again." The doctor soothed. An Xiaowan hid the strange fluctuation in his eyes and nodded. In the depths of her eyes, there was darkness. After she calmed down, countless thoughts quickly appeared in her head. She thought that if her father really knew something,Inflatable mechanical bull, or even "something", far more than she had imagined, then perhaps his situation was much more dangerous than she had imagined. joyshineinflatables.com

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