Greens Powder: Are there Health Benefits?

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  • Greens Powder: Are there Health Benefits?

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    Greens Powder: Are there Health Benefits?

    Health Care Material is a

    dietary supplement that has become a popular way to help people reach their daily

    recommended intake of vitamins and minerals. The nutrient combination in greens powder is

    formulated to support your body’s immune system and energy levels while meeting the

    nutrition requirements for a healthy diet.
        Ingredients in greens powders vary by brand, but commonly include nutrition from:
                Leafy greens and seaweed
                Grasses and other vegetables
                Antioxidant-rich fruits
                Nutritional extracts and herbs
            Cosmetics Material is

    most often mixed into water, smoothies, or juices. While these powders often come with a

    grassy taste, natural sugar substitutes like stevia extract are added to improve the

    flavor. These dietary powders are also usually vegan and made from non-genetically-modified

    and organic products.
        Nutrition Information
        Nutrition content in natural powders will vary

    by brand. On average, a one-tablespoon serving contains:
                Calories: 45
                Protein: 3 grams
                Carbohydrates: 6 grams
                Iron: 18% of your daily value
                Vitamin A: 60% of your daily value
            Greens powders often include high levels of vitamin C, which has been linked to

    healthy immune system function, protection against heart disease, and good skin health.
                Potential Health Benefits  
                Because greens powders are made from dried fruits and vegetables, some

    important nutritional content like fiber is lost in the process. Greens powders are not a

    substitute for a well-balanced diet and cannot replace the nutritional benefits you get

    from consuming whole foods.
                However, doctors say that greens powder can be a great way to supplement a

    healthy diet with a boost of extra vitamins and antioxidants.
                Taking some vitamins in excess can lead to health issues or may interact with

    certain medications. It’s important to talk to your doctor before adding any nutritional

    supplements to your diet and choose a reputable brand of greens powder.
        The nutrients in greens powders can contribute to potential health benefits including:
        Healthy Blood Pressure
        Minerals found in Medicinal

    like calcium and potassium are associated with good blood pressure

    management. In one clinical study, people who took one serving daily of greens powder

    experienced a decrease in both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. 
            Immune System Support
            Greens powders contain high levels of vitamins and minerals associated with

    maintaining a healthy immune system. Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties that

    enhance immunity. For example, Selenium is found in most greens powders, and is proven to

    help the immune system fight infection.
            Chronic Disease Prevention
            The vitamins found in Feed

    can reduce your risk of chronic diseases in the long term. Vitamins like C

    and K are potent antioxidants that fight cell-damaging free radicals.
            This cell damage is known as oxidation and is linked to the development of chronic

    diseases like diabetes and heart disease. One study found that a serving of greens powder

    taken daily reduced cell oxidation in participants by 30%.
            Eye and Cognitive Health
            Vitamin K found in leafy greens is associated with numerous health benefits

    including maintaining healthy blood vessels, lessening the risk of heart problems, and

    preventing bone loss with aging. Recent studies have also found vitamin K may promote eye

    health and reduce incidence of age-related dementia.

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