Harem Ruyi Zhuan (all 6 volumes). End + side story .by flowing purple

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  • Harem Ruyi Zhuan (all 6 volumes). End + side story .by flowing purple

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    Harem Ruyi Zhuan (all 6 volumes). End + side story .by flowing purple

    Ruyi stroked her forehead and looked at the gold armor on her tail finger, which was inlaid with ice-colored emerald beads wrapped in green silk. She said leisurely, "An official woman who served the emperor in yuanmingyuan died last month. She had stopped her coffin to send it to the imperial concubine's mausoleum, but now she has changed with Jin Yuyan." Hyland laughed, "That's a lucky one!"! From then on, the body received incense, which was the grief and glory of the imperial concubine. Ruyi held a trace of pleasure in her mouth, but the sigh that came to her lips was like a mist: "Jin Yuyan will never admit that she deliberately used the'rich and noble son 'to harm the Jing of this palace!"! When a man is dying, his words are good. If what she said is true. Hyland suddenly had a sharp edge in her eyes. "If it wasn't for her, who else would it be?" The sharpness in her eyes was like a sharp silver needle, shining with a sharp cold light. "It's the imperial concubine, the Qing noble, the Jin noble, and who else?" There was a trace of hesitation on Ruyi's lips: "If we are wrong.." If this matter, from the beginning of Yongxuan fall horse is calculated, even Jin Yuyan, even the palace and Xin Fei, one also does not fall. Her face became more and more ugly, and she wanted to break up. "So this man's mind?" It's really sinister and terrible! When Hailan saw that Ruyi was breathing more and more quickly, she quickly advised, "Don't think too much, empress, and don't pity Jin Yuyan for dying in vain.". To put it bluntly, she didn't die in vain! Struggle for a lifetime, calculate a lifetime, everywhere with the empress as an enemy,Automatic nail machine, not to mention five princesses and six princesses died early, in the end is and she can not get away. Involved! So, it's not unfair to die! Ruyi's mind seemed to drift away: "That day Jin Yuyan went crazy and asked the palace to swear to you that she had not harmed her child.". In fact, apart from Yongxuan's fall from the horse, we have calculated Yongxuan. Hailan collected herself and said calmly, "Empress, I have sworn an oath.". Even if you want to swear, it should only be on my concubine, and it has nothing to do with the empress! She lovingly stroked Ruyi's huge and round belly. "The empress is about to give birth. Qin Tianjian said that she is pregnant with an auspicious child. The empress doesn't want to go." Think about these unlucky things. Ruyi was silent for a moment and said slowly, "It's really not unfair to kill a Jin Yuyan."! When Jin Yuyan was young, she was so competitive that she wanted to be top-notch in everything. This temperament, put in the young time to look still pungent and lovely, now in middle age, or such a temperament, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, it is inevitable to show. It's acerbic. He often made trouble with others for trifles, which made everyone dislike him. Hailan took a slice of plum cake and tasted it in her mouth. "That's all right," she whispered. In the final analysis, the emperor was unhappy about the appointment of the crown prince in the former court. Jin Yuyan wanted to fight for the crown prince for her son all her life, but she also died in this. Ruyi breathed a sigh of relief and slowly sipped the tea, saying, "Your Majesty is in the prime of life, and the Spring and Autumn Period is in its heyday. Didn't you hit yourself when you mentioned such a thing in the previous Dynasty?"? The emperor has always been generous to the harem, but the idea of the throne is extremely heavy. We all have sons, and we should be more careful in the future. Talk about it. Hailan looked at Ruyi and nodded trustingly. The two men looked out of the window at the drizzle, and for a moment they were speechless, and then they were silent. The emperor slept for a while in the palace and woke up two hours later. Wan Wan had already changed into a homely brocade robe of lake water, blue, embroidered with silver thread and sweet osmanthus, and loosely tied up a crescent moon bun. When she saw the emperor awake, she involuntarily smiled sweetly and waited for the emperor to lie on the couch and put the new cage. A heating stove was put into the brocade quilt. He moved a boy to sit nearby and slowly peeled the tangerine and fed it to the emperor's mouth. The emperor shook her hand and said with a smile, "Your hands are cold. Lie down and I'll give you a hug." Wan Wan smiled shyly, just as the spring flowers began to bloom, full of Yingying: "Your Majesty loves me, and I thank you." She lowered her head and touched her flat lower abdomen and said with a smile, "I also want to lie down, but the little elder brother in my abdomen doesn't want me to lie down. He only wants me to sit down." The emperor smiled and said, "The child's words are more important than mine." The emperor took the orange from her and sent it to her lips. "You like sweet and sour food after you are pregnant. Eat more." Wan Wan ate two pieces and said with a smile, "It's sweet and sour. It's very stomach-dropping.".

    ” The emperor touched her lower abdomen and said with a smile, "As long as you like it.". Only two months, where to know is the elder brother. His smile was restrained and a little sad. "Since my five princesses and six princesses died, I have been hoping to add another princess." Wan Wan was slightly stunned and immediately said with a smile, "The little elder brother and the little princess are all good.". It's just that the emperor said that I love sweet and sour food. Sour son and hot daughter, afraid that if this child is an elder brother, the emperor can promise my concubine, and then give my concubine a princess. It's a good word to have a daughter and a son. Smiling, the emperor stroked her face and said lovingly, "What's so difficult about that? I promise you." She fell on the emperor's chest, as obedient as a cat leaning against the stove. She curled up and said softly, "Why doesn't the emperor rest a little longer, but is he thinking about the death of the imperial concubine Shujia?"? The emperor is really affectionate and righteous, so the empress and the emperor also care about Shujia imperial concubine alive. What about the friendship of the time? With a slight smile in his eyes, the emperor stretched out his hand to hold Wan's small jaw and said, "Do you also think the queen is very good?" Wan Wan's expression was as supple as a piece of soft silk satin. "Isn't it?"? The empress favored the six palaces. Although the imperial concubine Shujia was disrespectful to the empress when she was alive, she did not expect that the empress would return good for evil. In order to make the funeral ceremony of the imperial concubine Shujia look better, she repeatedly asked the emperor for grace. The emperor looked directly at her and said slowly, "Isn't that good?" The silver-frost charcoal in the charcoal basin was ringing with warm sparks. Wan Wan conveniently threw the orange peel into the charcoal basin, emitting a warm sweet fragrance. Kui Wan looked at the emperor with a very gentle expression,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and there was infinite tenderness and meekness in her eyes: "It is naturally good for the empress.". But I thought, the way of husband and wife is to respect your husband. The way of the monarch and his subjects is to respect the monarch. As a matter of fact, the elder brothers who gave grace to the imperial concubine Shujia passed on their grief and honor to the Li Dynasty. These need not be said by the empress. The emperor would reward them one by one when he looked at the points of kindness and righteousness with the imperial concubine Shujia. But the queen "The empress is thoughtful. Doesn't it seem that the emperor's grace is weak and makes people criticize her?" 。 3shardware.com

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