Honghuang yuandao

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  • Honghuang yuandao

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    Honghuang yuandao

    Although the cold Taoist was anxious, he was hit by the magnetic light and was trying his best to suppress the erosion of the vicious magnetic light. He couldn't even speak, so how could he get the other side? Had to sigh under the heart. Looking forward to the Danfeng Taoist coming earlier, so that he could quickly rescue the big young master Diao who had caused a lot of trouble. But I'm afraid it's not that simple this time. Although he is a disciple of the Five Elements Sect of Siming Mountain, he often comes to the East China Sea to deliver letters and Danfengzi for Patriarch Diao Mo, so he has heard about the severity of this empty island. After a while, the cold Taoist only felt that the magnetic light was more and more terrible and difficult to suppress. As he watched, it was about to spread. Suddenly, with a flash of clear light in front of his eyes, a handsome Taoist with red lips and white teeth appeared. The Taoist's face was very handsome. He wore a sky-blue scribe's scarf on his head, a light blue silk robe, and a silver bone pen on his back. He was a romantic celebrity. If it hadn't been for a picture of Tai Chi rusted on his cuff, I'm afraid he wouldn't have recognized him as a Taoist. [Volume 1-Volume 4 Chapter 71 Donghai Danfengzi (Part 2)] The handsome Taoist went to the front of the cold Taoist, took one look at the wandering black light on the cold Taoist's chest, frowned, and then raised his right hand, on which there was a gentle and clear light, which was the authentic Sanqing method. With a clear light in his right hand, the handsome Taoist stroked the Taoist of the Five Elements Sect slowly on his chest, and then melted the magnetic Xuanguang. Taoist Leng took a break from Zhou Tian, and then prostrated himself in front of the man: "The younger generation has thanked the older generation for their great kindness. They shouldn't have bothered the older generation,collapsible bulk container, but the younger generation's nephew Diao Guang was captured by the colorful cloud boat trapped in the empty island. Please rescue the older generation!" The handsome Taoist, that is, the Danfeng Taoist, knew that this change was related to the trapped island when he saw the extremely magnetic Xuanguang. Now, after listening to the cold Taoist's words, he was not surprised. He just frowned and asked, "Tell me what this change is." Today,stackable plastic pallets, Martial Nephew met the Taoist Qingyue from the East Kunlun Mountains here. There was a quarrel and some misunderstandings. Just as we were making a noise, suddenly a colorful cloud boat, which is unique to a trapped island, appeared on the sea and sky. The elder on the cloud boat was a woman. Without asking, he accused us of bullying women. Martial Nephew was so angry that he could not help refusing to accept the elder's accusation. He contradicted him and was caught by the elder. Today's thing is so dirty that the cold Taoist can't say it in detail, so he just mentioned it briefly and pushed all the reasons away skillfully. Even if the Qingyue Taoist came back in the future, the two were opposite, and the cold Taoist didn't lie. This Taoist is a person who knows how to do things. The Taoist Danfeng nodded without saying a word. He pondered for a moment and then said, "You two have been ordered by Brother Diao Mo Dao to come and persuade me to come out of the mountain. Although I haven't made up my mind, the matter of Diao Guang is caused by me. I won't ignore it. But it's unusual to be trapped on an empty island. I can't do anything about it. This matter still needs to be discussed in the long run." He looked at the change in the face of the cold Taoist and then said, "However, although the poor Taoist is a loner hanging overseas, he is also somewhat thin. They will not be too difficult for Diao Guang because of my face." The cold Taoist hurriedly leaned over and said, "The elder is already the honor of the earth immortals. Apart from a few elder earth immortals, who dares to stand shoulder to shoulder?" What he said was also practical. In the past two years, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet box, the situation in the world has changed greatly, and several earth immortals have appeared one after another. This is unprecedented in the past thousand years. The pattern of the world has also been greatly changed because of the appearance of the earth immortal predecessors. The newly emerging evil way has also been suppressed by the name of earth immortals and dare not stir up trouble. The right path is flourishing. Although Danfengzi lived in seclusion in the East China Sea and was unknown, Leng Taoist knew that he was a figure respected by Diao, the founder of the mountain gate, and also had excellent practice. Who in the world did not respect such a figure? Trapped in the empty island is true, but also dare not fall into the face of this senior is. The cold Taoist thought like this, and his anxiety was a little less. Danfengzi took a cold look at the Taoist and then said, "You go back to the mountain gate first. First, tell Diao Guang about this. Second, tell him that there are many practitioners around the Candle Dragon Island outside the East China Sea recently. The thing that is about to be born on the Candle Dragon Island is very important to Brother Diao. It would be better for him to come earlier.".

    "When Dan Fengzi said this, he gave a slight pause and then said," There is no lack of powerful people among the monks. Don't be robbed by others. " As soon as the cold Taoist heard this, he was naturally frightened. What about the powerful figure identified by the predecessors of Dan Feng? This matter concerns the spirit of Red Fire Peak, which is of great importance and needs to be reported back earlier. Thinking of this, the Leng Taoist kowtowed to Danfengzi again and said, "I don't know what other instructions the elder has." "Just go back quickly, and I'll wait for Brother Diao on Qingfeng Island in the East China Sea!" Dan Fengzi Road, then the body into a clear light, just a flash, then disappeared, in the end is a person for the overhaul, such a light, it is frightening. At that moment, the cold Taoist also applied the method of water escape and headed for the direction of Siming Mountain in the middle of the earth. ———— Besides, the lady of the seven stars and her party drove the colorful cloud boat to the North Sea. The speed of the cloud boat was very fast, but for a moment, it reached the North Sea. Then for a moment, they suddenly saw a spiral triangular icicle rising from the sea below, getting higher and higher. The cold inside sprinkled and congealed the surrounding area into a hazy sea of ice crystal fog. The clear moon Taoist on the cloud boat looked at the wonderful scene from a distance. Unexpectedly, she felt a chill on her body, and was even more surprised at the extreme cold of the spiral three-edged ice crystal. However, she was only surprised, and then her heart returned to its original state. She secretly worried that she had sailed thousands of miles away, but she had not thought of any way to get away. According to the posture of the Lady of Seven Stars, it was clear that she was going to take herself back to see her unfathomable temperament. The future was really dangerous. At this time, the colorful cloud boat slowly descended, the speed seemed to be slow and fast, and in the blink of an eye it had fallen on the sea, not far from the spiral triangular icicle. Lady Qixing glanced at the Taoist Qingyue and said with a smile, "We're going to Haifu." After saying that, she turned her head, and the colorful cloud boat suddenly sank, but dived under the sea. Dozens of maids worked on the cloud boat, congealing the true yuan, supporting the colorful halo around the cloud boat, and blocking the dark sea water in the deep blue. So sinking more than two thousand Zhangs,heavy duty plastic pallet, the colorful cloud boat stopped, not far away is the huge icicle of a spiral, the radius is not tens of kilometers wide. cnplasticpallet.com

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