How cosmetic containers are devided in kinds

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  • How cosmetic containers are devided in kinds

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    How cosmetic containers are devided in kinds

    Cosmetic containers expand to a range of jars, bottles, pots, tubes, pens, compacts and liquid dispensing solutions. Each container offers a different design and solution; however, in the world of ‘cosmetic containers’, each product sits under the skincare, hair and beauty categories. This article will explore the different types of cosmetic containers available in the packaging industry. Raepak offers an extensive range of distinctive packaging products that enable us to explore innovations and keep an eye on exciting designs that are beneficial to the current market cycle.
        Cosmetic Jar Containers
        Cosmetic containers in the form of jars are perfect for skin care and beauty products. Jars can contain gels, creams, lotions and deep skin cleansing products. Most jar containers come with a shive (a flat plastic shelf that fits inside the jar) used to keep the contents free from foreign debris (dust & germs). Moreover, jars are designed with airtight lids, which keep the contents fresh and ready for future use.
        Raepak use a range of materials in the range of jars available;
        PP Jars – Recyclable – Soft or hard plastic effect
        PET Jars – Recyclable – Glass, hard or soft plastic finish
        SANS Jars – Non-Recyclable – Glass, hard effect plastic
        ACRYLIC Jars – Non-Recyclable – used for luxury brands and high profile cosmetics.
        Cosmetic Bottle Containers
        Bottle containers can be produced as an airless recyclable container or a high-end luxury acrylic bottle. Acrylic foundation bottles look fantastic with a matching jar and can store nourishing body lotions or face creams. PP airless lotion bottles can also store creams and lotions. However, they are cheaper to produce and lighter in raw plastic material. Acrylic airless bottles are seen as a hybrid between both full acrylic and pp airless containers.
        PP Airless Bottles – Recyclable – All products
        ACRYLIC Bottles – Non-Recyclable – Luxury products
        AIRLESS Acrylic Cosmetic Bottles – Non-Recyclable – Luxury products.
        Cosmetic Pot Containers
        Cosmetic containers in the form of pots can be funky, stylish, trendy or sophisticated. Small pots for cosmetic packaging tend to be perfect for eye serums, aromatherapy oils, lip balm, hand creams or hair products. Moreover, small plastic pots tend to be made with a wide range of different plastic types; PMMA/PETG/PP/AS & ABS. Using these plastic combinations helps with the shape and aesthetics of the final glass cream jar design.
        Tube Containers
        Cosmetic tube packaging containers come in different shapes, colours, materials and profiles. Cosmetic tubes, covered in a cosmetic bottle set, are manufactured from high-quality materials, including AS, ABS, PETG, and PCTG. Each item is designed to work with makeup for the beauty & cosmetics industry. Furthermore, cosmetic containers are manufactured to have an excellent quality finish and be competitively priced.
        What can you use tube containers for?
        Liquid makeup
        Nail care
        Foot and hand creams
        Hair serums and gels
        Oral care.
        Cosmetic Pen Containers
        Cosmetic pen containers come in a beautiful range of styles and design. Each pen gives off a trendy vibe, is easy to use and fits perfectly into any purse or handbag. Cosmetic pen packaging is manufactured from high-quality materials and can be used for eyebrow, lip gloss, concealer, highlighters or liquid blushers.
        Cosmetic pens also have a huge selection of inserts that can be used for applying the desired application; these include;
        19 Hole Flock
        Hole Flock
        Hole Silicone – 4 Lengths
        Bristle Silicone
        Alternatively, ball cosmetic pens are perfect for applying eye serums, oils or liquid gels. The metal ball acts as a smooth applicator that applies the liquid evenly across the skin’s surface.
        Compact Containers
        Compact containers are manufactured to be used with beauty and makeup products. Makeup powder is available in a vast range of colour palettes, and it helps give the wearer a look they desire. Compacts can be produced in a range of different styles included; square, round, rectangle and bespoke finishes.
        Cosmetic Liquid Dispensing Containers
        Cosmetic liquid dispensing containers come in different shapes, colours, materials and profiles. Furthermore, they can work well with other cosmetic containers to offer brands a set of makeup and beauty products – offering a collection of different makeup and beauty product solutions that can help target a wider audience. Cosmetic liquid containers are primarily for;
        Cream blushers
        Primer applications
        Glass perfume bottle

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