I'm hard to coax.

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  • I'm hard to coax.

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    I'm hard to coax.

    The fog in the bottom of my heart surges and slowly disperses. He even answered with a "hmm" in a good mood. At that time, the girl shook her wet skirt and shouted like this. "You did it on purpose!" "How do you know?" He looked at the girl's smart eyes and suddenly smiled, "I am Gu Yi." Xu Baibai dragged him and shouted, "Get up!"! Go back to your side! Gu Yi slowly closed his eyes and slowly pulled up his lips. He lay still and his voice was a little muffled. I changed my position, but it still smokes my eyes. Xu Baibai pulled the hand of his clothes and slowly loosened it. The applause rang out at the end. Her voice was so soft that she didn't know who she was talking to. I mean, even earlier than that. —— Ye Fusheng had just finished taking a bath when there was a knock at the door. He opened the door without looking. Gu Yi came in directly along the edge, walked unceremoniously to the edge of a bed, and lay down in a big font. And let out a comfortable sigh. Ye Fusheng closed the door gently, but did not close it. He sat back on the edge of his bed and wiped his hair with a towel. Gu Yi's face arched in the quilt, turned to his direction, and looked fixedly at Ye Fansheng. After a while, he suddenly called him, "Brother Fan Sheng." Ye Fansheng didn't stop. Gu Yi was a little angry and frustrated for a moment. He sat up suddenly, propped himself up on the edge of the bed, and stared at the sprey-faced man opposite. After a moment of silence,phycocyanin spirulina, Gu Yi's chest rose and fell, adjusting his breathing. I like her. Say this word, Gu Yi stares at Ye Fansheng, the eye does not want to blink more. The towel in Ye Fansheng's hand did not respond, and then he wiped it more quickly. Gu Yi waited for him for a while, did not wait for any response,tannic acid astringent, completely out of breath. He suddenly stood up, stared down at Ye Fansheng, and repeated in a calm voice: "I like Wen Tianyu." Ye Fansheng's hand stopped for a moment, threw the towel on the bed, and looked up at him through some messy hair. To Ye Fansheng's eyes, Gu Yi pinched his fingers, neither humble nor pushy. Nervousness and sweat crept up his back. What do you want to say? Ye Fusheng stared at him in a cold and distant voice. I said I like Tianyu! Gu Yi is almost under high pressure low roar out, "since you occupy her all good, why so shameful, even the status also does not give her?"? Her family, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,ghana seed extract, including me, thought you had someone else. What do you mean now? Are you playing with us? "It has nothing to do with you." Ye Fusheng's face was cold and his voice was cold. Gu Yi was stupefied for a moment and was completely blown up. He bent down and pulled Ye Fansheng's collar. "Why doesn't it matter?"? You don't deserve her. It's better to let go to someone who can take care of her and like her. Ye Fansheng was poked by him on the sore spot, and his face sank deeper. He pursed his lips tightly, and the next second, he waved Gu Yi's hand easily and stared at him: "I love her." Gu Yimei was stunned for a moment. Ye Fansheng stood up and grabbed Gu Yi's collar with great force. Staring at him, the hair on his forehead dripped water, which made his eyes as cold as ice and snow. She's mine. Either way. "Leave her alone." —— Wen Tianyu looked at the time and quietly touched Ye Fansheng's room. Stay here for the last night, she can not because of the appearance of Gu Yi can not get a little benefit. I don't know how long I have to fight guerrilla warfare when I go back. Touching the door, she gently grasped the door handle, but the door was not closed, and she pushed it open. The moment I looked up, the smile on my face froze. Ye Fansheng's hair was dripping and messy, and the collar on his chest was wrinkled and messy. Gu Yi was not much better, his hair was messy, his clothes were wrinkled, and the corner of his shirt ran out. What are you doing! What is this! When her girlfriend is dead! Wen Tianyu immediately exploded, aggressively past, stretched out his arm to block Ye Fansheng behind him, staring at Gu Yi. Do what? Do what! He has a girlfriend! Gu Yi, put away the dangerous ideas you learned in the United States! Gu Yi froze for a moment, looking at the vigilance on her face and the expression of protecting the calf, clenched his fist. The next second, he smiled, and when Wen Tianyu did not react, he bent down and hugged her like this. Before Ye Fansheng lost his temper, he immediately separated. Gu Yi folded his arms and laughed. "What are you thinking about?". It's you I'm after.

    ” Wen Tianyu was stunned by her words. Gu Yi turned smartly and went out. When the door was closed, Wen Tianyu dared to look back at Ye Fansheng's calm face after a long time. Brother Fan Sheng, don't listen to his nonsense. Wen Tianyu panicked a little. "He's always talking nonsense." "Really," Wen Tianyu looked at Ye Fansheng's uncertain expression and wanted to cry. "I have nothing to do with him." This Gu Yi, is absolutely intentional! Ye Fusheng kept looking at her until she lost her voice and glanced at him cautiously with big eyes. He suddenly leaned over and hugged her. Wen Tianyu froze for a moment. …… Brother Fan Sheng? "He just hugged you." Ye Fansheng spat softly in her ear, like complaining and acting like a spoiled child with grievance. Wen Tianyu paused and immediately said, "I didn't react for a while, otherwise I would have pushed him away!" Ye Fansheng did not speak again, she fell softly in his arms, but let him more clearly remember Gu Yi just bared his teeth and claws to declare war. He didn't act sprezzatura at all. He wanted to swear and admit more than anyone else. But he does not have that kind of qualifications,lycopene for skin, regarding the bottom line and the friendship of Ye Zhilian, he has never been half sure. Even she herself felt why Wen Tianyu should accompany him to bear this. But I still don't want to let go. There's no way he's letting go. He can work hard for everything and try to change, but it's impossible to let go. Hold her hand tighter. Wen Tianyu was stupefied. He raised his hand and hugged him back. His voice was soft: "Then I'll give you a hug.". Hold as long as you want. 。 prius-biotech.com

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