If players are willing to fight for it

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  • If players are willing to fight for it

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    If players are willing to fight for it

    If players are willing to fight for it, they can tweak POE currency trade , tune, and modify the endgame to create something personalized according to their playstyle and skill level. It won't be easy, though, as each victory in The Maven's arena increases the stakes. For each successive fight, she'll summon more bosses simultaneously—culminating in a ridiculously fatal ten-boss royal rumble. Survive that and The Maven will challenge you to a duel, becoming the Path of Exile's hardest battle for glory, bragging rights and some ultra-high-end new gear. Just don't expect to just go waltzing into this fight, as it's tuned to challenge the most min-maxed and optimized character builds in the game.

    Image 1 of 5(Image credit: Grinding Gear Games)(Image credit: Grinding Gear Games)(Image credit: Grinding Gear Games)(Image credit: Grinding Gear Games)(Image credit: Grinding Gear Games)This is just a Tribute
    If Path of Exile's dense endgame is too hardcore, there's also seasonal Challenge League to help boost players through the story. Like other previous updates, the Ritual League is a temporary event that requires you to start a new character but introduces some new systems and rewards for the effort. During this quarterly event, players will encounter ritual circles scattered around the world, each with an altar at the center. Activating the altar locks the player into the ring along with a huge swarm of monsters. Survive and you'll earn a special event currency called Tribute to spend on rewards from a randomized list.

    Each successive Ritual performed within a region increases the difficulty, adding new dangers to the fight but increasing the Tribute payout in turn. It's a simple, and entirely optional, system that's light on story compared to the endgame overhaul, but it'll give new characters a bit more experience and gear on their path to the Atlas. One cool feature I like is that if you see an item you want but can't afford with your current Tribute, you'll be able to put Tribute down to reserve it for later, reducing the chance of missing out on something you really need.

    Grinding Gear are leaving very little on the cutting room floor with Echoes of the Atlas. The previous league, Heist, introduced high-stakes robberies and a cast of recruitable NPC rogues to help you on these missions. As it was so well received by players, Heist is now a permanent part of the game, unlocking during Act 6 of the story, around halfway into the main game. While players will be going on fewer smash-and-grab expeditions, the rewards are set to be scaled up to compensate POE divine orbs for sale .

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