Imperial Warlord Growth Program

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  • Imperial Warlord Growth Program

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    Imperial Warlord Growth Program

    He Yang finally could not bear Orcas' poor bed skills, so he went to work as a technical guide in person, and Orcas made rapid progress under his guidance. After Orcas's mental strength was fully restored, he restarted Lucifer and took He Yang to the cockpit of Lucifer, where he made love with He Yang. His life is so beautiful now that he urgently needs something to prove himself. Taking He Yang to the Lucifer cockpit was one of the ways he proved that he had found everything and regained everything he had lost. He Yang can understand his mood, so he is particularly cooperative with Orcas's various interesting plays. As a result, their lives were particularly harmonious for a while. The only thing that made He Yang feel that there was a fly in the ointment was that the boy Denick began to make trouble for him again and began to add to the congestion. However, this time he Jinyu was no longer by his side, and he was no longer he Jinyu, but himself. For this reason, the people of the Council of Elders even came to He Yang in person: "Your Majesty, please go and see Your Highness. He is in a very bad condition now. He can't listen to a word of our words. We can only rely on you." "What's wrong with Dainic?" He Yang looked confused. Dainik had already moved out of the palace as an adult, so he refused to accept some news, but as far as he knew, he Jinyu had married so far away, and Dainik could not harm him and cause trouble. Or did he find a new scourge? Elder Mezzo, with a look of grief on his face,thermal imaging camera, seemed to be dealing with such a sudden situation for the first time: "His Highness Denick, he cut his wrists in his own home last night." "What?!" He Yang was really surprised, the whole person did not come to his senses: "What's going on?"? What happened to him? How is he now? Is he dead? He Yang could not help but be shocked because of the deep-rooted impression over the years. Dainik is a master who oppresses and bullies others. He doesn't look like a fragile and sensitive master who can't get over committing suicide. Has been rescued, the specific reason we have no way to know, we asked six royal Highnesses, but he refused to tell us anything,face recognition identification kiosk, a person lying in a daze, we are really worried about him, but also asked the queen to go and see. Elder Mezo's hair was much grayer, and there were more and more troubles in the royal family than one. Just finished dealing with a queen who wanted to divorce, and now he has to deal with a prince who wanted to commit suicide. What kind of thing is this? He Yang breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that Dainik was all right. "Have you told His Majesty Orcas?" "Your Majesty is holding a military meeting, we dare not disturb, later when the meeting is over, we will send someone to tell him, but now" Meizuo elder also knows that He Yang has a bad relationship with Dainik, but now he can only hope that He Yang's sister-in-law, like his mother, can go to see Dainik. Otherwise, digital whiteboard price ,face detection android, they don't know who to look for. Without saying a word, He Yang promised, "I'll go and see him with you now." How to say that Dainik is also the younger brother of Orcas, one of the thin blood of the Dias royal family, He Yang does not want to see him have an accident. Thank you, Your Majesty. Elder Mezo thanked him repeatedly. As a matter of course, He Yang said, "Yes." He Yang followed the elder Meizuo, and soon arrived at Dainik's ward, where a large number of medical staff and elders were guarding him with great trepidation. Denick, on the other hand, lay there motionless like a walking corpse, his eyes so empty that he looked like he was very ill, like a living dead man. His eyes moved slightly when he heard the sound of pushing the door. When he saw that the man who entered the door was He Yang, he withdrew his eyes and restored his half-dead appearance. No, I mean, what the hell are you doing now, Denick? Do you want to embarrass me or your brother by making yourself look so half-dead? As soon as he Yang saw him, he felt a little angry and felt that he had become like this purely because he had nothing to do. And waste so many people's time looking at him and worrying about him.

    "I didn't embarrass anyone, and I didn't make myself half dead," Denick said without a trace of anger, as if he had become a different person. He was just in a panic. You're not giving anyone a hard time. You're killing yourself. Are you ***ing kidding me here? The elders in the room saw He Yang one by one, the corners of his eyes and the tips of his eyebrows were tired, but He Yang did not look at them, and went straight to Dainik. He couldn't figure out why Denick just couldn't live in peace. I didn't want to commit suicide. I just drank too much. You don't have to worry about me. "Dainick didn't think he was committing suicide. He just drank too much last night. He picked up a knife and couldn't help cutting his wrist. He didn't want to die. So he called someone after he lost too much blood and woke up.". At first, it was not without the idea of retaliating, threatening, threatening He Jinyu, who did not know where he was, to make him regret ignoring himself, to really ignore himself, and to make him miserable. But it was only a moment. After a moment, he regretted it, and he was afraid that he would never see him again. But He Yang laughed and said, "You didn't want to commit suicide. You just drank too much. Then why don't I see myself? I don't see others stabbing themselves when they drink too much. Who are you here to win sympathy for? Let's leave you alone. Don't call people. You cut yourself and call people to save yourself. When you wake up, you see a lot of people put down what they should do." To watch over you. You're proud of yourself, aren't you? Lying in bed pretending to be half dead for anyone to see. He just can't bear to see Nick like this. As a member of the royal family, all day long, fooling around,facial recognition thermometer, doing nothing, causing trouble to people all day long, the overall image of the entire royal family did not know how much he pulled down. I don't know how many people are more bitter than him and more stressed than him. I don't see anyone else groaning and committing suicide.

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