Infinite Final Demon _ Night of Nothing _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Infinite Final Demon _ Night of Nothing _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Infinite Final Demon _ Night of Nothing _ txt Novel Paradise

    From the end of the people's line of sight, a black muddy current like a huge wave of wine came one after another, and the black angry tide that seemed to engulf everything continued to surge crazily. Roaring and roaring, the surge of the sun is coming! The Legion of Death.. Massive legions of death! Can not see the edge of the queue, as if it has been extended to the end of the world, like a tsunami surge of countless wolf heads! Despair, really hit the heart. The two armies are at war, one at a time, and the other at a time. Three and exhausted. Holding the belief of death, they fought bloody battles, and thus burst out beyond the limits of life. After annihilating the enemy, everyone was filled with the joy of rebirth, but now this joy was mercilessly extinguished by greater despair. This feeling of climbing the peak and then being ruthlessly knocked down to the bottom of the valley is undoubtedly more destructive than the consistent bloody battle to death. But now that we have come this far, can we surrender on the spot? After a moment of silence, Adbey took a deep breath, raised the machete in his hand, which had been severely curled, and exploded from his lungs with a very solemn and stirring roar! "Fight to the death!" Under his call,non standard fasteners, the confused guardians suddenly found the pillar of faith, temporarily forgot the pain of the wounds on their bodies, and all of them raised their weapons high and sent out this extremely sad and vigorous cry from the bottom of their hearts. Fight. To death!!! The matter has come to this point, what they expect is to die like a real soldier, die without confusion on the road of heroic charge! But perhaps God heard their wishes, and at the moment when the guardians of the battle were about to launch a deadly charge, they were surprised to see a discordant chaos in the wolf heads surging like the tide. A large number of wolf heads were not attacked,DIN screw plug, but quickly returned to the original state of sand and dust, only the black fog representing the power of Anubis quickly interwoven into a huge tornado, blocking the sky and surging in the direction of the oasis of death Amsher! "This.." The Scorpion King was killed? Anyone who knows a little about it can't help wondering about it. But anyone who can really feel the change of breath knows that this is not the case of Amshay being dragged back to the underworld, but a "miracle" absolutely beyond the scope of human imagination! From the earth not far ahead, two huge human shadows composed of faint brilliance slowly stood up.

    They were only about ten meters high at first, but then they grew rapidly to thousands of meters in the wind, and one of them was a huge wolf-headed man with black fog, which was almost certainly Anubis, the God of death, and the other. The body of holy light, the six wings of gold, the perfect face, the bloody flame cross sword.. "The archangel of war, die casting parts ,car radiator cap, Michael born of fire!" , please-novel ^ txt-day. Don Chapter 219 Angel of Fire: Michael! Michael, the famous archangel, the sole leader of the legion of angels, has courage and incomparable power that no mortal has, as well as the most beautiful appearance and courageous temperament, which is good at fighting but full of compassion. The absolute denial and merciless annihilation of evil is the embodiment of absolute justice, without a trace of darkness. In the description of the Bible, he annihilated 150,000 Assyrian troops invading Jerusalem overnight, prevented Abraham from sacrificing Isaac, summoned Moses to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt in the burning thorns, captured and imprisoned Satan, a thousand-year-old serpent.. As the most powerful "sword" of Yahweh, when the Ark of the Covenant broke out under the full influence of the divine power of Anubis, he was summoned to the world where he had been away for a long time by the strong power of faith, but even with the pure faith accumulated in the Ark of the Covenant for thousands of years, what he could come was a virtual shadow with only partial power. However, at a time when the world's inhibitions are so strong, it is more than enough to solve an equally restricted Anubis! Without any negotiation or two words, Michael directly raised the flame of the ten swords, in the sound of an unknown but grand and deep recitation at the same time, bright as the real holy light instantly condensed on the red sword of holy inflammation, with an unstoppable torrent of light to the wolf head is a sword cut off. Anubis, of course, did not wait to die. Not to be outdone, he was at the same interface as Michael. At the same time, he let out a loud roar that made his soul tremble. At the same time, a big and heavy moon blade halberd quickly condensed from the empty air and cut down with the same blow that was not inferior to the black light! Without any fancy and skill, it's just a simple collision of absolute power. In fact, there is no physical contact between the two shadows, otherwise the body shape is absolutely destructive, their frontal attack at the moment is not so much a battle as a direct competition of pure divine power, the two shadows are just images after the collision. And in this almost pure energy battle, whose strength is higher in quality and greater in quantity, then who is stronger! However, Michael finally underestimated Anubis at the moment. With the power of death projected to the human world to form the oasis of Amsheh as the backing will give the power of the operation of the legion of death also synchronously recovered, at this moment Anubis has occupied an absolute advantage! The result of the collision of divine power was completely reflected in the huge shadow, and the full force of the two was a hard collision, neither of them overwhelmed the other, but a discerning person could see that Michael was in decline. Unfortunately, the Archangel is not alone. Anubis is backed by the divine power of Amsheh,Investment casting parts, and he has a billion Catholics! Anderson, they had knelt down as early as the first time. The form of the angel had been worshipped countless times in the frescoes and dreams. At this moment, they really saw the miracle coming. They were pious people who quickly gave Michael a strength with their faith and will.

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