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    Insulation Tape suppliers

    Insulation Tape suppliers  Type: Modified Polyester Shrinking Tape
    Insulation class: F
    Material: Special high shrinkage polyester filament
    Conventional width: 20mm 25mm 30mm
    Conventional thickness: 0.20mm 0.25mm
    Insulation polyester shrinking tape is made of modified polyester fiber and has high mechanical tensile strength and heat shrinkage. It is suitable for the binding and fastening of wire and other parts of motors, transformers and reactors. The workpiece treated by the product can save the amount of impregnating paint, and the appearance is standardized and the integrity is good. This product has a heat resistance rating of F. The shrinkage rate is 35% at 100 鈩?
    ItemUnitIndex Value
    Nominal thicknessmm0.20.250.3
    Width deviationmm卤1
    Shrinking rate%鈮?0
    Tensile StrengthN/10mm鈮?00
    Cracked endsSingle rootmm鈮?00锛坣o锛?/td>
    Double root鈮?0锛坣o锛?/td>
    Bad side鈥?/td>Unaffected loose edges, tight edges, loose edges, thick edges
    Inclusion鈥?/td>None inclusion
    Stains鈥?/td>No rust, the sum of the length and width of oil 鈮?4mm
    Broken head鈥?/td>Allow each dish to have two segments, each length 鈮?3m
    Hole鈥?/td>At the same time, there can be no latitude and longitude fracture Or juxtapose more than 3 holes
    Storage periodmonthThe date from the factory is 12 months, and it is tested according to product standards for more than 12 months.
    1.Simplify transformer production process and improve processing efficiency.
    2.Minimize wood parts, fasteners and transformer volume, greatly reduce manufacturing costs.
    3.Significantly improve the transformer performance and overall quality level.
    4.High insulation grade, good electrical performance; Dielectric constant 3, between oil and cardboard, super stable and small loss.
    5.Thermal shrinkage up to 30%, binding firm, durable, no rebound, no relaxation.
    High tensile strength, mechanical strength is more than ten times of the cloth.
    6.Pure chemical material, no burr, strip, speckle and other defects, and does not contain dirt and other harmful substances to electrical insulation.
    7.Avoid many angular parts, save cost, save space; More convenient, more reliable, more beautiful.
    Insulation polyester shrinking tape is suitable for the binding and fastening of product line packages and other components of motors, transformers, reactors, etc. The workpiece treated by the product can save the amount of impregnating paint, and the appearance is standardized and the overall integrity is good.
    1. During slitting and use, edge gaps and cracks should be prevented to avoid tearing during operation and to avoid surface scratches, oil and dust pollution.
    2. Store in an environment below 40鈩? keep clean and dry, away from heat sources, and avoid direct sunlight.
    3. The storage period is one year. If it exceeds the storage period, it can still be used if it passes the test according to the technical requirements.Insulation Tape suppliers

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