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    Invincible upgrade

    "Next, Yang Shen against Qin Tian." When the referee announced the dismissal, Qin Tian went up and looked at the smart Yang Shen with an indifferent smile. Qin Tian, I'm sorry. Yang Shen said coldly, his body shook at the same time, Qigong soared out, invisible pressure was released at the same time, pulled out the broadsword inserted in his back and hit Qin Tian directly. As soon as he came up, he met a contestant in the realm of agility. I really don't know whether Qin Tian was lucky or lucky. Two-thirds of the contestants were in the realm of martial arts. As soon as he came up, he met the realm of agility. He laughed and said, "I should be sorry for you." He did not release any Qigong, no pressure, very calm, as if people do not exist in general. However, when Yang Shen came and the broadsword was about to cut him, his fists suddenly moved. This time, he still did not use any Qigong, but the speed of his fists was so fast that Yang Shen had no time to react. Before the broadsword fell, he felt a burning pain in his chest. Then there was a "bang". The whole person flew more than forty feet away and fell heavily on the ground, unable to move. Qin Tian stands there proudly, moving like a mountain. It was as if nothing had happened. Noisy venue suddenly calmed down, surprised to look at Qin Tian, a move to defeat the smart realm of players, but also do not use Qigong, pure strength attack, an ordinary punch actually contains tremendous power. The most important thing is the momentum of Qin Tian, just like clear water, the waves are not alarming. For a long time, the referee announced, "Qin Tiansheng, advance to the next round." There was a fierce discussion in the quiet square. One move to solve the battle, the strong point is off the chart. "Yang Shen that boy but smart realm, strength is not low, unexpectedly was Qin Tian a punch to solve." "Five years ago, he was the first genius in Qinghe City. After five years of waste, do you want to regain the title of the first in Qinghe City?" …… Qin Tian walked toward the stage in the sound of discussion, and found that there were several pairs of eyes staring at him, full of murderous look, and he was still a calm look, can not see any waves on his face. This punch is to establish prestige, and then it is overwhelming. Xiao Rufeng, I hope you don't have any accidents. Qin Tian walked back to his seat. The disciples of the Qin family were all faintly excited. Qin Tian won. They felt that their faces had added a lot of luster. Their chests were straight. They had been at the bottom of the four families for four years. This year, they were finally proud and elated. Yes, yes, a simple punch can defeat the players in the realm of agility. Your punch has reached the level of master. Qin Zhantian smiled and narrowed his eyes, looking at Qin Tian's expression of not being surprised, and his heart added some confidence to take the first place. In contrast, Qin crazy, Qin Xiangtian face is very unnatural, laughing is also a smile, their hearts are very shocked, just that punch as Qin Zhantian said, reached the level of the master. At the same time, Warehouse storage racks , an idea came to their minds, "This son can't stay." In just a few months, from the waste of the first order of martial arts, the inferior untouchables that everyone in Qinghe City can ridicule, the sudden magnificent transformation, smart fourth order, this is not as simple as genius. It took Xiao Rufeng more than two years to break through the fourth order, but he only used less than three months. If things go on like this, I'm afraid it will be more difficult to get rid of him. Qin Xiangtian's eyes have changed dramatically, and now what he wants to see is Xiao Rufeng's sword to end Qin Tian's life. ———————— "Sure enough, he was able to defeat Yang Shen in the realm of agility with one punch." Zhao invincible face also showed a shocked expression, the heart really secretly said: "I did not expect the Qin family actually out of such a demon genius!" "Dad, he hit me last time." Zhao Jiannan is very uncomfortable, looking at Qin Tian's eyes showing deep hatred. "Don't worry, young master, if I go against him, I will never spare him." Zhao Yi said coldly on one side.

    Zhao Wudi snorted and said, "You are no match for him yet. Zhao Kong, you will certainly meet him. Don't be soft-handed and kill him.." A disciple behind Zhao Wudi, with a red light in his eyes and a cold smile, said, "Yes!" Zhao Jiannan can not help but smile, if it is Zhao Kong, that Qin Tian will die. It has been frozen for five years, and its strength is terrible. Zhao invincible personally trained disciples, in order to get rid of other family genius type disciples, and this year he wanted to get rid of Xiao Rufeng, but now he wants to kill Qin Tian. The Qin family's repeated provocations these days are all due to Qin Tian. It is necessary to kill him and give the Qin family some warnings. Let the people of Qinghe City know that the Zhao family is the largest family. Qin Tian sat in his seat, quietly waiting for the arrival of the next game, half a month of hard training, not only to break through the smart fourth order, but also let him realize a lot of things in the process of the match. And this competition is the time to test these things. Those people on the stage are just stepping stones for him! ———————————————— One hundred thousand words, one hundred thousand words, next is a high. Tide I need energy.. Collection, recommended tickets are energy, all come on!!! Chapter 44, harmony between man and nature, kill! There are many ways to understand the law, and understanding in battle is one of them. In the Evil Wolf Valley for half a month of killing, Qin Tian seems to understand something from the breath, but it seems that he did not understand anything, like a thin layer of fog, can not see clearly, can not understand. The rest of the race was on a roll. All of them are one move to defeat the enemy, and they do not use Qigong, just like a great master, towering like a mountain. His voice in the crowd is also getting higher and higher. Every time he comes to the game, everyone is wide-eyed, holding their breath and not missing any moment. The disciples of the Qin family became more and more excited, and Qin Tian cheered loudly every time he came on the stage. Qin Zhantian face with a faint smile, very satisfied with the performance of Qin Tian, and Qin Xiangtian, Qin crazy is extremely ugly face, if not for efforts to restrain, the face must be iron blue. After three rounds, Qin Cheng, a disciple of the Qin family, was brushed down, leaving only Qin Tian and Qin Feng.

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