Jiang Shengnan-Legend of Miyue

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  • Jiang Shengnan-Legend of Miyue

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    Jiang Shengnan-Legend of Miyue

    "I am not a bloodthirsty man." Mi Shi looked up at Wei Chou Fu and said, "But if it doesn't involve the interests of the state of Qin, I definitely won't touch a hair of him. Do you understand?" Wei Choufu knelt down with a splash in front of Mi Shi and said with great trepidation, "The little man comes from a humble background. Even if he borrows ten more courage from the little man, he won't dare to think about it." As a matter of fact, Wei Choufu has always had some ideas since he befriended Mi Shi. He thought that with the big tree of Mi Shi, he could rise in the world in the future and seek some personal gains for himself. But he never dreamed that the usually amiable queen mother, killing people without blinking an eye, the so-called guilty of being a thief, Wei Choufu remembered his own selfishness, could not help but be frightened, hurriedly exonerated himself. Mi Shi stretched out his hand to help him up. "You are a sensible man. There is no need to panic.". Talk to me. What's new these days? Wei Choufu knew in his heart that King Yiqu had a place in Mi's heart, and now that he was dead, his heart would naturally feel lonely and empty. Then he lowered his head and thought for a moment and said, "Two days ago, when I was out of the palace, I heard a comment in the street that a male wolf had broken into the house and taken away several chickens. The people wanted to kill the wolf so that he wouldn't come to eat the chickens again.". One night, under the guidance of a hunter, five or six people went up the mountain. After searching for a few hours, they finally found the wolf's den. "Was the wolf killed?" Mi asked. "The wolf was killed, but a strange thing happened." Wei Choufu paused and then said,aluminium coated steel tube, "The next night after killing the wolf, another wolf came. The wolf was even more ferocious. In two days, he took away a dozen chickens and killed a sheep." Mi Shi said, "The wolf's revenge is very strong. After the male wolf was killed, he was afraid that his wolf brother would retaliate." "The Empress Dowager was only half right," said Wei Choufu with a smile. Mi Shi thought for a moment and said, "Isn't it the Wolf Brothers who came to retaliate?" "Exactly." Wei Choufu nodded and said, "According to the common people,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, the female wolf and the male wolf are husband and wife. After the death of the male wolf, the female wolf and her cubs will not be able to survive. Sooner or later, they will run out of food. So they just throw caution to the wind and fight against the common people. Sometimes they can't even drive it away, as if it was ready to die at any time." When Wei Chou-fu was excited, he didn't notice that Mi's face sank again. Then he said, "The people couldn't bear the disturbance. They called the hunter to come and kill the she-wolf.". But that night, the she-wolf came again without waiting for the hunter to set out. Mi Shi snorted, "that she-wolf is really silly, isn't this a death?" Wei Choufu said, "The she-wolf is indeed dead, but she was not killed by the hunter." "Oh?" Mi Shi couldn't help wondering: "Then how did it die?" Wei Choufu said, "The hunter just raised a steel fork to kill the she-wolf. Unexpectedly, the she-wolf jumped and bumped into the hunter's steel fork. Her head cracked and she committed suicide." As soon as Mi Shi's facial expression changed, the so-called speaker was unintentional and the listener was intentional. Although the wolf was ferocious, it was true. After the death of his partner, Precision steel tubes ,side impact beams, he would rather die than live in vain. However, for his own selfish desires, people would rather abandon their love. Compared with the wolf, people are more ferocious and selfish. Wei Chou Fu was originally a wise man, but when he saw Mi Shi frowning and looking sad, he immediately thought that he had said something he shouldn't have said. He hurriedly said, "The little man deserves to die. He has made the Empress Dowager sad." "I can't blame you." Mi Shi shook his hand in exhaustion. "You go down and leave me alone for a while." Wei Choufu answered and quietly retreated. At the time of the next day's court meeting, Mi Shi seemed to have had a sleepless night, her spirit was dispirited, and her breath was like that. When all the ministers were discussing the government, she was slightly squinting, and she looked like she had not slept yet. All the ministers agreed that when the State of Yan sent Su Qin into Qi, it was actually inserting a nail into the State of Qi. Su Qin first made Qi break off diplomatic relations with the State of Zhao, and then attacked Song and Qin. Through constant fighting, the national strength of Qi declined. Soon after, Yan was bound to attack Qi. Therefore, Qin could unite with Yan at this time to deal with Qi in order to eliminate the troubles of Qin.

    Both the civil and military officials said that they were good, and expressed their confidence, but if the state of Qi was destroyed, the world would only follow the lead of the state of Qin, and hegemony could be achieved. Ying Ji was a little excited by what they said, and what the ministers said was exactly the blueprint he had conceived. Just then, however, a military general took two steps forward and said in a loud voice, "I think that although Qin will attack Qi sooner or later, the time is not yet ripe." When Mi Shi heard this, his slightly squinting eyes suddenly opened, but he saw that the man was of medium height and very strong. His eyebrows were like knives, and he had a short mustache. His eyes were deep and bright, and he looked very imposing. General Monk! One of the ministers said sarcastically, "I have heard that General Meng is a hero of the world, but why do you say such frustrated words today?" The man, however, was not annoyed. He turned his eyes to the minister and said, "I dare to ask your excellency, why did the countries join forces to attack Qin several times?" "It's just like when we see that the state of Qi is strong and wants to weaken it," said the minister. "All the countries are United because they are afraid that the state of Qin will dominate the world." "The disaster of the siege of Qin by the Five Kingdoms has not yet receded, but we are here to boast that we are going to attack Qi. Could it be that the scar has not healed and we have forgotten the pain?" Although the man's appearance is domineering, but the words are hidden in the cotton, "even if the soldiers of the five countries retreat, we immediately go to fight Qi, is it not to hand over a reason for a vertical uprising?" The minister was speechless for a moment, and when he said so, he looked at each other and could not make a sound. Ying Ji couldn't help asking, "So in your opinion, what should I do?" Without thinking, the man said,aluminium coated tubes, "a combination of kindness and threat will cut off the road to the state of Qi." Mi Shi's eyes lit up. "What the general said is the policy of a powerful country," he said. The man suddenly heard Mi's praise and hurriedly thanked him. Mi Shi glanced at the ministers and workers who were facing down. She opened her lips slightly and said lightly, "All of you are talking about attacking Qi. You all have a heroic spirit and a tendency to swallow mountains and rivers. But have you ever thought about the consequences after the Qin State sent troops?" 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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