Jiao in the palm

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  • Jiao in the palm

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    Jiao in the palm

    As soon as Ye Chuqing talked about this matter, she was excited. These two men were the biggest frustrations she had encountered since she returned to China. The weather had really changed. Now the president of the company was so unusual? Chen Tuan did not know that Ye Chuqing still knew the two of them and was still very sleepy, but the man in front of him was at least the chairman of the film industry conference, so he had to cheer up and listen attentively: "What's wrong with them?" "I just went to your company to talk to your brother about film and television cooperation." Ye Chuqing said. Chen Tuan: ".." Why does "your company" and "your brother" sound so awkward? Is there something wrong with Chen Shao? What are you putting on with me? Ye Chuqing said, crackling is a batch of criticism/fight. Chen Tuan thought that Ye Chuqing and Chen Shao should have a topic to talk about, and they were crazy and familiar with each other. She's really sleepy. I want to sleep. When will you finish. In order to speed up the progress, Chen Tuan forced the next topic: "What's wrong with Wen Liang?" "Sister, your slap really made me happy!"! It's revenge for me! Chen Tuan looked at Ye Chuqing in front of him, with willow eyebrows, bright eyes and red lips, very beautiful, and graceful beauty, belonging to the type that can not find a little darkness in the sun. And now she is really straightforward, because Chen Tuan hit Wen Liang a slap. Wait, how many years ago did Ye Chuqing go abroad? …… This is not the peach blossom debt that Wen Liang caused in the past,interactive whiteboard prices, is it? "Do you remember the last time you heard me on the phone, when I was going on a blind date, that bastard was him, and that dog's temper was blinding that face." Chen Tuan: ".." She didn't hear much about what Ye Chuqing was still saying. Is the person who got married with Wen Liang Ye Chuqing. Chen Biao remembered what he had heard about Ye Chuqing's phone call. "Really, some men die in the light, but he dies with his mouth open." "He even said he didn't like me. *** me. I really used all my reason not to kick him." This is indeed what Wen Liang can say. Although Chen Tuan was angry at first,touch screen digital signage, it was not only because of the marriage news between Wen Liang and other women, but also because of the tiredness of countless humble moments in the past. But when he learned that the woman was Ye Chuqing, Chen Tuan breathed a sigh of relief. When he was relieved, he recalled the embarrassment and humiliation of his discomfited appearance at that time. What is she doing here? Ye Chuqing is also the chairman of the film industry conference, although this character is really unexpected, but the strength is still there. After complaining about the two men, Ye Chuqing chatted with her about some new rules of the film industry this year. Nowadays, there are many jurisdictions and restrictions, and Chen Tuan has probably learned some tips for choosing scripts from her mouth. At half past three in the evening, they got up to leave the tea restaurant. Just when Chen Tuan came in, he met his fans. I don't know who sent a micro-blog about Chen Tuan on the Internet. As soon as he went out, smart whiteboard price ,digital signage screen, he was caught off guard by his fans. It was the first time she had encountered such a situation. She let Ye Chuqing go first and deal with the situation herself. Be quiet, everyone. Chen Tuan raised his index finger to his mouth and hissed, "There are still guests eating here. If you want to take a group photo, can we come out and take a group photo?" Fans followed Chen to the outside of the tea restaurant. A fan handed the phone to the waiter, and Chen went to the center of the fans and took a picture with them. You have to continue to refuel ah, we will always support you! "Take good care of your body. Don't work too hard. Your body is your capital." "Don't worry about those comments on the Internet these days. We all love you!" …… Fans have expressed their love to Chen Qi. She also quite admired them to be able to so frankly put love on the lips, this skill Chen Tuan has been unable to learn. It was probably her childhood experience that made it difficult for her to express her love, because she was afraid that it would not be properly treated. Chen Tuan thanked them earnestly and waved goodbye to them. After watching the fans wave their hands at her and leave, Chen Huan thought about whether to call Fang Ruan again and ask her to take her home. As soon as she took it out, her cell phone rang. Chen Biao lowered his eyes. It's Zhu Qicong calling unexpectedly.

    "Hello?" Chen Tuan picked it up. The other: "It's me." Familiar voice, as soon as you hear this voice, you can float that face in front of you. Chen Tuan was stupefied, holding the finger of the mobile phone unconsciously. When she did not speak, Wen Liang asked again, "Where are you?" Instead of answering the question, Chen asked, "Why did you call me with Zhu Qicong's number?" Wen Liang snorted coldly, "You blacklisted me. Have you forgotten?" “……” It's the same dog temper. Chen Tuan stood on the side of the road, afraid of being recognized, holding her cell phone and hanging her head. She pursed her lips and said "Oh" faintly. Then she answered his last question: "You don't care where I am." Chen Tuan's words are equally prickly. Wen Liang gave a tut. Two people did not speak, Chen Tuan is the first to break the silence: "Nothing, I hang up." "Oh." Chen Tuan glanced at his mouth, scolded Wen Liang several times in his heart, and hung up the phone very decisively. She stamped her feet in place, and the more she thought about it, the more angry she became. She called her with Zhu Qicong's cell phone and said that those bullshit were not deliberately blocking her! The next second, a pair of shoes appeared in the line of sight, stopping in front of her. Chen Tuan looked up and was caught off guard by Wen Liang's black eyes. You She froze. Wen Liang looked at her. "I have something to say to you." Chen Tuan did not react to come over, blinked, black eyelashes flutter, looking rare some silly, staring at Wen Liang for five seconds before looking at the roadside past. Sure enough, his car was parked across the road. He pretended to ask where she was. Just now, when chatting with Ye Chuqing, she knew that the blind date was her,temperature scanning kiosks, Chen Tuan was no longer angry about it, but as soon as Wen Liang appeared in front of her, she immediately remembered the words that Wen Liang had stabbed her that night. She snorted and turned away. "Are you trying to say I'm stupid and nice?"? But I don't want to hear it. "I'm sorry." He said. hsdtouch.com

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