Jin Kui Liu Ren Pan 2: Making a Big Noise at the Tomb of God Wukong _ Saint Morning Thunder-Gaoyun Yifang

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  • Jin Kui Liu Ren Pan 2: Making a Big Noise at the Tomb of God Wukong _ Saint Morning Thunder-Gaoyun Yifang

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    Jin Kui Liu Ren Pan 2: Making a Big Noise at the Tomb of God Wukong _ Saint Morning Thunder-Gaoyun Yifang

    The murmur was as if something were deliberating in that darkness how to deal with their party. In front of him was the green silk stove where the unknown monster was hiding, and behind him was a strange whisper, attacked from both sides! Huo Yuming took a glance at Zhang Xu. Zhang Xu was very calm at this time. She grabbed the knife and was facing the hole on the wall of the cave. But Gao Daquan and Nan Ming are in a state of anxiety. The two people who were frightened by the "big dumpling" just now are exchanging eyes on whether to leave the two girls to escape. Nanming firmly shook his head, although Gao Daquan desperately made eyes at him, but how could he leave Zhang Xu alone to escape? Began desperately to persuade Zhang Xu to leave, although half is for their own safety, the other half is also for Zhang Xu's safety. Seeing his resolute attitude, Gao Daquan could only sigh, gritted his teeth and closed his eyes: "Granny, we have to fight!" In front of the green silk stove, the noise was getting louder and louder. In addition to the strange sound at the beginning, there was also a little more grinding sound, like a monster in the stove impatiently rubbing the inner wall of the alchemy stove. Solve one side first, or both sides will be attacked at the same time! After calming down a little from the extreme panic, Huo Yuming finally made a decision. She knew that she could not wait any longer. Although the green silk stove in front of her could be seen, the "hair" in that place really made people feel nervous. Therefore, she set the first object to be solved in the back. I hope the thing whispering in the dark can be solved better, and this small hole seems to give us shelter in an emergency, if it is a big monster from the green silk stove, it may not be able to squeeze into the small hole. At that moment,spill plastic pallet, Huo Yuming thought so, she handed the searchlight in her hand to Zhang Xu, Zhang Xu looked at her with some surprise, she pointed to the small hole. Zhang Xucai nodded, Huo Yuming rushed past, Zhang Xu followed behind her, with a searchlight to the inside. Three shadows! Sure enough, something was whispering! Reflected in Huo Yuming's eyes are three shadows,collapsible bulk container, looking similar to the beginning of the "big dumplings", can it be said that the "big dumplings" really went to call for help? At this time, Huo Yuming did not realize that he had thought of the monster he had seen as a "big dumpling". She gritted her teeth, raised her hand, aimed, opened.. "Zhang Xu, Huo Yuming?" One of the three shadows shouted out. Huo Yuming suddenly raised her hand, she could not control her finger to pull the trigger, and the bullet went out obliquely upward, splashing a string of sparks at the top of the cave. Xiaolou! Zhang Xu snatched it from her side, rushed up and rushed into the arms of the first of the three figures: "Xiaolou!" At this time, she completely forgot to control her emotions, and when she heard Meng Lou's voice, the joy and excitement made her throw away all her fears and give up all her reserve. Meng Lou and Hu Hai were startled by Huo Yuming's gunfire. They never thought Huo Yuming would shoot at them. They both shrank their necks and looked back uneasily. When Zhang Xu threw himself into Meng Lou's arms, drum spill containment ,wholesale plastic pallet, Meng Lou instinctively put his arm around her shoulder and patted her twice: "Don't worry, I have everything!" "I almost killed you without saying a word!" Seeing Meng Lou embracing Zhang Xu, Huo Yuming could not help but curl his mouth and said in a shrill voice. Her voice let Zhang Xu wake up, she immediately pushed away Meng Lou, quietly wiped the tears of excitement in the corner of her eyes, raised her eyes, but saw the strange eyes of Nanming. Zhang Xu avoided Nan Ming's eyes, turned his attention back to Meng Lou, looked up and down, and found that his body was all wet, but there seemed to be no scars. She is still a little worried: "Xiaolou, are you all right?" "Very well!" Meng Lou did not speak, Hu Hai first interjected: "I rely on, how did you come out with these two madhouses together?" "I met them by chance and saved them." Zhang Xu explained quickly, looked at Meng Lou with some worry, and saw that he had no unhappy expression at all, and then he was relieved. Don't be in a hurry to catch up. It's the right way to get rid of the monster in the green silk stove.

    "Gao Daquan looked at the dejected Nan Ming, then looked at Meng Lou," hum ":" Mr. Meng, it's up to you! " His words were so strange that Hu Hai rolled his eyes and was about to rebuke him, but Meng Lou stopped him. Green silk stove? Meng Lou frowned and walked quickly through the crowd. Zhang Xu "Yi" sound, she has recovered calm, suddenly remembered, it seems that since they turned into this small hole, the voice in the green silk stove has become weak. When Meng Lou came to the stone alchemy furnace, he was startled by what he saw in front of him. The hair growing from the stone alchemy furnace was spread all over the floor. It looked like a carpet made of human hair. Seemingly sensing their return, the light of the searchlight shone on these "hairs", and they danced like poisonous snakes, growing and extending, and pouncing on the small hole. Meng Lou carefully cut off a piece of "hair" with a short knife, and the cut "hair" twisted and jumped on the ground like an earthworm. Black mucus flowed from the fracture, with a dry smell, but not that fishy smell. The cut "hair" twisted for a while and then stopped moving. Hu Hai stepped on it, but it didn't respond. He shrugged his shoulders and glanced contemptuously at Gao Daquan. "What's so terrible about that?" Gao Daquan and Nanming looked at each other. At the beginning, the movement in the green silk furnace was quite intense. How could Meng Lou and Hu Hai appear, and the movement was not so scary? Can it be said that Meng Lou and Hu Hai have some treasures to drive away evil spirits and avoid evil? They were still in doubt, suddenly, the "hair" like a carpet all flew up, like a group of snakes dancing in the air, Meng Lou only had time to call out "be careful", Hu Hai was wrapped up by these "hair"! "Damn it!" Meng Lou angrily cursed, he did not care a lot, pounced on the past, to these "hair" from the green silk stove out of the knife slash. However, he cut fast, but not as fast as the "hair",plastic pallet manufacturer, and soon his attempt to save Hu Hai turned into self-protection, because more "hair" surrounded him, trying to wrap him into a big cocoon. cnplasticpallet.com

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