Kunlun 4-Phoenix Song _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Kunlun 4-Phoenix Song _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Kunlun 4-Phoenix Song _ txt Novel Paradise

    Liang Xiao, however, had no time to worry about the thoughts of these little daughters. He was so determined to get out of danger that he inspired all his potential and just climbed up until his hands were broken and bleeding, and Yin was unaware of the vines and rocks. Because Hodra had no way to cling to him and was missing an arm, he had a hard time. After climbing for a while, he looked up and saw that hundreds of feet above him were bare like a mirror. See Liang Xiao body is getting smaller and smaller, as if into the clouds. Hodra was filled with anger. "Has this boy changed?"? Such a fast method? Suddenly I felt pain in my left arm. I knew that if I didn't rest, I was afraid that the root of the disease would be left behind. In the future, my martial arts would be damaged and the loss would outweigh the gain. At that moment, I thought, "Stay at home on the mountainside. When the wound is healed, it's not too late to catch it." About two hours later, Liang Xiao finally climbed to the top of the peak, limp limbs, sitting on the ground, breathless. Snow took out a handkerchief to wipe away his sweat, but in a twinkling of an eye, he saw that the top of the mountain was only ten feet around, the terrain was flat, there was an old pine growing in the middle, the branches were tall and straight, the bones were beautiful, and half of the top of the mountain was covered. There was a pit on the rock below, full of rainwater, clear water and moss marks. Liang Xiao, however, did not have time to look at the situation on the top of the mountain. He looked down and saw Hedra with one hand and two feet,beam impact tubes, one arch and one arch, sliding down slowly. When Liang Xiao saw that he was advancing instead of retreating, he was greatly surprised. On second thought, he realized the reason. One heart put down, say: "This big evil person does not come up temporarily, we go down from the back." Pulling Ah Xue to the edge of the cliff, he was greatly disappointed. He dared to love the other three sides. The precipitous place was even worse than the front. By contrast, the place where they came up was like a broad road. Liang Xiao sat down, and Ah Xue sat beside him in silence. The two men were silent for a while. "Ah Xue," said Liang Xiao,side impact door beams, "you must rub a rope around the bark of the tree and put it down on the mountain." "You're exhausted, brother," said Ah Xue. "You need to rest for a while." "I'm afraid time won't wait for me," said Liang Xiao. Once the Hetala's shoulder wound is healed, it is very easy to go up the mountain. Xue had no idea but nodded. After this disaster, the two men were so sleepy that they rested against the pine tree. Not for a moment, Liang Xiao was alert and woke up first, but he felt the cold wind coming from the northeast, and his muscles were piercing. He couldn't help shrinking his neck. He looked down and saw that Ah Xue had not yet woken up, curled up all over, and seemed to be extremely cold. Liang Xiao took off his clothes and covered her with his back to block the wind. Looking down, I saw Ah Xue's thin black eyebrows slightly frowning, implying sadness, and feeling sad in her heart: "Since she followed me, she has always been afraid, but she has not been stable for a few times.." Just as she was feeling sorry for herself, she suddenly heard Ah Xue call out "Brother" in a low voice. Liang Xiao fixed his eyes and saw that her eyes were still closed. She was talking in a dream. Liang Xiao took pity on her and gathered up her hair. She saw a drop of tears oozing from the corner of her eyes. Her lips closed and she murmured, "The crescent moon is like an eyebrow. There is no reunion.". Red beans can't bear to see, eyes full of tears of lovesickness, side impact beams ,beam impact tubes, splitting peaches all day long, people in the heart, two wall flowers, sooner or later become a couple.. Although the voice can not be heard, but a word knocked on the heart of Liang Xiao, he was young in the "round sky and earth hole" read this small order, then do not understand the bitterness, now a little older, finally understand some. Think is a snow from Han Ning purple for a long time, listen to its recitation, remember in the heart, usually do not say, but read out in the dream. Snow must have dreamed of a very sad thing, read the words, tears flow down. Liang Xiao looked at her, inexplicably filled with guilt. He is extremely clever, how do not know a Xue's affection, but always can not let go of Liu Yingying, so intentionally or unintentionally always want to avoid. But now it seems that the silly girl's infatuation is like a vine, binding him, even if it withers, it will not be separated from him. Liang Xiao couldn't help thinking, "It's wrong for me to attack Song. It's not wrong for me to miss Liu Yingying. She loves Yunshu.". Why should I be obsessed with her? Think of here, deep in my heart, the shadow of willow green is no longer so clear. When he looked down at Ah Xue again, the tip of his heart trembled slightly. When Ah Xue opened her eyes, she met Liang Xiao's eyes. She didn't know what had happened. She only felt that when he looked at her like this, she blushed and her heart beat. Suddenly he saw tears in the corner of his eyes. "Are you crying?" He asked. Liang Xiao frowned and said, "Silly girl, how can I cry?"? You're crying yourself.

    "Ah Hsueh's heart jumped. Thinking of what she had seen in her dream, she was so embarrassed that she said," Brother, don't you want to rub the rope? " Startled, Liang Xiao cried, "Oh, I almost forgot." Then the two men peeled off the bark of the pine tree and twisted the rope. The pine tree is old and deep, and its skin and bones are firm. Thanks to the sharp sword of Hyun yuan, it can be peeled. But when it was night, the rope was no more than ten feet. They were busy in the middle of the night and had a hazy sleep. At daybreak, they heard a chirping noise coming from the bottom of the cliff. They woke up with a start. They looked up and changed their faces. They saw countless sparrows flying up from the bottom of the cliff and circling on the pine trees like a gust of wind. Suddenly I heard Hodra's laughter breaking through the wind like a steel wire. He zigzagged up to the top of the mountain: "Good brother, good sister, you'd better come down the mountain, or I'll give the order, and these sparrows will take you as a snack, ha ha.." Although the volume is not large, the words are clear. When Liang Xiao heard that he had shown his hand to "spread the sound for thousands of miles," he was afraid. He immediately used his internal force and said with a long smile, "Who will make a snack for whom?" Hedra heard it faintly and thought that it was difficult to deter the two of them without showing some power and prestige. He immediately blew the bird flute. As soon as the sparrows heard this, they suddenly swooped down to the tree. When Liang Xiao finished speaking, he motioned to Ah Xue to get close to him, but when he saw the birds flying, he immediately punched the pine tree. As the strength of the fist came, the pine needles fell. Liang Xiao clapped two palms one after the other. The front palm was strong, and the back palm was feminine. It was like an invisible strong bow, shooting out the pine needles all over the sky. The birds, driven by the bird flute of Hodra, lost their minds and could only move forward, not knowing how to dodge. All of a sudden, they were shot through by pine needles and fell to the ground,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, but the survivors were still not afraid of death. Liang Xiao had to keep shooting out the pine needles, and in a moment, the bodies of the sparrows were all over the top of the mountain. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Verse 19: False Luan Riding the Wind (7) txt。 Little _ say _ heaven. cbiesautomotive.com

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