Labyrinth spider

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  • Labyrinth spider

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    Labyrinth spider

    The former best man was found to have kidney stones and went to cure his illness. Hey, I can't help it. In fact, I don't want him to be the best man at all. But Li Zhen and I were introduced by him at the beginning. He and Li Zhen are good friends. Moreover, besides the original best man, Li Zhen is the only one who is not married. So I have to let him be the best man after thinking about it. In fact, I don't want to see him at all. Since he broke up with Jiang Xuan, I don't want to see him anymore. Although Jiang Xuan is not good, and later degenerated to death, he is too ruthless. As a boyfriend, how can he abandon her? Jiang Xuan really loves him! What's more, he brought his girlfriend here today. It seems that he doesn't remember that I am Jiang Xuan's good friend at all. What a thick skin! I hate him! Come back quickly, and I don't want to greet him any more! Hate Zhao Yiyi said angrily. The director of the mental hospital, Li, is a concise and efficient person, which makes Yue Cheng feel gratified. It took them less than 20 minutes to talk about all the issues they needed to talk about. After checking the files, the director told Yue Cheng that in 1999,ultrasonic metal welding, only one female patient under the age of 40 had been admitted to the psychiatric hospital. Her name is Tong Yu. She was just 18 years old when she was admitted to the hospital. Her father told the hospital that she was mentally disturbed because she was raped. Tong Yu lived in a mental hospital for two years and was discharged in August 2001. Since then, the hospital has never heard from her. Her doctor called her home to find out how she was recovering, but was unable to contact her father, who later learned that she had moved home shortly after leaving the hospital. The dean had some impression of the female patient. He remembered that she liked to laugh and always laughed when she had something to do. Every time she saw the dean, she would think of herself as a journalist, holding a notebook,ultrasonic extraction cbd, following him and asking him rapid-fire, "Can you spare a few minutes?"? Dean, what do you think of the war between Palestine and Israel? Who do you think will be the next president of the United States? Do you like Princess Diana? How many gold medals do you think the Chinese can win in this Olympic Games? The director believed that she had wanted to be a journalist. As for whether she had had an abortion, it was not known. At least after she was admitted to the hospital, there was no similar thing. Before that, her father did not mention it. Had she recovered from her illness when she left the hospital? Yue Cheng asked. It was impossible to cure this mental illness, and there was no obvious improvement when she was discharged from hospital. The dean said. Then why did you leave the hospital? "It was her father who asked for her to be discharged. He was unemployed and could not afford the hospital and medical expenses here.". We have tried to persuade him, but the cost is really a very practical problem, and we are not in a position to exempt him from the cost, once this precedent is set, it will be a lot of trouble. The dean showed a helpless expression. Is there a picture of Tong Yu here? The dean shook his head regretfully. When she came, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, we asked her father for advice and took some pictures of her for the record, but soon after she was discharged from hospital, we found that her pictures were missing. The dean, though confused, didn't seem to have much interest in finding out the answer to the mystery, he explained. "We later thought it might have been lost by the office support staff when they were sorting it out." "Do you often lose photos here?" Yue Cheng asked. Of course not, but if you don't explain it that way, how do you explain it? The dean provided Yue Cheng with the home address registered by Tong Yu when he was admitted to the hospital and the contact information of his guardian, and also told him the telephone number of the attending doctor. Yue Cheng understood that the dean had done his best to say what he knew, and then he should go to talk to the attending doctor who had called Tong Yu. He did not know whether the information he got today would help solve the case, nor did he know whether the female mental patient had anything to do with the "No.1 gangster", but he thought it was okay to try. Solving the case was a long process of looking for a needle in a haystack. As he left, he asked the dean. When she lived here, did anyone other than her father come to see her? The dean didn't seem to expect him to ask about this. He got up and left the office. A few minutes later, he brought several visitors' registers from other rooms.

    "It's all here. Check for yourself. Anyone who has been here must be registered." The dean pushed three black hard books in front of him and went out to pour water by himself. Yue Cheng stayed alone in the office and looked through the two registers. Soon, when he turned to March 2001, a name jumped into his eyes, and then, in April, the same name came into his eyes again. On the back of the two dates of March 9 and April 18, 2001, the name of the same person was registered, with the same handwriting. The name Yue Cheng was not unfamiliar- "Lu Jin"! Lu Jin actually came to see Tong Yu? Why didn't he say it in the first place? What is his relationship with this female patient? If he knew he was going to be found out, why did he bring him here? What the hell is Lu Jin doing? A series of questions rushed to his brain, he suddenly thought of Lu Jin downstairs, by the way, he and Luo Xiaobing together do not know how! Should we call Lu Jin to come up and let the people here recognize him? He had no time to think, so he hurried to say goodbye to the dean and ran downstairs. The car is still parked in the same place. There was complete silence and no sign of anyone. Yue Cheng subconsciously slowed down the pace, he does not like too quiet atmosphere, always feel that there should be a voice where there are people, otherwise, it will not be a good thing. The car was still dimmed, just as he had just left. Lu Jin's head was still leaning against the window, but the front seat was empty and there was no one around. What about Luo Xiaobing? Where did he go? With a sudden sense of foreboding, Yue Cheng slowly approached the car and unconsciously pulled out his gun. They were the only car in the big yard, parked alone. It was quiet all around,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and the two lights hanging at the gate of the yard gave off a faint light. By the half-light, he looked into the car again, and then his heart suddenly sank. Incorrect! Lu Jin has white hair! Now the man leaning against the window has black hair. Fuck! Luo Xiaobing!.

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